Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 11, Man Yao reminds Wu You that they’re across the duty she cannot ignore. He tells her that he also has the duty, and mentions she told him to go forward. So he wants to catch everything in front of him, and never gives up.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 11.

Rong Qi spots Wu You shooting a bird, and thinks he is the prince who became famous because of the war of south boundary. He thinks Wu You is the best husband to Rong Le, but Emperor shares that there’re many princes in Beilin.

Rong Qi agrees to pick up husband for Rong Le, and peeks at Fu Chou. Emperor shares that Crown Prince likes Rong Le. But Rong Qi sneers. Fu Chou tells Crown Prince to catch the rival’s soft spot so that he will win. Long Yue gets a message that someone intends to assassinate Rong Qi, and wants to inform him.

But Man Yao wants to do it in person. She is spotted by the bodyguard, so she stuns him. Fu Chou reminds Crown Prince there’re beasts haunting, but Crown Prince only worries that there isn’t any prey. When Crown Prince is going to shoot the deer, Rong Qi stops Crown Prince as the deer is in pregnancy.

Wu You shoots the deer, and Crown Prince thinks Wu You will lose righteousness if he kills the deer. The bodyguard reports that Wu You killed the python. Rong Qi thinks Wu You has both brave and mercifulness. Wu You tells Rong Qi that getting rid of evil can save good, and thinks superficial is just putting on an act.

Crown Prince reminds Rong Qi that Wu You rejected the marriage. Wu You thinks Rong Qi doesn’t like Rong Le, otherwise he won’t take her to exchange. He claims that he won’t controlled by someone else, but Rong Yi tells Wu You not to regret for losing Rong Le. Wu You laughs and claims that he never knows the feelings of regret.

The bodyguard is waken up and shares that he found out that someone sneaked into, but he was stunned. Man Yao spots the eagle flying around her, and thinks he recognized her. She hides in the woods, but Wu You finds her.

Fu Chou arrives and asks Wu You what prey he found. Wu You says that he just didn’t want to see jerk and found a place to rest. So Fu Chou leaves. Man Yao is startled when Wu You takes sword to attack her. But he just aims the tiger behind her.

Man Yao asks Wu You how he will deal with her, and mentions their identities are different. He wonders why she blamed him for self-deceiving since she cheated him. She says that she is just involuntarily. But he thinks she is willful because she knows that he likes her.

Man Yao admits that she is a spy of Xiqi and knows Wu You set a trap for her, and he won’t forgive her. But he tells her that he doesn’t want her to get wronged and harmful. She claims that she just wants to test if he loves her.

He tells her that she won. But she reminds him that they’re across the duty she cannot ignore. Wu You tells Man Yao that he also has the duty, and mentions she told him to go forward. So he wants the catch everything in front of him, and never gives up.

But she thinks there is a thing that he has to give up. He tells her that he just wants her to be close to him, and confesses his love. They hug together. Xiqi and Beilin unite, and Emperor announces to throw the party of flower lantern.

Rong Qi thinks Rong Le shouldn’t risk her life for him no matter what happens. She takes out the jade he gave her, and thinks it will bring good luck to her. Man Yao reveals that Wu You found out that she is the spy of Xiqi.

Rong Qi claims he won’t allow Wu You to hurt Man Yao no matter what he knew, and thinks Wu You doesn’t conceal his hostility to them. He offers to cancel the engagement to Emperor. But Rong Le thinks Wu You isn’t a rude person, and Xiqi needs Beilin.

Rong Le doesn’t want Rong Qi to spend mental and physical efforts, and thinks he is the the most trusted person to her. He hugs her to swear that he won’t disappoint her trust. She tells him that she will return home with him when she gets “Mountain and River”.

But she remembers that Wu You confessed that he loved her. Xiao Sha asks Leng Yue what she smiles, and she reveals that Rong Qi will take Rong Le to Xiqi. Xiao Sha asks Leng Yue if she wants to go to Xiqi as well, and she shares what Rong Le stays is her home.

Xiao Sha tells Leng Yue to take care of Rong Le no matter what happens, and promises to protect them. Emperor thinks the covenant will be abandoned if they cannot keep Rong Le. So he decides to force Wu You to accept Rong Le. He shares to Xuan Ming that Wu You is close to a girl of folk.

Man Yao asks Chen Yu if she liked someone else. But Chen Yu thinks she cannot like anyone. Man Yao shares that her heart is filled by something, and it’s warm and sweet. She thinks nobody is more important than the person. But Chen Yu tells Rong Le that there a lot of thing is more important than liking someone else.

Man Yao remembers that she promised Rong Qi to get “Mountain and River”. Xiao Wei shows Wu You’s gift to Man Yao, and Chen Yu thinks he wants to invite Man Yao to enjoy lanterns. But Mao Yao wants to insists on doing right things.

Wu Yu complains that Wu You still didn’t get Man Yao after a few months. But Wu You claims that he needs a chance, and tells Wu Yu to watch on the house. But Wu Yu wants to pick up girls at the party of lantern, and offers to decorate the house with lanterns and invite Man Yao to come.

But Wu You claims that he has a business. Empress wants to marry Wu You to Ya Li, but Ya Li is on knees to be against it. Crown Prince shares that Wu You loves a girl of merchant, and she always works publicly. Empress is furious and visits Emperor, and he asks her to care about Wu You more.

Man Yao and Long Yue arrive at the house, and Long Yue asks Man Yao if she decides to get the book and leave. Man Yao claims there isn’t any change better than tonight. Wu You tells Wu Yu to stay at the house. Wu Yu claims that he won’t leave the house, but he leaves soon.

Wu You runs into Wu Yu and asks him who lets him go out. Wu Yu explains that Leng Yan is watching on the house for him, and wants to take Wu You to see the beauty. But Wu You claims that he is waiting for someone else. Wu Yu realizes that Wu You is waiting for Man Yao, and tells him not to be lost in it.

Man Yao and Long Yue pour the water on the slabstone, and the door opens. They get in the room, and Man Yao notes the drawing.

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