Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 6, Rong Le wonders why Zhao Yun is close to Wu You since he is very cold. Zhao Yun reveals Wu You wasn’t such before, and tells Rong Le not to get cheated by Wu Yu. She shares that Wu Yu has many female friends.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 6.

Wu You tells Man Yao that he was happy to play chess with her, and she wonders if he saved her for play chess. She is panic to leave when they arrive at Longyue Tower. Xiao Sha thinks he didn’t protect Man Yao well, but she thinks he did a good job on Lian Xin and Leng Yue.

Long Yue is on knees and thinks she involved Man Yao to get insult. Man Yao tells Long Yue that she won’t sacrifice her, and asks about Chen Yu’s wound. Long Yue shares that Chen Yi is in a coma, and Wu Yu sends doctor to see her. Man Yao thinks Longyue Tower cannot be the stronghold anymore, and tells Long Yue to look for new stronghold.

Rong Qi finds out that he vomited blood. Queen visits Rong Qi and spots the handkerchief he vomited. She chooses to ignore it, and blames him for the slow progress. The eunuch gets the medicine for Rong Qi, and he asks him to get out after taking it. Rong Qi writes the letter to Rong Le and lies that he is healthy.

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Rong Le asks Xiao Sha if he looked into the noble who saved her. He reveals that the noble only stayed in the hotel for one night, and didn’t leave his name. Rong Le thinks Fu Chou got a hotel nearby because she was injured, and asks Xiao Sha if he touched her box.

He says that he didn’t touch it as he knew it’s was the letters between Rong Le and Rong Qi. Rong Le remembers that Lian Xin told her that she and Leng Yue put the killer in the wood house, and thinks they dealt with the case too calm. Xiao Sha says that Zhao Yun was hit the point by someone rather than being dizzy by incense.

Empress heard that Wu You promised to accompany Ya Li seeing flowers, but Ya Li says that she’d like to accompany Empress. Empress asks Ya Li to visit Rong Le for her, and gets Rong Le and Wu Yu together. Wu You visits Long Yue, and she tells him that Man Yao will return after three days later. He mentions that he kept missing Man Yao, and Long Yue offers to let Chen Yu accompany Wu You. But he rejects it.

Wu Yu mentions Master wants to marry Ya Li to Wu You, but he has a marriage with Xiqi. Wu You thinks it’s not his business, and Wu Yu wonders why Man Yao refuses to see Wu You. Wu Yu thinks Man Yao hugs the golden mountain when she hugs Wu You. But Wu You thinks Man Yao doesn’t like money. Wu Yu tells Wu You that Man Yao pretends to be an innocent woman to hook him.

Emperor arrives and thinks Wu Yu learned bad habits from Wu You. He asks for a talk with Wu You alone, so Wu Yu leaves. Emperor tells Wu You that he won’t force him if he doesn’t like the princess of Xiqi, and thinks it’s a good marriage that Wu You and Ya Li.

But Wu You thinks Emperor just sees in the power of Sun family. Emperor heard that Wu You broke into jail for a daughter of merchant. Wu You thinks Emperor knows why he rejected the princess of Xiqi. Emperor closes the door, and we see the map. Emperor thinks Wu You knows the situation of nation, since he hangs the map in the study.

He says that hundreds of thousands of young boys were buried in the place because Crown Prince was defeated. Emperor decided to unite Daqi to be against Wei State. But Wu You points out the fault wasn’t Crown Prince, and mentions wasting manpower and money for war many years. He thinks Beilin won’t get benefits even if he gets married with the princess of Xiqi.

Emperor offers to attack Wei State in person, and thinks the great undertaking can be expected soon. But Wu You says that the war will only harm Beilin, and offers to rehabilitate. Emperor tells Wu You to shut up, and thinks he only remembers the fallacy of the traitor Qin Yong. He tells him that Qin Yong murdered his mother.

But Wu You claims his master isn’t traitor, and tells Emperor not to mention Consort Yun when he doesn’t dare to mention his master. He tells Emperor that Qin Yun’s political reform make Beilin get strong. Emperor thinks Wu You doesn’t give up, but Wu You tells Emperor not to intervene what he thinks and what he believes.

Emperor tells Wu You that if he finds the legend book “Mountain and River” in half a year, he will allow the political reform. But Wu You thinks even if he finds the book, Emperor won’t return justice to Qin Yong and Consort Yun. Emperor is furious to leave. Rong Le feels sorry for making Zhao Yun sick, but Zhao Yun says that she was recovery after a sleeping.

Zhao Yun says that she remembers Rong Le saved her. Ya Li shows up and invites Rong Le to be trip with Wu You and Wu Yu. Zhao Yun thinks it’s a good idea, and reveals Wu You is a big hero. Rong Le wonders why Zhao Yun is close to Wu You since he is very cold. Zhao Yun reveals Wu You wasn’t such before, and tells Rong Le not to get cheated by Wu Yu.

Zhao Yun says that Wu Yu has many female friends. The maid tells Rong Le that there is a special guest visiting Longyue Tower, and invites Rong Le to attend. Rong Le asks Lian Xin to tell Long Yue that she will visit when she is healthy. Zhao Yun mentions Long Yue collects many good stuff, and asks Rong Le to take her to see it.

Rong Le coughs, and Leng Yue mentions the doctor told Rong Le to rest more. So Ya Li and Zhao Yun leave. Rong Le thinks she cannot avoid it since Long Yue invited her. Wu Yu asks Man Yao to boil tea for him, but she thinks he came to find her fault and mentions he concealed the wine in the bamboo tube.

He tells her that he cannot live without wine, and asks Man Yao to accompany him drinking. But she says that she cannot drink, and worries to lose manners. Chen Yu tells Long Yue that Wu Yu didn’t release Man Yao, and Long Yue doesn’t what Wu Yu intends. She remembers Wu Yu wanted to drink the tea Man Yao boiled when pointing at her with the sword.

Wu Yu pours the wine into the tea pot when asking Man Yao where she stayed, and she explains that she walked her father without definite residence. He asks her to tell him the places she visited, and Man Yao is drunk and tells him she was in a tea room. When Yao Yao trips, Wu You hugs her. Wu Yu explains he stole the wine from Wu You’s house and used on Man Yao.

Wu You hugs Man Yao stepping out, and Wu Yu follows him. Chen Yu pretends to be dizzy, and makes Wu Yu hug her. Man Yao wakes up on the boat, and Wu You asks her to drink the sobering soup. She drinks it and intends to leave. But she trips, and Wu You hugs her. They have an eye contact, and steps back. He tells her that he will send people escorting her to Longyue Tower, and takes her hand.

Man Yao asks Yu You why he wants to keep her, and he asks her why he went to jail to save her. She thinks he knew that she was wronged, but he thinks she is a liar. She tries to let his hand go, and claims the Longyue Tower needs her. He offers to compensate her business, and she offers 100 silver per day. He thinks she looks down on him since she pretends to be a gold digger.

Wu You tells Man Yao to leave if she insists on it, and she asks the ferryman to the shore. But Wu You tells her that the ferryman’s ears aren’t well, and asks her to enjoy the scenery with him. Man Yao asks Wu You how he keeps her, and he plays jade pot. Lian Xin walks Leng Yue at the street in the evening, and wants to go back. Leng Yue asks Lian Xin if she thought it over since princess left. Xiao Sha follows them, but the girls part.

Wu You and Man Yao spot the bodyguards salvaging bodies, and Wu You asks the officer what the matter. The officer shares that there was a shipwreck. Wu You recognizes the officer Ma Shi from the body, and asks for two horses. But the officer only has one horse. Man Yao feels sad since the dead is a boy, and asks Wu You if it was an accident.

He says that there aren’t many accidents in the world, and tells her to arrive at the gate before it’s closed. She asks him if someone will dispense justice for the dead, but he says that there isn’t any justice in the troubled times. He thinks she is only interested in money, but she thinks he has moved by the tragedy. She sighs that she will become the victim one day. He takes her to ride the horse, and thinks nobody can bully her when he is there.

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