Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 10, Wu You tells Fu Chou to be cautious if he aims at the thing he likes. But Fu Chou points out that he will be despite himself when he loves someone. Man Yao is awkward when Wu You and Fu Chou lift cups for teas.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 10.

Master Sun tells Ya Li to buy some treasures from Weiping pavilion to treat Wu You. Ya Li agrees. Wu You remembers Man Yao told him that she had her own mission, and asks Wu Yu if he watched on Man Yao. Wu Yu shares that he did it because he thought Wu You would delay the big thing for Man Yao.

But Wu Yu got nothing. Crown Prince welcomes Fu Chou and mentions he keeps rejecting him with his wound. He asks him why he didn’t go to court, Fu Chou says that he isn’t familiar with the court business, and he wants to work for Crown Prince. Man You thinks Fu Chou didn’t visit for her tea, but he shares that he came for a cup of good tea.

The girl introduces a pair of jade buckets to Ya Li, and thinks she will meet the person who matches her. Ya Li smiles, and the maid asks the girl to sell the jade buckets to them. The girl tells them to wait at the tea room. Ya Li runs into Wu You and wants to leave.

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The saleswoman Xiao Wei stops Wu You getting in and shares that Man Yao is talking with Fu Chou. Wu You tells Xiao Fei that he invited Fu Chou to drink tea there, and asks Ya Li to join them. Xiao Wei reports to Man Yao that Wu You’s coming. Man Yao asks Xiao Wei to tell Wu You that she isn’t there.

Wu You walks in and thinks Man Yao intends to avoid him again. He wonders why Fu Chou came, and Fu Chou wants to leave. But Wu You invites him to drink tea together, and introduces Ya Li to them. Man Yao wants to leave as she thinks Wu You and Fu Chou have a business.

Wu You keeps Man Yao and shares that he just wants to talk with Fu Chou. Zhao Yun takes Wu Yu to get in Prince Palace, but he complains that Wu You left the ugly princess to him. Wu Yu asks Zhao Yun why she followed him, but she shares that she just worries that he bullies princess.

Wu Yu thinks Zhao Yun likes Wu You and tells her to visit Longyue tower. Xiao Sha spots Zhao Yun and Wu Yu, and asks the servant to inform Leng Yue to prepare it. Wu You thinks the tea Man Yao boiled he didn’t taste. Fu Chou claims he knows nothing about tea ceremony, but he thinks the taste stays long in his mouth.

Wu You thinks Fu Chou is just modesty. Fu Chou shares that he is the descendant of subaltern, so he has to fight for survival. Man Yao sneers at Wu You that he didn’t get the taste since he tasted all of the teas. Wu You asks Ya Li to review the tea, but she says that all of teas are bitter to her.

Wu You tells Fu Chou to be cautious if he aims at the thing he likes. But Fu Chou points out that he will be despite himself when he loves someone. Man Yao is awkward when Wu You and Fu Chou lift cups for teas. Ya Li lifts her cup, so Man Yao gets tea for her. But Ya Li’s hand burn. Man Yao hands over handkerchief to Ya Li.

Ya Li leaves, and Wu You asks Fu Chou to walk Ya Li. Wu You asks Man Yao to stay away from Fu Chou, and thinks he is elusive. But Man Yao thinks Wu You is elusive. He thinks she gets angry with him for Fu Chou. Ya Li mentions that Fu Chou saved her from the battlefield two years ago, and wants to thank him.

But he tells her not to put it in her mind. Zhun Yun wonders why she didn’t see Leng Yue and Lian Xin. Xiao Sha explains that Lian Xin left to get married, and princess allows Leng Yue to rest for some days. Wu Yu finds out that the tea is hard to drink, and Zhao Yun offers to take Princess to drink tea at Longyue Tower.

Xiao Sha reveals Princess is sick and thinks she shouldn’t see anybody. But Zhao Yun claims that the tea can cure Princess’s illness, and takes her away. Man Yao is surprised that Zhao Yun took Princess arriving, and Zhao Yun pushes Princess to Wu You. Wu Yu catches the chance to take off Princess’s mask. But Xiao Sha stops him.

Princess tells Wu Yu that he has to be her husband if he wants to take off her mask, and Zhao Yun asks Wu Yu to apologize to Princess. Wu You gets the tea for Princess and apologizes for Wu Yu. But Princess suspects his tea. Man Yao asks for leave, but Wu You grabs her arm to keep her.

Zhao Yun reminds Wu You that Princess is there. Xiao Sha claims Princess is sick and takes her away. Zhao Yun is furious to tell Wu You that Princess is better than Man Yao. But Wu Yu wants to visit Xianghun Tower, so Zhao Yun leaves with him. Man Yao asks Wu You to leave, and he asks her if she doesn’t want to stay with him.

She tells him that she does it for his own good. But he tells her not to avoid him and puts his hand on her shoulder. She stares at her shoulder, and he tells her that he will visit her next time. Leng Yue puts down the mask and says that she was startled. But Xiao Sha thinks she did a great job, and puts his hand on her shoulder. Leng Yue smiles.

Wu Yu thinks Rong Le and Man Yao aren’t same person, and tells Wu You that he offended both girls. Man Yao thrills that Rong Qi will visit her soon, and Long Yue reminds her not to trip herself up since Wu You keeps visiting her. Emperor thinks the attacking Wei State isn’t the problem since Rong Qi wants to unite him in person.

But Xuan Ming worries that the wedding isn’t decided. Emperor intends to marry Wu Yu to Rong Le. Crown Princess gives the sword to Fu Chou. Fu Chou cuts off the lamp with the sword, and thinks it’s a good sword. The man thinks Crown Prince worries about it when he heard that Fu Chou met with Wu You.

Xuan Ming asks Wu You what he is going to do when Rong Qi will visit Beilin. Wu You claims that will never accept the marriage. Xuan Ming shares that the Beilin wouldn’t appear if Emperor didn’t marry Fu Yuan. He tells him to make Wu Yu replace him if Wu You doesn’t want to marry Rong Le.

But Wu Yu shows up and rejects it. Wu You shares that he doesn’t want to exchange something with his marriage. Xuan Ming thinks Wu You fell for someone else. Wu Yu wants to speak out, but Wu You glares at him. Xuan Ming shares that Emperor intends to get Master Sun to help Wu You if he fails to attack Wei State.

Wu You asks about Emperor’s health, Xuan Ming thinks Emperor will be happy if he knows Wu You asked so. Zhao Yun is surprised that Rong Le is sculpturing wood statue, and asks her if he is close to her brother. Rong Le shares that Rong Qi told her that he made a shelf of wood statues for her.

Zhao Yun thinks she is alone, but Rong Le thinks Zhao Yao has brothers of Wu Yu and Wu You. Zhao Yun complains that Wu Yu only knows to bully her, and wishes Rong Le to be her biological sister. She thinks Rong Le is her sister-in-law if she marries Wu You. Zhao Yun tells Rong Le that Wu You keeps protecting her, and tells her not to like Wu Yu as he only knows to disappoint girls.

But Rong Le thinks Zhao Yun worries about Wu Yu more. Zhao Yun takes the wood statue and wants to learn sculpture. She wants to give the statue she makes to someone else. Leng Yue tells Rong Le not to let Zhao Yun visit as she is close to Wu You. But Rong Le doesn’t want Zhao Yun to be sad.

Zhao Yun finds out the statue Rong Le made like Wu You, and Rong Le is awkward. Emperor wants to welcome Rong Qi with the party of hunting. Rong Qi offers to let the warriors of two states to have a competition. Rong Le tells Rong Qi that she is going to find “Mountain and River”.

But Rong Qi thinks Rong Le’s security is more important, and asks her to give him some time so that she will marry the person she wants to. But she tells her that she will achieve the things she promised him.

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