Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 8, Man Yao takes off her mask and sucks the poisoned blood from Wu You’s hand. She tells him that she returned a life to him since he saved a life from her. Leng Yan arrives, and Man Yao leaves with Xiao Sha.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 8.

The bodyguard tells Wen Jie that Zhi Yuan left, and Wen Jie asks the kneed people where Zhi Yuan is. The man says that he knows nothing, and Wen Jie kills him with the chain. Leng Yan tells Wu You that Xiang Zi looked into that Zhi Yuan fears to die, and he won’t take his life. Man Yao spots the boxes and asks Wu You if he wants to move out. He explains that he is cleaning up the house when she intends to live for a long time.

Man Yao tells Wu You that she wants to leave, and is surprised that Fu Chou visited. Fu Chao reveals he met Man Yao in the Tonghua lane, but Wu You wonders why she went out in the evening. She shares that she was upset after being insulted by Crown Prince, and realizes that Wu You is interrogating her. Wu You wonders why Man Yao and Fu Chou knew each other since he just returned to court.

He introduces Fu Chou as a famous general, but Fu Chou points out that Wu You saved him with his idea. Wu You thanks Fu Chou for advice Emperor to look into the case if selling official post. But Fu Chou thinks he shouldn’t get Wu You involved to the danger of clearing up a case in 7 days, and gives him the clue. Wu You knows Zhi Yuan is in Lin village from the note, and asks Fu Chou where he got it. Fu Chou doesn’t intend to tell Wu You.

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Man Yao asks to ride Fu Chou’s carriage, and he agrees as he wants to drink tea of Longyue Tower. Fu Chou tells Man Yao in the carriage that he shouldn’t appear at the place that he met her. She says that she will keep the secret for him. Man Yao introduces Fu Chou as the young master who saved her to Long Yue, and Long Yue invites him to drink. But he says that he has a business and leaves.

Man Yao tells Long Yue to look into Fu Chou, and asks Xiao Sha to chase Wu You with her. Wen Jie takes his men to surround Zhi Yuan, and Zhi Yuan asks Wen Jie why he cannot forgive him. Wen Jie tells Zhi Yuan that only dead can make him feel relieved. Wu You arrives with his men, and Zhi Yuan catches the chance to flee. Man Yao wears the mask and points at Zhi Yuan with her sword.

He is ready to die, but she asks him about the “Mountain and River”. He claims that he knows nothing about the book, so Man Yao intends to stab him. Zhi Yuan has to reveal the book is in the secret room of Qin family. Wu You appears behind Man Yao and places his sword on her neck. He asks her who she is, but Zhi Yuan is shot by the assassin. Wu You is injured, so Man Yao takes him to rest at the rock.

But he passes out. She takes off her mask and sucks the poisoned blood from his hand. She tells him that she returned a life to him since he saved a life from her. Leng Yan arrives, and Man Yao leaves with Xiao Sha. Leng Yue and Lian Xi ask Rong Le if she is ok. Rong Le claims that she is a lucky person. The girls leave to get Rong Le the tea and bath. Rong Le writes a letter to Rong Qi that she got the clue of the book, and tells him that Wu You is a nice guy.

Rong Le gives the letter to Xiao Sha, but he reminds her not to trust Wu You. Wu You wakes up and asks Leng Yan about Zhi Yuan. Leng Yan says that Zhi Yuan died, and doesn’t expect the Wen Jie had plan B. He shares that someone sucked the poisoned blood from Wu You in time. Wu You asks Leng Yan if he saw the person. But Leng Yan says that Wu You was alone when he arrived.

Wu You thinks the guy’s goal is the book “Mountain and River”. Wen Jie tells Crown Prince that he got rid of Zhi Yuan, and Crown Prince praises Lord Yu for the double ambushes. Lord Yu thinks they should use Heaven Revenge Sect well in the future, but Crown Prince regrets that they didn’t kill Wu You. Rong Qi doesn’t expect that Rong Le appreciated Wu You so much. The spy tells Rong Qi that Rong Le was close to Wu You when she lived in his house.

But Rong Qi cares the spy’s another task. The spy reveals the doctor has a personal disciple. Queen visits Rong Qi and asks him why he asked the servant to block her. Rong Qi explains that Little Xun was just loyalty to him. She thinks he always fights with her for the cheap life of servant. He thinks the life will be taken away by deity, even if the life is expensive. Queen tells Rong Qi that the letter came from Beilin she has seen.

He asks her why she wants to force him like that. She reminds him that the time is tight, and tells him to do it in person. Rong Le notes that Leng Yue is in a trance while she is taking the bath. Leng Yue explains that she didn’t sleep well because Rong Le didn’t return, and asks Rong Le if Wu You bullied her in his house. Leng Yue finds out that Rong Le is blushing.

Rong Le shares that Wu You if a jerk, and he always touched her even if he claimed not to like girls. She asks Leng Yue about Lian Xin. Leng Yue thinks Lian Xin went to boil medicine, but Rong Le points out that it’s not the time to drink medicine. Lian Xin meets with the man outside, and gives a tube to him. But Xiao Sha robs the tube. Xiao Sha takes Lian Xin to see Rong Le and shows the tube to her.

Rong Le asks Lian Xin to tell her what it is inside, and she will forgive her. Lian Xin tells Rong Le that it’s the private words to his love, and doesn’t want to tarnish Rong Le’s eyes. But Xiao Sha takes out the letter from the tube, and wet the letter. The letter shows some red words, and Lian Xin asks Leng Yue to help her. Leng Yue is surprised that Lian Xin sent message to stranger, and is disappointed.

Lian Xin climbs to Rong Le, and asks her to forgive her. Leng Yue apologizes to Rong Le for helping Lian Xin to meet with her love. Xiao Sha reveals Rong Le found out the trap lock was changed and replaced the real letter with fake one. Lian Xin claims that she never knows about the trap lock, and asks Rong Le to believe her. Xiao Sha throws the bag with iron needle on the floor. Lian Xin explains that her lover is a doctor, and she wanted to learn it.

But Xiao Sha tells Rong Le that the man told him he was a merchant, and shares that Zhao Yun passed out because she was hit in the point. Rong Le tells Lian Xin to wet her fingers, and Lian Xin is startled that there’re some blue marks on her fingers. Lian Xin explains that she didn’t touch the box and asks Rong Le to believe her. Rong Le asks Lian Xin if she loves the man or not. Lian Xin claims that she will give everything she has to him.

Rong Le tells Xiao Sha to sent Lian Xin and the man away. Leng Yan checks Zhi Yuan’s body but gets nothing. Wu You takes out the hairpin from Zhi Yuan, and finds a pawn ticket inside. He asks Leng Yan to look into it. The servant gives the invitation card to Wu You and reveals Lord Yu’s birthday party is three days later. Wu You thinks Lord Yu wants to show off his win after he killed Zhi Yuan.

Long Yue tells Man Yao that Fu Chou gets along with all people well, but Man Yao thinks he is very horrible. Man Yao wants to look into Lord Yu’s house, but the place is tight security. Chen Yu shares that Lord Yu invited her to perform, but she hesitates to go as they had a fight in the jail. Man Yao thinks they should thank Lord Yu for his kindness. Chen Yu pretends to be stomachache and asks the maid to take her to the restroom.

Man Yao catches the chance to look into the house. Chen Yu returns and spots the man saying something to Wen Jie, and Wen Jie leaves. Man Yao turns on the button, and the secret room opens. She gets in the room, but she is locked up. Wen Jie shows up and asks Man Yao if she intends to find something in his house. She tells him that she wants to find the path to go out.

He asks her why she always avoids him. She thinks Yu family wants to rebel since they got many jewelry. He tells her that nobody can save her, and the man reports to Wen Jie that the banquet will begin. Wen Jie tells the man to watch Man Yao, and he leaves.

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