Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 2. Woo-Hak has breakfast with Bo-Geol. He wants to do volunteer work with him. He claims that he likes boats. But he throws out when he’s on the boat. They land the island.

What Happens In Castaway Diva Episode 2?

Castaway Diva

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Castaway Diva K-Drama: Episode 2.

Woo-Hak plays when Bo-Geol and other volunteers are working in episode 1. Mok-Ha swims in the sea. She finds something. Woo-Hak’s drone catches her. She wonders what it’s when she looks at the drone. She tries to catch the drone. But it flies away.

She chases the drone. Woo-Hak tells Mok-Ha not to touch him. The volunteer wonders why Woo-Hak came to the island. Bo-Geol reveals Woo-Hak did so because he told him not to do so. The drone falls to the sand. Woo-Hak runs away because Mok-Ha ruined his drone.

Bo-Geol chases his brother. Mok-Ha grabs the drone. She shakes it. Woo-Hak shows up. He thinks she doesn’t know the price of the drone. She holds his face and thinks it’s a dream. She cries to ask him if he’s a real person. She hugs him and thanks him for finding her.

Mok-Ha is on the boat to enjoy the food. The volunteer is surprised that Mok-Ha has lived in the island. Dong-Min asks Bo-Geol about Mok-Ha’s family. Woo-Hak reveals Mok-Ha’s family has passed away when he films Mok-Ha. Mok-Ha washes her hands in the restroom. She walks out of the restroom.

Bo-Geol brings a pair of shoes to Mok-Ha. He wears the shoes for her. She cries. He walks to Woo-Hak when he’s filming Mok-Ha. He stops him and he worries that Mok-Ha will gain more attention if Woo-Hak covers the girl. He asks him to kill the story.

Why Woo-Hak Covers Mok-Ha’s Story?

But Woo-Hak covers Mok-Ha. Dong-Min watches the news with Bo-Geol in the elevator. He thinks Woo-Hak is a rebel. Woo-Hak walks into the elevator. He greets the two. Bo-Gyeol mentions Woo-Hak promised to kill the story. Woo-Hak explains to Bo-Gyeol that he did it because his boss asked him to do so after the boss saw the broken drone.

Dong-Min persuades Bo-Gyeol not to believe Woo-Hak. But Bo-Gyeol thinks he has no choice. It makes Dong-Min think Bo-Gyeol is a pushover. Woo-Hak visits the House of Shared Love. He asks the woman if anyone contacted Mok-Ha. She denies it and reveals Mok-Ha is going to go to her hometown.

She worries about Mok-Ha because nobody is going to tell Mok-Ha what to do. Mok-Ha finds out that the girl is watching TV with her phone. She learns that the smartphone can do a lot of things. Woo-Hak shows up. He takes Mok-Ha to leave the House of Shared Love.

Episode 2 of Castaway Diva ends with the people cheering after Mok-Ha sang a song for Ran-Joo. Mok-Ha is moved. She thinks she won’t regret. Ran-Joo walks to Mok-Ha. She asks her about her name. Mok-Ha tells her name to Ran-Joo. Ran-Joo hugs Mok-Ha. It makes Mok-Ha cry.

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