Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 20

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 20, Chen Yu claims to support Rong Le no matter what decision she makes, and mentions Rong Le told her not to give herself to anyone easily. She asks her if she thinks so still, but Rong Le thinks it’s difficult to do when she can speak it easily.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 20

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 20.

Emperor mentions that Xiqi avoided the case of attacking Wei State, and asks Fu Chou if he heard something from Rong Le. Fu Chou thinks Xiqi just wants to rise their value, but Emperor thinks Fu Chou underestimates Xiqi just like South State.

Emperor decides to summon Wu You and discuss how to attack Wei State with him. Crown Prince is shocked that Wu You will return court, and Fu Chou thinks Crown Prince reminded Emperor of Wu You. Heng Xiang asks Crown Prince to send her out of palace.

But he claims that he won’t send her out all his life. Crown Prince intends to kill Wu You, but Fu Chou reminds him that Emperor will suspect him first. But Crown Prince thinks nobody can suspect him when he doesn’t have any evidence.

After Fu Chou leaves, Heng Xiang gets wine to Crown Prince and praises him. He thinks she knows him most and puts the wine cup on the table. Fu Chou takes the wine and wants to talk about something with Rong Le. But she says that she cannot drink.

He complains that he got scolded by Emperor and Crown Prince, and leans on her shoulder, “I will agree to do everything so long as I can stay by my wife’s side”. Rong Le asks Xiao Sha to take Fu Chou away. Fu Chou complains that he has to stand it silently.

So Rong Le asks Xiao Sha to guard outside. Fu Chou takes Rong Le to sleep in the bed, and tells her that he can do what Wu You can do. She lets him go and spots the scar on his shoulder. He grabs her hand and asks someone not to hit him.

Wu You is playing chess with himself, and the killers arrive. He fights with them with the pieces, and Wu Xiangzi takes his men to help Wu You. Wu Xiangzi thinks it was Crown Prince, and shares that he is doing the thing Wu You asked for.

Fu Chou wakes up and finds out that he is sleeping in Rong Le’s room, and she gets tea for him. He says that he worried that he did some bad things on her last night, but she shares that he just slept for one night and nothing happened.

He thinks the soup was cooked by her, and laughs that his drinking is gone. Fu Chou shares that he slept well last night. Wu You tells Xuan Ming that he intended to stay in South State, but he decides to return court with him when he invited him in person.

Wu Yu thrills that Wu You decided to return court on the end, and Xuan Ming thinks there is someone waiting for Wu Yu there. Wu Yu claims that he just wants to visit brothels. Ya Li shows up, and Wu You asks her to sit by his side.

He tells her that he did the thing he promised her, and leaves the business to Ji Zhou. Wu Yu asks Leng Yan to give the letter to Zhao Yun, and shares that he wants to marry her. Wu You wants Wu Xiangzi to look into nobles, and Wu Yu asks Wu You if there is someone he wants to see in the capital.

Wu You shares that he returns to capital is to look into Revenge Sect, and wants to stop Crown Prince. Fu Chou asks Heng Xiang why she didn’t tell him about Crown Prince assassinated Wu You. She explains that Crown Prince didn’t mention it to her.

He tells her not to come up with idea on her own, but she thinks he forgot his mission. She mentions that he slept in Rong Le’s room, and puts her hand on his shoulder, telling him that she knows his changing clearly. He lets her hand go and reminds her his method.

Heng Xiang remembers that she blocked the arrow for Fu Chou and leant in his arms. She told him that she knows that he is strongest one ten years ago, as there is a flame in his eyes. He told her that he doesn’t allow her to die as long as he is alive.

Heng Xiang is in tears and shares that she can do everything for Fu Chou, but she thinks he shouldn’t be moved by someone else. Rong Le tells Chen Yu not to look into Heng Xiang, and worries that fake happiness is just a dream.

Chen Yu claims to support Rong Le no matter what decision she makes, and mentions Rong Le told her not to give herself to anyone easily. She asks her if she thinks so still, but Rong Le thinks it’s difficult to do when she can speak it easily.

Chen Yu tells Rong Le to accept Fu Chou if she likes him, and she will follow her if she chooses “Mountain and River”. Xuan Ming reports to Emperor that Wu You will return soon, and Emperor shares that he decides to unite with Chen State.

He mentions the North Prince of Chen State is on the way to Beilin, and decides to marry a princess to North Prince. Fu Chou wants to discuss about it, but Emperor only wants to discuss with Wu You. The spy threatens Fu Chou to report his sins to Emperor, and asks him to kill North Prince, Ning Qian Yi.

Heng Xiang reminds Fu Chou that Rong Qi isn’t worth to get trusted, and thinks they can get the nation when Emperor attacks Wei State. So they shouldn’t kill Qian Yi. But Fu Chou mentions the spy threatened him. She thinks he got the idea, but just doesn’t want to do.

Fu Chou wants to stay at Rong Le’s room. Rong Le remembers Chen Yu told her to accept Fu Chou if she trusts him. She agrees. He wants to know her more, but she thinks he knew her from Xiqi’s side. He thinks she keeps rejecting him, and asks how she will open her heart.

He tells her to call him husband or his name, but she says that she used to call him general. He complains that nobody called his name for many years, and gets in her bed. He asks her why she always doesn’t see him when he is in front of her, and thinks he is a stranger to him.

She shares that she doesn’t trust her eyes, and tells him not to waste his mind. He tells her to watch him with her heart, and grabs her hand. But she says that her heart cannot see anything, and shares that she wishes to return the heart to someone who treats her with his heart.

Fu Chou sighs and tells her to visit cool and refreshing lake if she isn’t pleased. Xiang Ying reports to Fu Chou that Rong Le is going to go out, and Fu Chou tells Xiang Ying to protect her. Heng Xiang thrills that Fu Chou made the decision, and thinks he wastes the piece if he doesn’t use Rong Le.

He warns her that her goal is to watch on Crown Prince, and tells her not to visit him without his order. Rong Le arrives at the lake, and thinks it’s the best place to fish. But she regrets that she didn’t take the tool. Zhao Yun spots Rong Le and claims she has the tool.

Zhao Yun complains that the fishes were fished by Qian Yi, and goes to take off his hat. Rong Le tells Zhao Yun not to be impatience, and thinks the fishes were scared to flee. Qian Yi wants to give the fishes to Zhao Yun, and Zhao Yun wants to buy them.

Rong Le offers to do the competition, but Zhao Yun worries that Qian Yi will win. Rong Le comforts Zhao Yun that she will do competition for her, and Qian Yi agrees with it. Wu You tells Emperor that Qian Yi arrived at cool and refreshing, and he is sending people to protect him.

Emperor worries that Qian Yi gets hurt in Beilin, and Fu Chou swears to protect Qian Yi.

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