Princess Silver: Episode 26 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 26. Zhao Yun walks out of the palace while wearing the wedding dress. Ning Qianyi holds her hand, and tells her that he will keep holding her hand. He tells her to leave with him. She smiles and asks if Rong Le returned home. He comforts her that he sent his man to escort her.

Princess Silver: Episode 26 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 26.

Ning Qianyi reveals Rong Le left the job to protect Zhao Yun to him. He takes her to get in the carriage, but finds out that she dropped one tear. He holds her hand and swears not to make her shed any tear. He adds that it’s happiness tear even if there’s a tear. He puts her head on his shoulder.

Wu Yu writes down Zhao Yun’s name on the table, and remembers what she said to treat each other as strangers if the couple cannot stay together. He thought they should stay together all their lives. He tears up and makes a grass ring.

Wu Yu wishes Zhao Yun to live better than what they stayed together. Wu You goes to prison to pick up Wu Yu. Leng Yue runs into Xiao Sha and wants to return his medicine to him. But he tells her to keep it. She mentions he always goes out of the palace, and tells him not to betray princess.

Leng Yue reminds Xiao Sha that Princess only has them after Zhao Yun left. He tells her that he will protect them, and walks away. She sees him spiting blood.

Leng Xue follows Xiao Sha to Xianghun Tower. But she’s stopped by the Madam. Madam thinks Leng Xue shouldn’t visit the place as she’s a little girl. Leng Xue gives some money to Madam and asks her if Xiao Sha visits there frequently.

Madam tells Leng Yue not to bring troubles to her store, and thinks Leng Yue shouldn’t stop Xiao Sha enjoying women there even if he has a pretty wife like her. She tells her that Xiao Sha is the regular of her store, and reveals he had a fight with someone for a girl.

Leng Yue asks Madam if Xiao Sha was fine. Madam reveals Xiao Sha was tough but he offended the younger brother of Crown Princess. She tells her to persuade Xiao Sha to apologize as she thinks she will be in trouble. She drives her out.

Leng Yue reports it to Rong Le, thinks Xiao Sha is obsessed by the woman in the Xianghun Tower. But Rong Le points out that Xiao Sha wouldn’t do that, and wants to visit Xianghun Tower with Leng Yue. Leng Yue rejects it as Rong Le is sick. So Rong Le asks Chen Yu to go to the place with Leng Yue.

The girl walks to Chen Yu and welcomes her. Chen Yu tells the girl that she will visit her later. Leng Yue worries that they will be discovered. Chen Yu tells Leng Yue not to lower her head.

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