Princess Silver: Episode 25 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 25. Emperor tells Zhao Yun that he will give the title “Princess” to her, and she will marry to Chen Kingdom two days later. She asks him to forgive Wu Yu, and wants to take all of the sins. He thinks Wu Yu should get punished as he ignored the national law.

Princess Silver: Episode 25 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 25.

Emperor says that he will only punish Wu Yu for 50 rods because he’s injured. He tells Zhao Yun that he will release Wu Yu when she leaves Bei Lin. She thanks him and asks him a favor.

Zhao Yun visits Wu Yu in the prison. He tells her to go to see Wu You and let him take her away. He asks her to wait him outside. She smiles and gets him to have a seat. She tells him that she won’t wait for him this time because she will marry Ning Qianyi.

Wu Yu thinks Emperor forced Zhao Yun to do that, and swears to kill Ning Qianyi. But she says that she wanted to do that herself. He doesn’t believe what she said, and mentions they promised to travel the world together. He asks her what happened. She says that Ning Qianyi can let her rely on, and Wu Yu and Wu You couldn’t do anything when she was going to get married.

Zhao Yun says that Wu Yu promised to take her to leave, but the truth is he fell in front of her. She thinks he cannot protect her. She adds that staying with him will only make her worry about it. He realizes that he’s weak in her mind. She tells him that it’s her true feelings.

Zhao Yu claims that she wants to give herself to the future emperor of Chen Kingdom. She thinks she will be the princess and owns supreme power. She adds that she won’t get bullied anymore. He asks her if Ning Qianyi can pay his everything to her. She tells him to take care of himself, and walks away.

Zhao Yu is in tears while walking. She thinks there will be a girl who can soothe his pain for her as long as he’s alive. She says that leaving him is the bravest thing she did all her life. She wishes him not to miss her.

The follower reports to Fu Chou that Rong Le hasn’t left Qingmi palace. Another follower tells Fu Chou that Crown Prince wants to see him. Fu Chou asks the follower to prepare the horse, and wants to go to East Palace. But the follower tells Fu Chou that Crown Prince asked him to go to Xianghun Tower.

Fu Chou walks in the room when Crown Prince blinds his eyes and tries to catch the beauty. Crown Prince trips after Fu Chou avoids his catching. Crown Prince is furious to ask who made him trip. But he sees Fu Chou. Fu Chou apologizes to Crown Prince and thinks he was impoliteness.

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