Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 1. Yi-Joo paints her family in her room. She takes a photo of the painting. Se-Hee breaks into the room. She reports to Yi-Joo that the Grim Reaper called her.

What Happens In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 1?

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Perfect Marriage Revenge K-Drama: Episode 1.

Yi-Joo picks up the phone. She finds out that the one who called her is Se-Hyeok’s mother. Se-Hyeok’s mother reveals some girls are going to come. Yi-Joo stops Se-Hee when she tries to leave. She asks her to clean the living room for her.

But Se-Hee asks Yi-Joo not to stress her out. She leaves. Yi-Joo cleans up the living room. She dries her hair and she cooks. But she hurts her finger when she cuts the ingredient. She dresses up her wound on her own. Se-Hyeok’s mother scolds Yi-Joo after knowing she cut her finger.

She thinks she should use delivery. Yi-Joo explains to Se-Hyeok’s mother that she wanted to do her best for her friends. Se-Hyeok’s mother gets angry because Yi-Joo let her friends eat the terrible dishes. She thinks she intended to give her a hard time because she’s poor.

Yi-Joo denies it. She gives her card to Se-Hyeok’s mother. Se-Hyeok’s mother accepts the card. She learns that Yi-Joo is going to go to see her parents. She asks her to let her father arrange a job for Se-Hyeok. But Yi-Joo thinks her boyfriend likes his job.

Yi-Joo is driving. She remembers Se-Hyeok’s mother told her that she doesn’t wish her son to be Do-Kook’s employee because Do-Kook is going to marry her younger sister. She returns home. She doesn’t find Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra. She sees the family photo of the two.

Why Doesn’t Se-Hyeok Pick Up Yi-Joo’s Phone?

Yi-Joo calls Jung-Hye. Jung-Hye doesn’t pick up the phone. She scolds the employees for hanging the paintings in the exhibition. Manager Oh explains to Jung-Hye that the artists asked the people to do so. Jung-Hye scolds Manager Oh. She leaves with her.

Yi-Joo calls Jae-Won. She asks him about her mother and her sister’s whereabouts. He reveals the mother and the daughter are at the VIP party. She volunteers to bring something to him. He tells her to call Se-Hyeok. But she thinks Se-Hyeok is very busy.

Se-Hyeok turns off his phone when Yi-Joo calls him. Because he’s filming Yoo-Ra. Yoo-Ra tells the reporters that she likes beautiful paintings. She praises Se-Hyeok after knowing she sent the footage to her phone. Jung-Hye reveals she has a special painting. The madam is interested in the painting. Yi-Joo carries the painting out of her car. She calls Se-Hyeok’s office. She asks the guy if Se-Hyeok is in the office. She’s told that her boyfriend took a vacation day off.

Episode 1 of Perfect Marriage Revenge ends with Yi-Joo asking the god to give her a chance when the doctor is trying to save her. She tells the god that she wants to take revenge. She’s reborn. She wakes up and sees Yoo-Ra. Yoo-Ra smiles at Yi-Joo because she thinks she fell asleep.

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