Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 7, Wu Yu is surprised to see Zhao Yu. She holds his hands and asks him if he ate and slept well. But he brags that they won’t bully him before his sin is decided. She pinches his ear and mentions she told him to take action before thinking twice.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 7.

Wu You runs into Crown Prince’s carriage, and the bodyguard tells Wu You to get out of the way. Wu You tells Man You to grab him, and drives to Crown Prince’s carriage. The carriage turns over, and Crown Prince climbs out, thinking Wu You is insane.

Wu You and Man Yao arrive at his house, and he suggests her to dry her wet clothes. The next day, Leng Yan takes Man Yao to see Wu You, and she asks for leave. But Wu You reminds her that Crown Prince spotted her when he hit Crown Prince’s carriage.

He tells her to step out, and guesses there will be many spies who want to arrest her. But she thinks she didn’t hit Crown Prince’s carriage. Wu You reminds Man Yao that Crown Prince isn’t a rational person, but she says that Longyue Tower needs her.

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But he points out Longyue Tower ran well before she appeared. She worries that Crown Prince troubles Longyue Tower. So he asks the bodyguards to protect the tower. She wants to leave with the bodyguards, but he says that he doesn’t allow her to leave.

Wu You remembers Wu Yu told him to be against Man Yao until she obeyed him. Man Yao thinks Wu You doesn’t like women, but he points out that she did on him at the Longyue Tower. She explains that she didn’t intend to do it, and asks him to speak out what he suspects.

Wu You says that he has the feelings even if she didn’t intend to do it. Leng Yan wants to report something to Wu You, but he leaves when spotting Wu You and Man Yao. Man Yao tells Wu You to deal with the business first, but he says that there isn’t any business more important than her.

He takes her to the new room, and asks her if she likes it. She says yes, and he offers to give it to her. She is panic to trip into the water, and he hugs her. Zhao Yun runs in, and Leng Yan tells her that Wu You has a business.

But she says that she doesn’t see any business, and thanks Wu You for helping her reject the marriage to Qing He. Zhao Yun thinks Wu You shouldn’t take Man Yao home since he has engagement with princess. Wu You tells Leng Yan to take Zhao Yun away.

Lian Xin tells Xiao Sha that princess didn’t return all night, and reveals she and Leng Yue slept in princess’s room without leaving last night. Man Yao asks Wu You to release her if she wins him in the chess, and thinks it’s inconvenience to live in his place.

Leng Yan steps in and tells Wu You that Wu Yu visited. Wu Yu points at the dead Lord Ma and asks Wu You to take the justice. But Wu You points out that there isn’t any clean person at the court. Wu Yu mentions Qin Yong thought Wu You could inherit his ambition, and intends to do it when he has evidence.

Wu You thinks the bird is angry with him, and shares that nobody is defense for Qin Yong at the court when his families are going to get killed. He asks Leng Yan to watch Wu Yu. Wu Yu breaks into Crown Prince’s room and takes out the evidence.

But Crown Prince asks his bodyguards to arrest Wu Yu, and hits his head with the vase. He robs the evidence, and wants to burn it. Wu Yu blames Crown Prince for destroying evidence, but Crown Prince tells the bodyguards to send Wu Yu to jail.

Man Yao thinks Wu You failed in the chess and tells him to release her. But he doesn’t remember that he promised her. She threatens not to play chess with him, and tells him not to disappoint his insisting. Wu You thinks Man Yao wants him to look into the case of selling official positions.

She points out that there’re many innocents will get involved if he doesn’t take the step. Leng Yan reports to Wu Yu that Wu Yu is in jail because of wronging Crown Prince. Wu You wants to look into the selling official positions, and wants Dali Temple to delay the trial to Wu Yu.

Lord Yu worries that it cannot convince people when Wu You and Wu Yu are close. Fu Chou offers to punish Wu You of he gets nothing. Wu You and Emperor agree. The official tells Wu Yu that someone visited him, but Wu Yu doesn’t want to see anyone.

Wu Yu is surprised to see Zhao Yu. She holds his hands and asks him if he ate and slept well. But he brags that they won’t bully him before his sin is decided. She pinches his ear and mentions she told him to take action before thinking twice.

Zhao Yun shares that Wu You appointed to solve the case in seven days for saving Wu Yu. But he thinks she only thinks of Wu You. Zhao Yun cries telling Wu Yu that she will beg Empress for him. Wu You asks Leng Yan about the people he asked him to look into.

Leng Yan says that he didn’t find him because the person is very sly, and offers to get more men to look for him. Wu You gives the fan to Leng Yan and tells him to let Wu Xianzi look for the person. Man Yao steps in and worries about Wu Yu.

But Wu You thinks Wu Yu is reckless and he should get the lesson. But she points out that he wouldn’t get the case if he tought so. She thinks there’re will be more sword and blade since he stepped in the court, and tells him to be careful.

Wu You thinks Man You is worrying about him, and asks her why she always thinks to leave. She shares that she has her own mission, so he asks her about her mission. She says that she wants to set up tea shop in all states, and he thinks her ambition is big.

But she thinks it cannot match the his ambition to care everyone in the world. But he thinks they’re not his business. Man Yao points out that Wu You set up a nameless memorial tablet in his room, and thinks he never forgets Qin Yong and Consort Yun.

Wu You thinks he underestimated Man Yao, and asks her if she took a look at the sparrow paper. She shares that she took a look as she worried that it would bring disaster to her. Wu You walks to Man Yao and thinks her eyes are sharp.

But she shares that she looks with his mind instead of eyes, so she will see the intent of someone else. He asks her if she saw his intent, and she thinks she can only see the truth he wants her to see. He thinks she wants to tell him that he will be in danger if he is close to her.

She shares that the person is lonely when nobody understands him. Xiao Sha spots Lian Xin moving princess’s box, and shares that he got princess’s message. Lian Xin is panic to leave, and Xiao Sha reminds her that she dropped her handkerchief.

The maids share that Wu You is talking with Leng Yan. Man Yao tells them to prepare some porridge when noting Xiao Sha arrived. Xiao Sha wants to take Man Yao away. But she wants to stay to get message, and asks Xiao Sha a favor.

They fly to the rooftop, and hear that the Mr. Li has the clue of Mountain and River. But Man Yao moves the tile by mistake, and Leng Yan asks his men to search the rooftop. Leng Yan tells Wu You that there isn’t any person outside, and Wu You stares at the rooftop.

Wu You brings sleeping incense to Man Yao when she doesn’t sleep. Xiao Sha reminds Rong Le that she is the princess of Daqi. She shares that she has her own idea of Mountain and River. Lord Yu blames Wen Jie for making Zhi Yuan flee. Wen Jie shares that he cannot find Zhi Yuan after sending many men, and thinks Wu You won’t find him as well.

Crown Prince is furious, and Lord Yu shares that Zhi Yuan knew many secrets of them. Lord Yu intends to kill Zhi Yuan before Wu You finds him, and thinks Crown Prince will get disaster. But Crown Prince points out that the one gets disaster is only Yu family. Lord Yu is scared.

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