Princess Silver: Episode 22 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 22. Rong Le tells Fu Chou that their marriage is a trick, and thinks he won’t use her just one time. She asks him why he wants to cheat himself to bother her. She tells him to get out, and wants to stay alone herself.

Princess Silver: Episode 22 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 22.

Rong Le passes out. Fu Chou hugs her and tells her not to startle him. The doctor sees Rong Le. Fu Chou asks the doctor about her illness. The doctor thinks the illness comes from Rong Le’s heart. Fu Chou takes care of Rong Le. Leng Yue wonders when the princess is going to wake up.

Zhao Yun puts her head on Wu Yu’s shoulder, and she says that she never saw the anxious looks of Wu You when he saved Rong Le. She thinks Wu You only cares the princess sister. She wonders why he fell for Ms. Sun in Blue state. She thinks Wu You and Rong Le have some misunderstanding, and reveals Rong Le was shocked when she heard that Wu You is going to come back.

Zhao Yun thinks Rong Le still has feelings to Wu You. She regrets that the two love each other but they cannot stay together. Wu Yu holds Zhao Yun’s hand and tells her not to take the path of Rong Le and Wu You. He offers to get together forever. She promises it and puts her head on his shoulder again.

Leng Yue cooks the medicine and she is in tears. She pours the medicine into the bowl, and sees the medicine her boyfriend left. Fu Chou feeds Rong Le the medicine, and Leng Yue wants to feeds Rong Le as he hasn’t slept for two days.

Fu Chou asks Rong Le if he is punished by her or heaven. He says that he doesn’t care it if she hates him after she wakes up. She wakes up from her dream, and Leng Yue reminds Fu Chou about it. Rong Le takes away her hand from Fu Chou, and she doesn’t allow him to touch her.

Rong Le asks Leng Yue what happened. Leng Yue tells her princess that she has passed out for three days. She told her that Fu Chou kept taking care of her. Fu Chou tells Leng Yue to take care of Rong Le. He leaves. The maid tells Rong Le that Fu Chou hasn’t eaten.

Chen Yu visits Rong Le and tells her that she heard that she had passed out for three days. Rong Le says that she is fine, and she tells Leng Yue to get out. Chen Yu asks Rong Le if she had a fight with Fu Chou. Rong Le says that she thought the general house is her family, and thinks she was too naive.

Rong Le thinks there isn’t any place she can stay, and she doesn’t know where her family is. Chen Yu thinks Rong Le has a family but she forgets where the family is.

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