Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5, Crown Prince arrests Man Yao because he wants to conceal the sin that he murdered Li Prince, and insults her. Wu You kicks Crown Prince and saves Man Yao, and Wu Yu finds out that he can touches women now.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 5.

The man asks Fu Chou how to deal with Man Yao when she passes out. Fu Chou offers to take her to hotel. After they arrive at the hotel, Fu Chou tells his man to find a doctor, and he grabs Man Yao’s hand when she is in the nightmare.

Wu You remembers he touched Man Yao when he is in the hot spring. Wu Yu brings a beauty to Wu You proving if Wu You can touch women. The beauty touches Wu You’s body while pouring water on him, but he keeps seeing the scene that Emperor killed his mother. He is furious to ask the beauty to get lost.

Lord Yu blames Wen Jie for murdering Wu You, and points out Wu You won’t live to now if he is easy to be killed. But Crown Prince agrees to get rid of Wu You. Wen Jie comforts Lord Yu that Heaven Revenge Sect complete task under cover.

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But Lord Yu thinks Crown Prince’s situation is danger when there isn’t any evidence. Crown Prince reminds Lord Yu if they have evidence, and Lord Yu asks Wen Jie to seal Longyue Tower and get the evidence.

Wu Yu thinks nobody wants Wu You’s life except Crown Prince. Wu You says that they took action after hiding many years. Wu Yu offers to look into Longyue Tower for the trace. But Wu You thinks the tower is empty now, and something will happen tomorrow.

Man Yao wakes up and finds out that her wound is bound up. She is drawn by the music, and spots Fu Chou playing zither. Man Yao thanks Fu Chou for his saving, and he mentions the doctor thought she had internal injury. But she says that she is fine.

He apologizes for self-assertion to take her to the hotel, but she thinks she cannot be stubborn since he saved her. She thinks his song contains some vicissitudes, and he reveals the song named “The Past”, and he made it seven years ago.

He prepared breakfast for her, but she needs to deal with some things. So Fu Chou asks his man Xiang Ying escorts Man Yao. Wu You visits his master as he heard that master is sick. Master mentions Wu You rejects the marriage, and asks him if he has the plan.

Wu You tells Master that he doesn’t want to be the piece fighting for power. Master tells Wu You not to be troubled by past, and suggests him to have a trip. Wu Yu agrees and mentions Qingshui River has stunning scenery. Master asks to take his only daughter Ya Li.

The man reports that Fu Chou returned to court, and Ya Li smiles. Fu Chou steps in court and tells Emperor that he killed the chief of the traitors. Emperor gives the title of Guard General to Fu Chou, but Fu Chou thinks Emperor should reward Wu You for his idea.

Emperor laughs and helps Fu Chou up, thinking he worried too much. He offers to let Wu You manage the three states of south boundary. Wu Yu thinks Emperor is wise, and Fu Chou agrees that Wu You will make south boundary stay away from war. Emperor reveals he thought Fu Chou was similar to the looks when he was young, and slap Fu Chou’s should.

Crown Prince stops Fu Chou and tells him that he prepared a banquet for him. But Fu Chou rejects as he thinks his wound will disturb the peace and quiet of East Palace. Wu Yu thrills to tell Wu You that Emperor wanted to let him manage south boundary, and thinks he will have his own army soon.

He tells him that Crown Prince cannot deal with him when Wu You had the army. He mentions Fu Chou parised him at the court as he got promoted because of Wu You. Man Yao returns Longyue Tower, but the bodyguards are waiting for her. They arrest her because Li Prince was assassinated at the tower.

Xiao Sha passes by and tells it to Lian Xin and Leng Yue. Lian Xin offers to tell Emperor the identity of princess. But he thinks it will make princess in danger. Leng Yue is scared to grab Xiao Sha’s hand, but he lets her hands go and tells her to guard the Princess Palace.

The maid steps in and tells that Empress wants to visit princess. Zhao Yun heard princess is sick and goes to see her. But she is stunned by Leng Yue, and Leng Yue yells that Zhao Yun gets sick. Xiao Sha thinks Empress won’t visit princess when she hears that Zhao Yun was infected.

Man Yao is sent to jail, and finds out that Chen Yu is sick. Long Yue tells Man Yao that the people of tower were comatose after Man Yao left, and wonders who wanted to kill Li Prince. Man Yao remembers the paper she found, and realizes that nobody did it except Crown Prince.

She thinks they wants to get a scapegoat after failure in assassination. Long Yue tells Man Yao to expose her identity when being questioned. But Man Yao worries that it will involve Xiqi. The man reports to Rong Qi that Li Prince was assassinated and the people of Longyue Tower disappeared.

Rong Qi asks about Rong Le. The man says that Princess Palace is security, and thinks Rong Le won’t contact Li Prince in private. Rong Qi tells the man to confirm the security of Rong Le and look for Long Yue. Wen Jie tells the girls to sign on the statement of confession, and thinks they’re spies of Wei State.

Long Yue stops Wen Jie when he pinches Man Yao’s wound. But he ties them up and orders to hit them. Wen Jie recognizes Chen Yu and whips her. He tells Man Yao to confess, but Chen Yu says that she can stand it. Crown Prince shows up and urges Wen Jie, and Wen Jie forces Man Yao to sign on the statement.

Leng Yan tells Wu You that Man Yao was arrested, and Wu Yu tells Wu You to save Man Yao because he likes her. When Wen Jie is going to kill Man Yao, Crown Prince is surprised that she is a beauty. He brushes her face, but Man Yao yells at him. Wen Jie offers to make Man Yao serve Crown Prince, and Crown Prince tries to take off Man Yao’s clothes.

Mao Yao tells Crown Prince that she will pay it back one thousand times. He laughs and intends to kiss her. Wu You kicks away Crown Prince, and wears his clothes on Man Yao. He hugs her and intends to take her away. Crown Prince thinks Wu You planned the scene last night, but Wu You tells Crown Prince that they all know who did it when Leng Yan tore up the statement.

He tells Crown Prince that his mother’s last wish isn’t his amulet all his life. Crown Prince is furious to kick off the fire pot. Wu Yu is surprised that Wu You hugs Man Yao, and thinks he likes her. He tells Long Yue that he will prepare doctor for her when she hugs insensible Chen Yu.

Crown Prince thinks Wu You bullied him so much and asks the maids to get lost. Crown Princess asks him what the matter, but he pushes her over. She reminds him that he is the crown prince, but he points out that Wu You will take his position if he wants.

She tells him that she will help her with the power of her family, but he regrets to marry her. Man Yao finds out she leans her head on Wu You’s should in the carriage, and closes her eyes. But Wu You touches her face and wakes her up. She thanks him for saving her, but he thinks she isn’t innocent.

She says that she is innocent, and worries people knew he and Crown Prince had a fight. He thinks it’s not her business.

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