Princess Silver: Episode 24 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Princess Silver: Episode 24. Empress arrives at the palace and asks North King Ning Qianyi to tell people what the treasure is. Wu Yu asks Zhao Yun if she found the treasure. But she tells him to think about how to apologize to her.

Princess Silver: Episode 24 Recap

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver: Episode 24.

Ning Qianyi walks to Zhao Yun and thinks she found his treasure. She gives the wood box to him. He opens the wood box and wants to give her the horsewhip which represents the highest power of Chen Kingdom. He asks her for being his princess. Empress tells Zhao Yun that Ning Qianyi wanted to select his wife with new method.

Empress reveals Ning Qianyi talked with him that the person would be his princess if she found his horsewhip. Wu Yu thinks Ning Qianyi intends to hurt Zhao Yun, and wants to give him a lesson. Wu You stops Wu Yu and tells him not to be impulse. He tells him to visit Emperor first, and takes him away.

Emperor thinks he planned perfectly, and wants to attack Wei Kingdom successfully. The prince mentions Xi Qi promised to lend foods and path to them when their army moves. But Xi Qi didn’t send the foods to them and blocked the path. He adds that they have to choose another path since the path is blocked.

The prince worries that Wei Kingdom will prepared it once he gets the message. Emperor thinks the distance isn’t a problem and Chen Kingdom will give them the best horses if they unite them. He adds that they will get tons of horses after the marriage is done.

Wu Yu breaks into the palace and pushes the servant over. He tells Emperor that he doesn’t agree to the marriage. Emperor points out that the marriage of two kingdoms shouldn’t get Wu Yu agreement. Wu Yu gets on knees and tells Emperor that he likes Zhao Yun and wants to marry her. He tells him not to marry her off.

Emperor asks Wu You what happened. Wu You reveals Ning Qianyi asked Zhao Yun to marry him in front of people. He thinks attacking Wei Kingdom doesn’t have to need the support of Chen Kingdom. He adds that he doesn’t agree to unite with the method of marriage.

Emperor points out that he promised Ning Qianyi to let him choose. He thinks he cannot break his promise since Ning Qianyi chose Zhao Yun. Wu Yu asks Prince to persuade his father. Prince comforts Emperor that Ning Qianyi won’t force to marry Zhao Yu if he tells him that he married Zhao Yun to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu asks Emperor to tell Ning Qianyi that Zhao Yun belongs to him. The servant reports to Emperor that the envoy of North King wants to see him. Emperor lets Envoy in. Envoy tells Emperor that Chen Kingdom will give him extra 100 horses if he marries Zhao Yun to Ning Qianyi. Wu Yu yells at Envoy if there isn’t any woman in Chen Kingdom.

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