The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24. Wen Ren tells the girls that he came with Liu Rong for apologizing to them. He thinks he should take duty for breaking their hearts. But the beauty Hong Bin doesn’t know who he is.

Does Ye Tan Tell the Truth to the Immortal Souls?

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24.

Wen Ren is surprised that Hong Bin doesn’t remember him. She tells him that she has forgotten him. Another beauty tells Wen Ren not to be sad. She believes that he will encounter a girl who cares for him. Wen Ren turns around and takes a look at Liu Rong.

Liu Rong learns that the only one who cares for Rong Ren is her. She takes back her chastity belt. Wen Ren returns home. Ye Tan is waiting for him. She asks him if Liu Rong refused to unlock the belt for him. He grabs her hand. She finds out that Liu Rong unlocked the belt for him. He hugs her.

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Ye Tan tells Wen Ren to open his eyes. He sees the dancers from the stage. He’s surprised that Ye Tan knew he wants to build a stage. He remembers the beauty told him that he will encounter the girl who cares for him. Ye Tan tells Wen Ren that she prepared another surprise for him.

The maids open the gate. Wen Ren sees the beauties. The beauties congratulate Wen Ren on the opening of the Colorful Store. Liu Rong leaks that Ye Tan invited them to come to the store. Wen Ren lets the beauties in. Man Man is excited to tell Qing Heng that Wen Ren fell for Ye Tan.

Qing Heng thinks they can resurrect You Qin. Man Man hugs Qing Heng. Qing Heng sees Ye Tan. He runs to her and tells her to resurrect You Qin. But she worries that You Qin won’t remember what happened. She thinks she wouldn’t make it without Di Lanjue’s treasure.

Man Man notes that one of the earrings is missing. Ye Tan worries that Wen Ren will find the earring. Wen Ren looks for Ye Tan. He sees the earring on the floor. He picks the earring up. He finds out that the earring belongs to Ye Tan. He puts on the earring.

Wen Ren finds out that he can hear the servant’s thought after he put on the earring. He grabs the earring tightly. Ye Tan shows up. Wen Ren shows the earring to Ye Tan when she’s looking for the earring. He asks her if she did it for making him fall for her.

Ye Tan admits it. Wen Ren mentions he didn’t want to have feelings for her when he saw her. He thinks he loses. He asks her if she loves him. She’s silent. He wants to listen to her thought. But she stops him and takes back her earring. She runs away.

Ye Tan places the earring on the table. She tells Man Man that Wen Ren has found the truth. Man Man points out that it won’t affect the resurrection of You Qin if Ye Tan explains it to Wen Ren. Ye Tan tells Man Man that she doesn’t know to do because she’s upset. She asks her to listen to her thought.

Man Man mentions Ye Tan protected You Qin even if she claimed that she did it for herself. She tells Ye Tan to ask herself what she does it for. Man Man realizes that Ye Tan fell for You Qin from the beginning. She thinks she has feelings for You Qin as well.

Man Man reminds Ye Tan that she has reached her goal because she wished to save You Qin. Qing Heng tells Ye Tan that he has told Zi Wu that they gathered three immortal souls. Ye Tan agrees to what Man Man said that she shouldn’t care for who You Qin loves. She drinks up the wine and runs out of the her room.

Di Lanjue walks out of his room. He learns that he caught a cold. He blames Meiyou Qing. He’s surprised to see his wolves. Zi Wu explains to Di Lanjue that the wolves came because they worried about him. He’s happy to stroke the wolf.

Di Lanjue notes that Zi Wu is making clothes. He’s surprised that the wolves gave their best furs to her. She mentions what she did in Heavenly Realm. He remembers she hugged him. He realizes that she hugged the wolves one by one.

Di Lanjue tells the wolves to get lost. Di Wu wonders why Di Lanjue did it. He tells her that he couldn’t bear it that she kept staying with beasts. She points out that he’s a beast as well. She hands over the farewell present to him.

Zi Wu tells Di Lanjue that she’s going to return to Heavenly Realm because You Qin’s immortal souls has been gathered. She calls him A Cai when she strokes his hair. She tells him to let her call him A Cai. Because it’s her last time to take care of him.

Zi Wu sees Ye Tan. She runs to her. Di Lanjue smells Ye Tan. He notes that Ye Tan drank. He asks Man Man what happened to Ye Tan. Man Man reveals Ye Tan decided to confess to the immortal souls. Di Lanjue asks Man Man if he doesn’t have to take care of the immortal souls. Man Man admits it.

Zi Wu is happy after knowing she’s going to see You Qin. Meiyou Qing opens the door. He runs to Ye Tan and he hugs her. He takes her to watch the shadow show he prepared for her. He tells her that he only loves her through the show.

Meiyou Qing asks Ye Tan if she likes the show. She thinks there’s nobody buying the novel because the story isn’t good. He disagrees to what she said. He thinks the inspiration will come if he lives with her. He worries that she will feel wronged because he’s not rich like before.

Meiyou Qing promises to work hard to earn money, giving the happiness to Ye Tan. He intends to give birth to their children Zhao Cai and Jin Bao. He asks her what she wanted to say to him. She tells him that she looks forward to the rest of the story.

Man Man walks Ye Tan out of Meiyou Qing’s house. She wonders why she didn’t tell the truth to Meiyou Qing. Ye Tan tells Man Man that she couldn’t tell the truth to Meiyou Qing because Meiyou Qing had many wishes to his future. She decides to go to see La Mu.

Ye Tan and Man Man arrive at La Mu’s house. Man Man tries to take Ye Tan to get into the house. But Ye Tan rejects it because she doesn’t think about how to explain it to La Mu. Man Man thinks Ye Tan isn’t the one she knew. She pushes her and tells her to walk into the house.

Ye Tan walks into La Mu’s house. She sees the stone bowls on the table. La Mu shows up. He’s surprised when he sees Ye Tan. He runs to her and hugs her. He’s happy for her coming back. She asks him if the stone artworks was carved by him.

La Mu admits it. He tells Ye Tan that he has carved the stone. She feels guilty for making him wait for her so long. He shakes his head and shows the bowls he made to her. He grabs her hands. He regrets for not completing the dressing table.

La Mu tells Ye Tan that he wishes her to be happy. She’s moved to hug him. She returns home. She realizes that she fell for four men. Man Man reports to Ye Tan that Qing Kui is missing. Ding Lanjue thinks Abyss Army’s retreat is related to Qing Kui’s missing.

Ye Tan thinks Qing Kui made decision on her own. She tries to leave. Qing Heng stops Ye Tan. He thinks the only way to save Qing Kui is to resurrect You Qin. Qing Kui shows up with Chao Feng. Di Lanjue treats Chao Feng. He tells Qing Kui that Chao Feng will lose his power all his life.

Qing Heng is surprised that Chao Feng saved Qing Kui. Zi Wu thinks Chao Feng was nice to Qing Kui. Ye Tan mentions Chao Feng exchanged the sedan chairs but he saved Qing Kui’s life. Qing Kui wipes off her tears. She tells Ye Tan that it broke her heart that Chao Feng told her that he had never loved her.

Qing Kui tells Ye Tan that she knew Chao Feng’s true heart when he endured the pain to come to save her. Ye Tan asks Qing Kui if she forgave Chao Feng. Qing Kui thinks she and Chao Feng’s lives has been tied together. She claims that she won’t give up Chao Feng no matter what happens.

Qing Kui wants to find a place to live with Chao Feng all her life. She hugs Ye Tan and tells her to leave. Ye Tan walks out of Qing Kui’s room. She runs into Qing Heng. He wants to explain it to the immortal souls for her. But she rejects it.

Zi Wu learns that Ye Tan wants to give up. Ye Tan denies it. She asks Zi Wu and Qing Heng to give her some time to think about it. Man Man wants to accompany Ye Tan. Ye Tan rejects it. She tells Man Man that she wants to stay alone. She walks away.

Qing Kui finds Ye Tan. She reveals Man Man asked her to come to persuade her. Ye Tan thinks everyone will be happy if You Qin comes back. Qing Kui thinks Ye Tan won’t give up the immortal soul’s lives. She reminds her that she doesn’t want them to leave because she has known them for a long time.

Ye Tan worries about You Qin. Qing Kui points out that the immortal souls are You Qin. But Ye Tan worries about Qing Kui. Qing Kui tells Ye Tan that she will always support her no matter what decision she makes. Ye Tan asks Qing Kui to give her some time.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 24 Ending

Episode 24 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with La Mu wonders why the waiter calling him boss. Ye Tan explains to La Mu that the waiter wanted to make each guest feel that he’s the boss. She decides to send him off before Meiyou Qing finds him.

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