Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 18

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 18, Rong Le gets a letter from Chen Yu and is surprised that Heng Xiang comes from Xiqi. She asks Xiao Sha if he saw the girl in the portrait. He denies and conceals the portrait when Fu Chou appears.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 18

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 18.

Rong Le suspects the medicine is the root bringing her headache, and wonders why Rong Qi is cruel to his relative. She could not move his plan even if she forced him with her life. Rong Le thinks she isn’t the princess of Xiqi, but Chen Yu tells Rong Le to deal with it after they look into the ingredients.

Rong Le thinks Chen Yu knows her that she doesn’t want to live in the lie and fraud, and she wants to know who she is. Chen Yu passes out in front of clinic, and the doctor carries her in. Xiang Ying spots it and leaves. Doctor Li tells Chen Yu that the person is blocked, and Chen Yu gives the ingredients to him.

He shares that it will take some days to look into the ingredients. Xiang Ying reports to Fu Chou that Chen Yu passed out and was sent to clinic. Fu Chou thinks Rong Le will smile to him if she visits Longyue Tower more often. But Xiang Ying worries that Fu Chou falls for Rong Le.

Fu Chou thinks it isn’t Xiang Ying’s business, and asks him to make a clothes for Rong Le. Leng Yue asks Rong Le to try on the clothes Fu Chou got people to make for her, but Rong Le wants to try it on later. Leng Yue brings golden jujube to Rong Le, and Rong Le remembers Wu You promised to take her to Qing State wating the jujube.

Fu Chou shows up, and Rong Le is panic to return the jujube. Rong Le spots Heng Xiang and wonders if she is the piece Rong Qi set up in Beilin, or the talker Fu Chou arranged to Crown Prince. Rong Le is surprised to see Zhao Yun, but Zhao Yun avoids Rong Le. Heng Xiang reminds Rong Le that the guests treat her well is because of Fu Chou.

Crown Prince wonders why Fu Chou protects Rong Le but not let her know. Rong Le asks Heng Xiang why she made her hear Crown Prince’s words. Heng Xiang shares that she just feels wrong for Fu Chou, and tells Rong Le not to betray her. Qing He asks Zhao Yun to drink with him and thinks she shouldn’t reject him.

Rong Le walks to help Zhao Yun and tells Qing He to go home and rest. But he asks Crown Prince to get Zhao Yun to be his concubine. He brags that he is very rich, and Crown Prince wants to agree with it. But Rong Le blames Qing He for encroaching on his maids. Qing He shares that Rong Le flirted with Wu You before getting married.

Fu Chou kicks away Qing He, and Crown Princess thinks Fu Chou gave Qing He a lesson. But Crown Prince thinks Crown Princess is reminding him. But she says that she just spoke out her feelings. Heng Xiang brings her maid’s body to Crown Prince and shares that she took her life. The woman reveals that she saw Qing He harassing Little Cui.

Crown Prince grabs Qing He’s collar and tells him not to step in his palace. Chen Yu tells Rong Le that the medicine doesn’t have any problem, and shares that Fu Chou’s man tracked her down when she went to clinic. Rong Le asks Chen Yu if she knows a dancer named Heng Xiang who comes from Tianxiang Tower.

Chen Yu denies, so Rong Le asks Chen Yu to look into Heng Xiang. Fu Chou asks Heng Xiang why she looked for him, and she says that she misses him. She gives some papers about Crown Prince, but he tells her not to step out of palace if there isn’t any important thing. But she doesn’t want to see Crown Prince.

Fu Chou tells Heng Xiang to watch on Crown Prince, and thinks he will be used by him in the future. She shares that east palace is controlled by her, but she worries about Rong Le. He tells her that Rong Le isn’t related with the thing she is going to do. Heng Xiang thinks Fu Chou is really furious at the banquet, and reminds him that he will influence the big plan if he falls for Rong He.

Emperor blames Crown Prince for throwing a party for a prostitute, but Crown Prince explains that he just wants to get along with princes and ministers. Emperor tells Crown Prince to drive away Heng Xiang. Crown Prince has to agree. Heng Xiang tells Crown Princess that she just wants to buy two maids from outside.

But Crown Princess persuades Heng Xiang to choose the maids from palace. Heng Xiang wants Crown Prince to help her. But he shares that Emperor wants to drive her out of palace. She is on knees and wants to leave. He tells her to stay at east palace, and thinks Emperor will forget it soon. Crown Princess thinks Crown Prince doesn’t respect Emperor.

He tells her not to threaten him with Emperor, but she thinks he only understands her words when he meets the disaster. Zhao Yun visits Rong Le and thanks her for dealing with Qing He. Rong Le thinks it’s nothing because she treats Zhao Yun as younger sister. Zhao Yun thrills to show the golden jujube Wu You sent, and shares that he wanted to give it to Rong Le.

But Rong Le only wants to talk about the things between sisters. Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le has difficulties to Wu You, but Rong Le feeds Zhao Yun with the jujube and thinks it will block her mouth. Zhao Yun asks Rong Le to teach her handwriting and wants to surprise Wu Yu. Rong Le agrees, and Zhao Yun thinks her handwriting is improved.

But Leng Yue thinks it’s still ugly. So Zhao Yun chases Leng Yue and wants to draw a cat on her face. Fu Chou spots Rong Le smiling and wishes her happiness belonging to him. Leng Yue stops when she runs into Xiao Sha. He gives his handkerchief to her, and Zhao Yun takes the handkerchief to wipe Leng Yue’s face. But she finds out it cannot be wiped.

Zhao Yun thinks Xiao Sha isn’t bad, but Leng Yue takes Zhao Yun away. Fu Chou shares that Rong Qi asked about “Mountain and River”. Xiang Ying thinks Rong Le gave it to Wu You. But Fu Chou disagrees and mentions Rong Le broke up with Wu You. Xiang Ying shares that Wu You refuses to see anybody, and thinks he won’t harm their plan.

But Fu Chou points out that Wu You is good at concealing himself, and asks Xiang Ying to go to South State. Wu Yu thinks Wu You’s chess isn’t as good as him because he always plays chess with himself. Ya Li show up with some snacks, and Wu Yu asks Ya Li to play chess with Wu You. Xiang Ying meets with Lord Zheng in the woods, and Lord Zheng shares that Wu You rejects to see anybody and stays with Ya Li.

Lord Zheng introduces Mr. Qin to Xiang Ying, but Mr. Qin asks for more rewards. Xiang Ying tells Lord Zheng not to raise the rubbish. Wu You receives a letter from Emperor who asks him to get rid of roving bandits. Wu You doesn’t know how to look into it. The man tells Fu Chou that the money and foods were sent to South State, and asks about “Mountain and River”.

Fu Chou thinks Rong Le just cheated Rong Qi that she got the book. The man threatens Fu Chou to treat Rong Le well, and Fu Chou claims Rong Le is his wife so that he will be nice to her. Fu Chou swears to get rid of the threat of Rong Qi and become the owner of world. He asks Heng Xiang about her fake identity. She says that it’s perfect.

Rong Le gets a letter from Chen Yu and is surprised that Heng Xiang comes from Xiqi. She asks Xiao Sha if he saw the girl in the portrait. He denies and conceals the portrait when Fu Chou appears. Fu Chou tells Rong Le that he intends to give some teas to court. She thinks all of the things in the house belong to him, and he wishes her to be belonged to him. But she walks away.

Lord Zheng argues with Ji Zhou for the land, and thinks Ji Zhou wants to be the emperor of Qing State. Wu You shows up and thinks Lord Zheng didn’t respect Emperor of Beilin. He tells them to deal with the land on their own, so Lord Zheng asks Ji Zhou to marry Ya Li to his son. He promises to give the land to Ji Zhou then.

The maid comforts Ya Li that Ji Zhou won’t marry her to the silly son of Lord Zheng, and wants to ask Wu You a favor. But Ya Li worries that Ji Zhou forces her to make choice between Mr. Zheng and Wu You. She wishes to return to Center Mountain, and tears up when taking the sachet. Wu You gets people to send a pair of silver bracelets to Ya Li, and the maid thinks Wu You likes Ya Li.

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