Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 19, Zhao Yun, Rong Le and Leng Yue is making dumplings in the kitchen. Zhao Yun sprinkles flour on the table, and Leng Yue blames her for did a disservice. So they fight with the flour, and Rong Le gets involved.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 19.

Wu Yu joins Wu You and tells him that rebels come robbing. Wu You shares that he asked Wu Xiangzi to ambush. Wu Yu thinks they need to pull out the thorn when Fu Chou didn’t clean it. Wu You thinks Fu Chou intended planting the thorn, and shares that the rebels are refugees.

Leng Yan reports that rebels gather beforehand, and Wu Yu arrives at the camp of rebels. Mr. Qin provokes the refugees to rebel, and Leng Yan thinks Mr. Qin treats the refugees as human shield. Wu You catches Mr. Qin and promises to refugees the things they want.

So the refugees put down their weapons. The eunuch gives the rewards to Fu Chou, and Rong Le stares at the golden jujubes. Leng Yan reports that Wu You is getting married with Wu You. Rong Le leaves, and Fu Chou thinks Emperor gave the gifts to him is to sneer at him for didn’t get rid of rebels.

He drops off the golden jujubes then. Wu You practices fencing art with Wu Xiangzi in the bamboo forest, and Wu Xiangzi thinks Wu You’s fencing art improved. Wu You regrets that the master’s case involved Wu Xiangzi’s families, and he cannot live with his name.

Wu Xiangzi worried that Wu You lost his intellect when he took the seven killers to rob Rong Le. Wu You says that he will do the thing he should do. Ya Li wears the bracelets and gets the tea for Wu You. He thinks the tea of Qing State has some special taste.

She wants to play chess with him, but he asks her to play zither for him. Wu You finds out Zhao Yun’s handwriting is improved, and wonders if she lives well while taking the wood statue. Wu You asks Wu Yu if he wants to return. Wu Yu denies, so Wu You thinks Wu Yu isn’t interested in the message of capital.

Wu Yu thinks Emperor wanted Wu You to go back. Ji Zhou asks Wu You how to deal with the land Lord Zheng left, and suggests to give it to refugees. But Wu You intends to give money to refugees and teach them planting skill. Ji Zhou asks Wu You to leave the business to him if Emperor summons him.

But Wu You wants to stay there all his life. Ji Zhou thinks it’s best chance to get the position of Crown Prince for Wu You, but Wu You stops Ji Zhou and Wu Yu. Ya Li hurts her finger while playing zither, and Wu You asks her if she is ok. She tells him that she is fine, and persuades him to return to capital.

But he asks her if it’s her father’s idea or hers. He tells her that he won’t stop her if she wants to leave Qing State. But she thinks her father won’t agree with it. Wu You doesn’t think so, and asks Ya Li if she wanted to accompany him for not to marry Mr. Zheng.

He shares that he doesn’t want people to force him to forget someone else, so he gave her the silver bracelets, asking her to be acting for him. Ya Li is on knees and tells Wu You that she wants to stay with the person she likes. But he thinks the returning depending on someone else.

Xiang Ying thinks Wu You doesn’t intend to come back, but Fu Chou thinks it’s weird that Emperor didn’t award Wu You. Zhao Yun and Leng Yue invite Rong Le to play fireworks, and Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le isn’t pretty without playing fireworks. Rong Le laughs when playing fireworks with Zhao Yun and Leng Yue.

Fu Chou spots it and wishes to see Rong Le’s smiling each day. Crown Princess asks Empress to cancel her position, and shares that Crown Prince is absurd in things of men and women. Empress tells Crown Princess to endure, and shares that she doesn’t dare to mistake saying any word in the past ten years.

Crown Princess complains that Crown Prince hit her. Empress spots the wound on Crown Princess’s forehead, and worries that Emperor sees the wound. Emperor bursts into and thinks the nation will be ended by Crown Prince. Empress explains that Crown Prince is just dizzy by beauty, and Crown Princess says that Crown Prince is very filial piety.

Emperor thinks he knows his son, and tells Crown Princess that he will deal with it. Empress is on knees and promises to discipline Crown Prince, but Emperor thinks Crown Prince won’t obey her. He thinks she lives tough in the palace because she doesn’t have any kid.

She shares that she was just a normal girl and he was the hero during the Fu Yuan disorder, so she thinks it was her glory to marry him. She wants to stay with him so that she maintains a low profile. Emperor promises to arrange the path for Empress after he passes away because he doesn’t want the tragedy of Yun Concubine to happen again.

Zhao Yun, Rong Le and Leng Yue is making dumplings in the kitchen. Zhao Yun sprinkles flour on the table, and Leng Yue blames her for did a disservice. So they fight with the flour, and Rong Le gets involved. Fu Chou tries to get rid of the flour on Rong Le’s face. But she avoids it.

Leng Yue invites Fu Chou to have dumplings together, but he asks Rong Le if she agrees. Rong Le agrees but glares at Leng Yue. Fu Chou praises Rong Le’s cooking skill. But she shares that they were made by Leng Yue. Leng Yue returns and leaves when Fu Chou needs nothing.

Fu Chou thinks Leng Yue is very smart, but Rong Le thinks Leng Yue isn’t loyalty as she always biases toward Fu Chou. But he points out that he always biases toward her. Rong Le joins Fu Chou to watch fireworks, and he shares that the sword and blade accompanied him before.

He feels the warm of family for the first time. Rong Le agrees and thinks the life is suitable for her. Fu Chou burns up the letters of Xiqi, but Xiang Qing reminds Fu Chou that they will report it to Emperor. Fu Chou shares that he can undertake everything, except losing Rong Le.

Little Xun tells Rong Qi to beg Queen when he is in pain. But Rong Qi asks the spy about Rong Le. The spy shares that she is fine in Fu Chou’s house, and they get along well. Queen steps in when Rong Qi falls asleep. She wants to kill him, but changes her mind and leaves the medicine. Rong Qi wakes up and sees the medicine with tears.

Emperor blames Crown Prince for sleeping during the ancestor worship. Crown Prince explains that he is tired because of works, and shares that he talked about attacking Wei State with the general until midnight. But Emperor points out that Crown Prince played with concubines until midnight, and tells him not to come to court again.

Xuan Ming thinks Crown Prince reminded him the plan of attacking Wei State, and asks Emperor about the plan. Emperor complains that Rong Qi refused to give path and foods to them, and Xuan Ming shares that Fu Chou’s house has the letters of Xiqi. Emperor tells Xuan Ming to get the letters.

Rong Le gives tea and rose cosmetic to Empress, and Empress likes the cosmetic. Empress returns the jade cup to Rong Le to cure her homesick. But Rong Le rejects it and shares that she is a Beilin people now. She tells Empress that she never contacted Xi Qi after she married Fu Chou.

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