Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 16

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 16, Fu Chou thinks Rong Le treats him as enemy because they arranged her life without asking her, so she thinks they didn’t respect her. She complains that he knew her identity but pretends to know nothing. He claims that he will treat her well, so she asks him to divorce her.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 16

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 16.

Wu You tells Man Yao that her future is his future, but she thinks they don’t have any future. He thinks she was sincere when she gave him the book. But she says that it’s useless because she married Fu Chou. He promises to get the divorce settlement.

But she thinks he isn’t omnipotent even if he is the most beloved prince of Emperor. She mentions that she got the cheating again and again, and wonders why they have to stay together since they cannot trust each other. She thinks they were destined to have the day when he rejected the marriage.

Wu You tears up and thinks Fu Chou won’t treat Rong Le sincerely. Rong Le thinks it’s her business. Wu You asks Rong Le if she really loved him, and wants her to accompany him for three days. Rong Le just cries.

Wu You opens the door, and Rong Le steps out. He tells her that he will treat her sincerely all his life, and never abandons her. He won’t disappoint people all over the world, and he won’t disappoint her either. Rong Le is in tears but she steps out still.

Emperor gives Rong Le a slap, and asks her if she is Princess Rong Le. She admits it, and he blames her for letting the fake princess choose husband. He complains that she flirted with Wu You and Fu Chou, and orders the bodyguards to arrest Rong Le.

Fu Chou is on knees, and Emperor is surprised that Fu Chou intercedes for Man Yao. Fu Chou reminds Emperor that Xiqi and Beilin united, and Crown Prince points out that Wu You rejected the marriage and robbed the bride. But Emperor thinks the thing because Rong Le wanted to take revenge, and orders to take away Rong Le.

Wu You asks Emperor to release Rong Le, and reveals Rong Le concealed her identity to be close to him because the appointment of half a year. So Emperor releases Rong Le. Fu Chou asks Rong Le to drink Hejing wine with him. But she points out that they never become really husband and wife.

So she pours off the wine. Rong Le thinks Fu Chou hates her because she made him lose his reputation, and asks him why he pretends nothing happened. Fu Chou knows nothing happened as the palace is the place Wu You’s mother sleeps. He thinks Wu You really likes Rong Le.

Fu Chou reminds Rong Le that she is his wife, and not lets others know even if she likes someone else. But she points out that the marriage is just a deal. He tells her to care about her reputation, and shares that he cannot protect her all the time.

Fu Chou tells Man Yao that he married her isn’t because of her identity of princess, and shares that she knew his mood through his music. He says that he used to lose but he wanted to own at that time. But she says that she just talked nonsense, and thinks she never understands him.

Fu Chou thinks Rong Le treats him as enemy because they arranged her life without asking her, so she thinks they didn’t respect her. She complains that he knew her identity but pretends to know nothing. He claims that he will treat her well, so she asks him to divorce her.

He says that one year later. But she doesn’t know if he and Rong Qi will prepare what plan to cheat her after one year later. He says that he just wants a chance from her, but she thinks what he said is ridiculous. He tells her that he won’t force her until she wants to be his wife.

But she thinks the day won’t come. He promises to divorce her if she is determined after one year. Wu Yu asks Zhao Yun when she knows Man Yao is the princess. She shares that she knew it before Man Yao got married. He blames her for didn’t guess out since she stays with princess all the time.

But Zhao Yun blames Wu Yu for asking her to avoid princess, and thinks she shouldn’t suspect princess because she treats her so well. But Wu Yu points out that Rong Le harmed Wu You, and shares that Wu You has locked himself up in the Cloud Palace.

Zhao Yun offers to visit Wu You, and tells him some good news. General Xiang shows up and wants to arrest Wu Yu because he killed some people when looking for a girl. Zhao Yun wants to tell it to Wu You, but Wu Yu comforts Zhao Yun that Emperor won’t wrong him.

He tells her not to bother Wu You, and leaves with General Xiang. Rong Le leans on Leng Yue’s shoulder and cries. Zhao Yun tells Wu You to cheer because Wu Yu needs to be saved. He appears at the court and takes the duty because the warrior is his man.

Emperor reminds Wu You that they’re many lives, and Wu You offers to resettle the injured people. Emperor offers to get rid of Wu You’s position and sends him to South State. Fu Chou reminds Emperor that they need a candidate to manage court.

Emperor offers to call back Crown Prince. Master Sun wants to go to South State with Wu You, and Emperor agrees it. Crown Prince spots Wu You getting punished, and thinks Beilin belongs to him. He wants to give the title Liangdi to Heng Xiang. But she asks to treat princes and ministers to her birthday party.

She wants Fu Chou to treat her as the woman Crown Prince treasures when she meets him. Crown Prince agrees. Master Sun tells Ya Li that they will return home of Qing State, and she congratulates him. He shares that picks up Wu You as Ya Li’s husband.

Ya Li is against it and mentions Wu You and Rong Le’s relationship. But Master Sun thinks Emperor will call back Wu You soon. Ya Li thinks Wu You won’t marry her because he loves Rong Le. He thinks she will become the princess if she stays with Wu You.

But She doesn’t want to do. He shares that he asked to be Wu You’s master because he thought Wu You will become emperor, and thinks he doesn’t wrong Ya Li while asking her to marry Wu You. Fu Chou receives a letter from Ji Zhou who asks for a meet.

Xiang Ying tells Fu Chou to reject it. But Fu Chou want to see Ji Zhou’s intent. Fu Chou is surprised to see Ya Li, and she tells him that she fell for him. But he treats it as her drunk words. She claims she is sober and shows the sachet she made for him.

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