Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 12

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 12, Man Yao asks Wu You why he doesn’t want to marry princess, and thinks he heard the rumor that the princess is ugly. He tells her that he promised her that she was the only wife to him.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 12

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 12.

Man Yao sees the drawing and is dizzy. Long Yue asks Man Yao if she is ok. Man Yao says yes and finds the “Mountain and River” from the shelf. Leng Yan spots them, and Long Yue tells Man Yao to leave first. Wu You mistakes the woman as Man Yao, and she leaves with her lover. Man Yao shows up, and Wu You stares at her.

He thinks she accepts him so long as she comes, and tells her not to call him prince. He take her the see the lanterns and wants to write down their wishes. He tells her that he fears that his dream is disillusioned when he stays with her. She asks him if she disappoints him. But he thinks she won’t. They write the notes, and he asks her what she wrote.

But she doesn’t intend to expose. He tells her what he wrote is a hundred of sons, and she thinks he talks nonsense and wants to take a look at the note. But the note flies to the pool. She jumps into the water, and he gets into the water to look for her. But she shows up behind him, and hugs him cheek to cheek.

Rong Qi intends to throw the lamp Wu You gave to Man Yao, but he changes his mind. Wu You walks Man Yao to Longyue Tower, and doesn’t expect that she is good at swim. She claims that she didn’t tell him that she cannot swim. He asks her how many surprises she will give to him. She returns the note to him, and thinks the texts are gone.

He gives the white piece to her, and she doesn’t expect that he keeps it still. He thinks she will remember him when she sees the white piece, and takes out the black piece. She promises to treasure it up, and sees him off, saying goodbye. Man Yao tells Chen Yu and Xiao Wei that she has to go to another place. But Chen Yu wants to follow Man Yao all her life.

Long Yue asks if Man Yao intends to give the book to Rong Qi and return to Xiqi. Man Yao admits it. Long Yue tells Man Yao to consider more for herself and Wu You. But Man Yao thinks the sadness means nothing to nation. Long Yue thinks Man Yao can stay with Yu You since she got the “Mountain and River”. Man Yao wishes she isn’t the princess of Xiqi.

The bodyguards burst into, and Long Yue conceals the book. Man Yao is arrested then. Wu Yu tells Wu You that someone sneaked into the house and fled. Wu You offers to call Master Xin, but Wu Yu thinks they shouldn’t expect Master Xin. The bodyguard reports that Man Yao was arrested. Emperor asks Man Yao about she and Wu You’s relationship.

She claims they have no relationship, but Wu You shows up and greets Emperor. Emperor wonders why Wu You came so fast if they’re innocent, and tells him to get married with princess. He promises Man Yao to be Wu You’s concubine. But Wu You claims he only wants to marry Man Yao, and mentions Emperor promised to let him marry the person he wants to, if he finds “Mountain and River”.

Emperor wants to keep Man Yao, and if Wu You fails to get the book, he will kill her. Wu You intends to take away Man Yao, but the bodyguards block their way. Emperor gives Wu You another chance, and asks him if he gets married with the princess of Xiqi, or leaves Man Yao. But Wu You tells Emperor that he will die with Man Yao.

Emperor is furious to ask if Man Yao is worth him to die for her. But Wu You thinks it’s his business. The eunuch reports that Rong Le is waiting outside. Rong Le walks in the court, and Man Yao recognizes the princess who wears mask isn’t Leng Yue. Man Yao asks Wu You why he doesn’t want to marry princess, and thinks he heard the rumor that the princess is ugly.

Wu You tells Man Yao that he promised her that she was the only wife to him. She asks him if he has to get married if he cannot find “Mountain and River”. He tells her that he will protect her all his life, if he cannot find the book. Emperor asks Rong Le to pick up the husband at the court, and Rong Qi promises not to back out.

Rong Le takes the tea walk around and stops at Wu Yu’s seat, but he tells her that he will visit brothel if he marries her. Fu Chou walks to drink Rong Le’s tea. Emperor thinks Fu Chou and Rong Le are best match, and Rong Qi claims he will follow Rong Le’s wish. Man Yao is shocked. Emperor announces to get Fu Chou and Rong Le married three days later.

Fu Chou stops Wu You and asks where Man Yao is. But Wu You tells Fu Chou not to aim at Man Yao since he has the fiancee. The eunuch informs Wu You that Emperor wants to see him. Wu You tells Emperor that he will visit court more often. Emperor thrills that Wu You has ambition on the end, but Wu You shares that Man Yao gets him to do it.

Emperor allows Yu You to restart the political reform, and Wu You wants to find “Mountain and River” for Emperor. Wu Yu is relieved that the princess’s problem was solved, and wants to go to Xianghun Tower. Man Yao tells him to leave, and he thinks she is happy as well. Rong Le returns Princess Palace, and hears that Rong Qi will be married according to the plan.

She is happy and thinks Rong Qi intends to marry a fake princess to Fu Chou. But Fu Chou shares that Rong Qi wants to marry Man Yao to him. Rong Le breaks into and asks Fu Chou if he knew her identity early. Rong Qi tells Xiao Sha to send Fu Chou home, and Rong Le asks Rong Qi if she can go home after Fu Chou marries the fake princess.

Rong Qi denies. Rong Le asks Rong Qi why he asked her to get the “Mountain and River”, since his goal is to marry her to Fu Chou. She thinks he has many evil plans on her. But Rong Qi asks Rong Le why she is close to Wu You. Rong Le realizes that Xiao Sha betrayed her. Rong Qi tells Rong Le that he has to change his plan because Wu You knew she is the spy of Xiqi.

But Rong Le points out that Fu Chou said that their plan has been implemented for a few years. Rong Qi thinks he wouldn’t walk the step if Rong Le didn’t fall into the love trap of Wu You. He tells her that he will let her return Xiqi after one year, if she finds “Mountain and River”. But she doesn’t believe the words he says, and asks him if he asks her if she wants to be his chess piece.

Rong Le is furious to run out and runs into Leng Yue. Rong Qi asks Leng Yue if she heard something. She says that she just saw Rong Le walking out. Xiao Sha wants to chase Rong Le, but Rong Qi thinks she will come back. Rong Le stands in the street and thinks everything is fake. Long Yue takes Rong Le to Longyue Tower.

Rong Le asks Long Yue if she knew Rong Qi wanted to marry her to Fu Chou early. Long Yue tells Rong Le that she will tell her to prerpare it if she knows it. Rong Le doesn’t expect Rong Qi would betray her because he was the first person she trusted. She doesn’t know if she should hate him or trust him. But Long Yue thinks Rong Qi has some difficulties he cannot speak out.

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