Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 4, Wu You touches Consort Yun’s coffin and thinks she only got regret even if she endured silently all her life. He promises her that he won’t give the chance to any person to disappoint him.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 4.

Wu You tells Man Yao that the sparrow paper isn’t important to him at all, and thinks it isn’t worth of a life. But she says that Chen Yu’s life is worth of 1000 gold to her. So he asks to exchange Chen Yu’s life with her hand. She tells him that she’s good at tea art, and thinks she won’t regret if she can show her tea art skill to him.

Man Yao tells Wu You that she doesn’t have the chance, and asks to borrow his sword. He tells Leng Yan to hand over the sword. Man Yao pulls out the sword and intends to cut off her hand. Wu You casts the tea cup to her hand and stops her. He picks up the sword and returns it to Leng Yan. He smiles at Man Yao and walks away.

Man Yao helps Chen Yu get up and thinks Chen Yu will only bring troubles to Madam Qin if she stays there. Because she offended Li Prince. She claims that she can redeem Chen Yu because she’s a friend of Li Prince. She adds that Chen Yu isn’t worth of any money now. Madam Qin brags that Chen Yu is the top lady there, and asks for 500 gold.

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But Man Yao only offers 50 gold and intends to leave. Madam Qin keeps Man Yao and sells Chen Yu to her with 100 gold. She beats Chen Yu and thinks she is so cheap. She blames her for ruining her business. Man Yao takes Chen Yu away.

Long Yue takes Chen Yu to see Man Yao. Chen Yu gets on knees and thanks Man Yao for her grace. Man Yao introduces Chen Yu as the music master she invited to Long Yue. She tells Chen Yu to live at the Longyue Tower from now on. Chen Yu thinks Man Yao is considerate and promises to tell her everything she wants to know. Man Yao smiles and helps Chen Yu get up.

When Man Yao is going to cut off her hand, Wu You hits off the sword and returns it to Leng Yan. Man Yao thinks Chen Yu cannot stay at brothel because she offended Li Prince. She wants to redeem Chen Yu, and Lady Qin sells Chen Yu for 100 gold. Man Yao takes Chen Yu to return Longyue tower, and Chen Yi is on knees to thank her.

Man Yao asks Chen Yu if she heard the book “Mountain and River”. Chen Yu says that her father took part in making the book, but she doesn’t know the book’s whereabouts. She says that everything was changed after her father stunned her. She tells her that she won’t mention to someone else that Man Yao asked her about it.

Wu Yu wants to defeat Crown Prince with the paper, and thinks Man Yao helped him. But Wu You thinks Man Yao found the paper early. Qiu Yi locks Lian Xin up in the kitchen when Lian Xin is making medicine, and sets a fire on it. The servant tells Xiao Sha that Qiu Yi is getting people to put out the fire. Leng Yue wears princess’s mask and wants to save Lian Xin.

Xiao Sha comforts her that he is there. Lord Yu’s son Wen Jie takes his men arriving, and intents to help put out the fire. Qiu Yi lets them in, and smiles. We see a bag of money in her sleeve. The assassin shows up to kill people, and Wen Jie goes to arrest the assassin. Qiu Yi realizes that she cannot flee from death as she was only told to let Wen Xie pass.

She stuns herself with the gourd. Xiao Sha breaks into the burning kitchen and begins to save Lian Xin. The assassin gets in the princess’s palace, and stuns her. Wen Jie fights with the assassin, and the assassin locks up the room with his sword. Wen Jie asks the assassin to leave, and takes off his clothes. Rong Le returns and stuns the assassin with a stick, and spots Wen Jie taking off Leng Yue’s clothes.

She stuns Wen Jie with the vase and wakes Leng Yue up. She tells her to hide herself, and wears the mask. Leng Yue steps out and tells the bodyguards that Wen Jia tried to sexually assault her. Xiao Sha beats up Wen Jie when he just wakes up. The doctor tells Emperor that Rong Le gets a headache because she was startled.

Wen Jie explains that he got hit to the bed by the assassin, and mistook that princess flirted with him. He says that he likes princess and wants to make up for the move. But Xiao Sha points out that there was only him when he opened the door, and thinks Wen Jie wanted to sexually assault princess. He suspects the alliance sincerity of Beilin.

Lord Yu arrives and tells Emperor that he arrested the assassin. Emperor orders to kill the assassin, and asks Rong Le how to punish Wen Jie. She forgives Wen Jie for her reputation, and Xiao Sha asks Emperor to get the bodyguards of Xi Qi back. Emperor agrees and punishes Wen Jie. Rong Le has an eye contact with Lord Yu before she leaves.

Xiao Sha takes Qiu Yi arriving and reveals the bodyguards were changed. Qiu Yi tells Rong Le to use her if she wants. But Leng Yue drives her away. Rong Le asks about the assassin she stunned, and Xiao Sha says that he dealt with him. Xiao Sha thinks he neglected so that Wen Jie did on Leng Yue, and tells her that he won’t forgive Wen Jie.

But she thinks she gets wronged is nothing, and worries about princess. She returns the handkerchief to him, and tells him that she washed it. He hesitates, so she put it on him palm and flees away with smiling. Emperpr asks the prince Xuan Ming for the opinion, but Xuan Ming thinks Emperor had the idea.

Emperor thinks it was Crown Prince and Lord Yu, and doesn’t want to give the throne to Crown Prince. Xuan Ming knows Emperor wants Wu You to be the crown prince, but the misunderstanding… Emperor says that he cannot disappoint Consort Yun’s request, and remembers Consort Yun asked him to make Wu You stay away from power as it would only bring him the endless pain. Consort Yun passed away then.

Emperor visits Consort Yun’s grave, and spots Crown Prince worships Consort Yun. Crown Prince tells Emperor that he will take care of Wu You like Consort Yun did on him. Wu You touches Consort Yun’s coffin and thinks she only got regret even if she endured silently all her life. He promises her that he won’t give the change to make any person disappoint him.

He remembers Consort Yun was in blood when Emperor sat next to her. Emperor tells Consort Yun that he came to see her, but Wu You asks Emperor to leave, thinking Emperor murdered his mother. Emperor explains that Fu Yuan put medicine in his wine so that he killed Wu You’s mother. Wu You points out that he brought Fu Yuan and other women.

But Emperor points out that he did it for his family. Wu You thinks Emperor gave a fake promise to Consort Yun for getting her heart since he couldn’t only love a woman. Emperor tells Wu You to forgive him, and asks him if he wants to blame him all his life since Consort Yun has left over 16 years. Wu You tells Emperor that he won’t forgive him, and asks him to get out.

Long Yue tells Man Yao that Qiu Yi was killed in the house, and thinks she got money from Lord Yu and his son. She tells her to be careful of Yu family, and reveals she found the clue of Moutain and River while looking into Yu family. Because the house of Yu family was Qin Yong’s house. Wu You visits Man Yao, and she suggests him to taste her tea as the tea-tasting depends on the mood of drinker.

He asks her what his mood is, and she thinks he is troubled by something. She tells him to let the mood go and taste the tea. He thinks she is smart but has great guts. She thinks he isn’t simple as well, but he thinks she just praised herself. He offers to play chess, but the assassins arrive. Man Yao leans in Wu You’s hand when the assassin attacks her.

He takes her to fight with the assassins, and Wu Yu spots Wu You touching Man Yao’s shoulder. Wu Yu reminds Wu You that he can touch women now, and Wu You leaves. Man Yao tells Long Yue that they should leave the place as it’s targetted. She walks alone at the street, and the assassins attack her again. Man Yao is injured when she fights with the assassins on the bridge. Fu Chou shows up and defeats the assassins, and hugs Man Yao.

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