Princess Silver: Episode 21 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 21. Emperor tells Fu Chou not to be disappointed with him. The servant reports that Wu Yu comes back. Wu Yu runs to Emperor and tells him that he wanted to get back to his side.

Princess Silver: Episode 21 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 21.

Emperor thinks Wu Yu looks like a kid, and thinks he should learn the good things from Wu You. Wu Yu thinks Emperor only likes Wu You, and says that Wu You is better than Fu Chou. Emperor asks about Wu You, and Wu Yu tells Emperor that Wu You went to deal with some important things.

Fu Chou intends to leave. Wu Yu stops Fu Chou and wants to learn something from him. But Emperor tells Fu Chou to leave. Rong Le is fishing, and Zhao Yun tells her not to lose. Rong Le smiles and she remembers Zhao Yun didn’t say that she likes fishing. She asks her why she wanted to go fishing.

Zhao Yun says that it’s because Wu Yu and Wu You are going to come back from South State. She complains that Wu Yu doesn’t believe that she is going to make fish for him. He mocked her that she cannot go fishing. She notes that the fish ran away, and asks Rong Le if she didn’t know Wu You would come back. She asks her if Fu Chou told her about it.

Zhao Yun tells Rong Le that Rong Le won the battle, and he came back for getting the prize. She tells her that Wu You still love her. The killers show up from the water and they attack Zhao Yun and Rong Le. The man takes the girls to run away.

Leng Yue trips and tells Rong Le to flee. But Rong Le doesn’t want to give up Leng Yue. The man offers to get a place to hide. Zhao Yun asks the man why there were so many people who wanted to kill him. He comforts her that they won’t hurt them. Rong Le thinks they have to help each other.

Zhao Yun tells Leng Yue not to fear, and promises to protect her. But Rong Le points out that Zhao Yu doesn’t own martial arts. Zhao Yun tells Rong Le not to worry about her, and says that she learned some martial arts from Wu You and Wu Yu.

The man thinks he doesn’t have any regret to die since he can fight with the girls. Zhao Yun says that she doesn’t want to die as she doesn’t get married. The killers show up to attack them. They have to fight it back. Xiang Ying arrives and gets archers to shoot the killers.

Le Yue learns that Fu Chou came to save them. Zhao Yun thinks they would die there if Fu Chou didn’t come. The killer takes his sword to attack the man. Rong Le blocks it. You You shows up and grabs the sword so that it won’t hurt her. She is surprised.

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