Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 9, Wu You tells Man Yao that he can let her be the hostess of prince palace if she wants. But she thinks it will make people misunderstand them. He thought she didn’t care about it. But she says that they won’t have result no matter what he thinks.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 9.

Lord Yu offers to ask Emperor a favor for Wu Yu, but Wu You rejects it and asks Lord Yu a good luck. Lord Yu smiles and asks what it is. But Wu You places the sword on Lord Yu’s neck and asks for his head.

Crown Prince breaks the cup, and the bodyguards arrive. He asks Wu You if he wants to rebel, Wu You thinks Lord Yu didn’t check the 10 lists he gave him. Leng Yan throws the lists on the ground. Fu Chou pick up and isn’t sure if the lists are true.

Wu You shares that the lists on the ground involve all of people in the selling official post case. He thinks Lord Yu cannot kill the witnesses Zhi Yuan recorded, even if Lord Yu killed Zhi Yuan.

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Wen Jie thinks Wu You cannot prove his father’s sins just with his words, and pulls out his sword. He shares that he arrested Man Yao. Leng Yan looks for Man Yao in the house, and someone gives him a map.

Lord Yu tells Wu You that he will forgive his woman if he forgives him. But Wu You spots Man Yao with Leng Yan. He tells Lord Yu that nobody can threaten him, but Wen Jie asks to take Man Yao there.

Wu You cuts off Wen Jie’s arm. Lord Yu asks his men to lock the door up and surround Wu You. But Emperor’s men bursts into the house, and the general announces that Emperor ordered to arrest Lord Yu.

Wu You tells Lord Yu that he won’t forgive his families, and Lord Yu is taken away. Wu Yu thanks Wu You for the dead, but Wu You asks Wu Yu to move in. Wu Yu asks Wu You to let him take a rest, but Wu You points out that Wu Yu has rested in the jail for seven days.

Wen Jie thinks they have method, and mentions Crown Prince. Lord Yu scolds Wen Jie for offending Wu You. Wen Jie complains that Wu You did many evil things even if he pretended not to care court business, and Zhi Yuan framed them before he died.

Lord Yu prepares to give all of his property to Emperor to keep their lives. Wen Jie asks Lord Yu what they can do after they go out when they’re broke. But Lord Yu reminds Wen Jie to beware of Crown Prince.

He reveals that he wrote down a list about the things he gave to Crown Prince, and he has the way to make Crown Prince protect them if he visits. Crown Prince sends the man to visit Lord Yu, and tells him not to admit anything.

Emperor throws the list on the ground and thinks Lord Yu deserving to die. He asks Crown Prince what good thing he did. Crown Prince is on knees and claims that he never sees the list. Xuan Ming points out that Lord Zhao’s paper accused Crown Prince.

Crown Prince tells Emperor that he is wronged. Master Sun thinks the truth will appear when they get the confession of Lord Yu. The man reports that Lord Yu and his son took their lives in the jail.

The eunuch reports to Crown Prince that he killed Lord Yu and his son, and gives the list to him. Crown Prince burns the list and thinks Lord Yu will understand him. He wants to thank Heaven Revenge Sect, but the eunuch reminds Crown Prince that he needs assistant instead.

Wu Yu is tired to get water and complains that Lord Yu built the house too luxurious. But Master Xin praises the building. Wu You asks Master Xin if he has any clue. Master Xin thinks the entrance of secret room is at the unexpected place.

Wu Yu offers to pull down the building, but Master Xin points out that they will get nothing. Xiao Sha hits Leng Yue and make her drop the bowl. He admits his mistake, but she says that she doesn’t dare to blame him.

He thinks she is angry with him because of Lian Xin, and explains that he looked into Lian Xin because she wanted to harm princess. He tells her that he won’t look into her because she didn’t betray princess.

She hurts her finger and cries. He thinks she is making people think that he did some bad things on her, and asks her if it’s pain to cat into finger. She says yes, and he pulls out his sword. She stops him and thinks he is stupid.

Man Yao and Long Yue sneak into the house, and hear that Wu Yu blames Master Xin for failure to get “Mountain and River”. Man Yao realizes that they have same goal, but she is dizzy to hit the pot while seeing the moving bells.

Wu Yu notes it and asks the bodyguards to chase the assassins. But Master Xin reminds Wu Yu that the trap will capture them. Long Yue tells Man Yao to flee, and she will block the bodyguards. But Man Yao takes Long Yue to flee into the rockery.

Long Yue is surprised why Man Yao was familiar with the terrain. Man Yao tells Long Yue to follow her steps, but Long Yue steps by mistake and falls into the well. Man Yao catches Long Yue and stabs the wall when they’re close to the trap. But Long Yue’s back is hurt by the knives still.

Man Yao leaves with Long Yue, but they leave the kit on the ground. Man Yao goes to see Long Yue and feels sorry for making her get injured. Long Yue thinks it’s her duty to protect Man Yao, and asks her why not to ask Wu You to take her to visit the building.

Man Yao shares that she doesn’t want to be close to Wu You when she cannot give the love. She asks Long Yue if she should give all she has when she loves someone else. Long Yue tells Man Yao to ask her heart.

The maid steps in and tells Man Yao that the guest wants to see her. Man Yao thinks it must be Wu You. Zhao Yun disguises as men and asks Man Yao to be her wife. Man Yao laughs to tell Zhao Yun to return after playing for many years.

Zhao Yun thinks Man Yao just seeks fame and fortune. But Man Yao shares that she can get it easily, and grabs Zhao Yun’s hand, telling her that she fell for her. Zhao Yun is surprised that Man Yao recognized her, and shares that the princess of Xiqi is better than her.

Man Yao tells Zhao Yun to accompany Wu You more. Zhao Yun thinks Man Yao bullied her, and runs away. Leng Yan thinks the assassins come from Heaven Revenge Sect, and shares that they killed Zhi Yuan and Lord Zhao.

Wu Yu realizes it was Crown Prince, and wants to take him down. But Wu You tells his brother to keep the words in his belly. Master Xin reports that the kit assassins left comes from Xiqi. Man Yao visits Wu You.

Wu You tells Man Yao that he can let her be the hostess of prince palace if she wants. But she thinks it will make people misunderstand them. He thought she didn’t care about it. But she says that they won’t have result no matter what he thinks.

He asks her why she visited him, and thinks she has other intents. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and asks if she thinks the scene is very familiar. She tells him that she won’t come if he doesn’t like her coming.

Wu You hugs Man Yao and tells her that he will catch the things he can. He takes her to the pavilion when it’s raining. Wu You thinks the God helped him to keep her, and introduces the building. Man Yao steps the floor and finds the trap.

He asks her what the matter. Mao Yao trips for concealing the trap, and Wu You catches the chance to hug her. Wu You intends to kiss Man Yao, but she leaves. Wu Yu thinks Wu You shouldn’t let Man Yao leave, and thinks he would open her mouth soon. But Wu You thinks he can achieve his goal without the evil plan.

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