Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 17

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 17, Leng Yue points out that Rong Le will be in a coma if she doesn’t take Rong Qi’s medicine. Rong Le tells Leng Yue to gather the ingredients and pour off the medicine. She thinks she shouldn’t take medicine when she doesn’t know what illness she gets.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 17

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 17.

Ye Li tells Fu Chou that she won’t return South State if he wants, and she will stay at the place he stays. But he cannot give her a promise because he got married. She shares that she wants to stay with him as a slave.

But he rejects it and feels guilty to accept her love. He tells her to forgive it, but she asks him not to leave. So he picks up a sachet and leaves. Ya Li is in tears. Wu You and Wu Yu see Emperor off, and Wu Yu thinks Emperor’s chair is too simple.

Emperor asks his man to bring soft mat to Wu You, and thinks he should take care of his health. But Wu You tells Emperor to concern his health. Emperor asks Wu You to return to court fast after dealing with the case of South State, so he doesn’t have to sleep in the study.

Wu Yu laughs and thinks Wu You won’t return if Emperor always stays at palace. Emperor thinks Wu Yu talks nonsense, and casts document to him. Wu Yu picks up the document, and thinks Emperor still needs to check the document even if he throws it away.

Emperor knows Wu You has hated him for many years because of Fu Yuan, and confesses that he disappointed his mother. He thought he could make up the love but… Wu Yu interrupts Emperor and tells him to live to be a hundred.

The man shares that Emperor asked Dali temple to catch murderer and return innocent to Wu Yu. Wu Yu realizes that Emperor knew he was wronged, and asks him why he sent he and Wu You to South State. Emperor shares that he sacrificed his love and founded Beilin, but he doesn’t regret.

He wants to see Concubine Yun until he gives the nation to the person who is worth to trust. Fu Chou takes Rong Le to thank Emperor for giving marriage. The maids talk about that Wu You was sent to Qing State because of Rong Le.

Fu Chou tells Rong Le not to care about what people say, and grabs her hand. Wu Yu mentions to Ji Zhou about Ya Li and Wu You’s marriage in front of Rong Le. The man tells Fu Chou that Emperor is sick, and asks them to leave.

People think Rong Le is a dissolute woman and cast stone to the carriage she and Fu Chou ride. Rong Le asks Fu Chou why he forced Wu You to leave, and Emperor refused to see them because he guessed it out.

Fu Chou thinks Rong Le is like Emperor that they only care about Wu You no matter how many mistakes he made. He reminds her that he is her husband. She asks him why he concealed her since he didn’t do it. He shares that he didn’t want her to worry about Wu You, and thinks she will know that he is the one who is really nice to her.

Empress wishes Ya Li to be her daughter, and Ya Li is on knees and wants to serve Empress. But Empress thinks she cannot explain to Ji Zhou if she keeps Ya Li. Ya Li points out that the servant can take care of Ji Zhou.

Empress reminds Ya Li that Emperor will let Wu You come back, and her mother wanted Ya Li to marry a good husband. She shares that Crown Prince isn’t kinder than Wu You, and thinks she can rely on her if Ya Li becomes the princess.

Wu You thought he can control the chess but he became the piece played by someone else. Zhao Yun tells Wu You not to think of the bad woman as she cheated him, and complains that Rong Le cheated her as well. She tells him to take care of himself, and doesn’t allow Wu Yu to visit brothel.

Wu You tells Leng Yan to seal the Music Pavilion. Zhao Yun blames Wu Yu for didn’t comfort Wu You, but he tells her to comfort him instead. He shares that he was uncomfortable when thinking of that he is going to part with her.

She thinks he is in fever, and he confesses that he likes her. She hits him, and complains that he pretended to know nothing. He points out that she wanted to marry Wu You, and asks for her answer. She walks away, so he wants to make her like him.

But Zhao Yun returns and gives the wood statue to Wu Yu. She tells him to return it to her if he doesn’t like it. But he says that he likes it. So she pinches his ear and tells him not to be close to other girls. She brags that there’re many princes liking her.

He promises to obey her order, and she leans her head on his shoulder. Fu Chou and Rong Le arrive at the Longyue Tower, and he helps her get off. But she ignores him. Rong Le asks Chen Yu if Longyue Tower is going to open again.

Chen Yu admits it and thinks Longyue Tower is a family to them. Fu Chou tells Rong Le that she is the owner of Longyue Tower. Chen Yu wants to manage the tower with Rong Le, and Rong Le feels guilty that Chen Yu gave up her dream.

But Chen Yu shares that she misses the mortal world, and thinks it’s the best place to learn music. Rong Le spots Xiao Sha knee to the memorial tablet of Long Yue, and blames him for killing Long Yue. Xiao Sha shares that he has his own difficulties, and cannot tell her.

He claims that he will complete his mission no matter how she treats him, and shares that his duty is to protect her. Rong Le thinks Xiao Sha is hypocrisy and walks away. Leng Yue tells Xiao Sha not to be hypocrisy when he is guarding for Rong Le.

He tells her that he is protecting princess. But she pours water on him and attacks him with sword. He takes her sword and tells her not to hurt herself since she knows that he won’t hurt her. But she trips, and he wants to get her up.

She rejects him, and thinks he is a liar who is ungratefulness. She thinks he will watch on Rong Le and reports it to Rong Qi, and tells him that she wants to kill him if she has martial arts. Xiao Sha claims that he is the only person who can take Rong Le to Xiqi.

But Leng Yue points out that Rong Le won’t trust him anymore, and tells him to get lost. Lord Yang sees off Wu Yu and Wu You, and Wu Yu thinks Lord Yang made them get punished. Wu You is satisfied that he gave the court business to Lord Yang. Because he is integrity.

Ya Li asks Ji Zhou if they will return. He tells her that they will return when Wu You returns. Fu Chou asks Leng Yue for Rong Le’s liking, and she shares that Rong Le smiles when hearing Chen Yu’s music. Rong Le steps out and spots Fu Chou playing zither, and thinks his mood is different.

He claims that he will play zither for her everyday, but she returns her room. He swears to make her happy. Heng Xiang is happy that Fu Chou sent a gift to her, and tells Crown Princess that Crown Prince wanted to throw a birthday party for her at the East Palace.

Crown Princess is furious to break the gift, and Heng Xiang grabs Crown Princess’s hand. Crown Princess tells Heng Xiang to release her hand, and Heng Xiang pretends to trip when seeing Crown Prince. Crown Prince is shocked that Crown Princess broke Fu Chou’s gift, and gives her a slap.

She reminds him that Emperor will get angry if he knows he threw a birthday party for a prostitute. But he thinks he will get the throne. She reminds her not to get dizzy with success. He reminds her that her father lost power, and wants to get Heng Xiang to replace her.

Xiao Sha gives the medicine to Leng Yue, and tells her not to hurt herself even if she hates him. Rong Le has a nightmare and sees a woman taking her life with cloth. She wakes up and calls mother. Leng Yue asks Rong Le to take the medicine, but Rong Le thinks she doesn’t need it.

Leng Yue points out that Rong Le will be in a coma if she doesn’t take Rong Qi’s medicine. Rong Le tells Leng Yue to gather the ingredients and pour off the medicine. She thinks she shouldn’t take medicine when she doesn’t know what illness she gets. She shares that headache won’t break out each month, and thinks she gets headache because of the medicine.

She shares that she remembered something after stop taking medicine, and thinks her memory will come back if she continues not to take medicine. Leng Yue agrees to check the ingredients, and Rong Le asks Leng Yue not to tell it to Xiao Sha.

Fu Chou invites Rong Le to taste the teas, and Xiang Ying reports that Heng Xiang invites Fu Chou and Rong Le to her birthday party. Fu Chou rejects it for Rong Le, but she wants to attend. Rong Le wants to take the teas to Longyue Tower, and Fu Chou wants Xiao Sha to accompany her. Rong Le arrives at the Longyue Tower, and asks Chen Yu to look into the ingredients.

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