Goodbye My Princess: Episode 31 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 31. Pei Zhao escorts Xiao Feng home and he intends to leave. But the door opens. The chief maid is on knees and says that she has capital crime. Crown Prince sits on his throne and glares at Xiao Feng.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 31 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 31.

Crown Prince tells Xiao Feng that he’s waited for her over two hours, and asks her where she went. He asks Yong Niang and other maids to get out. Yong Niang obeys him. Xiao Feng tells Crown Prince not to stare at her, and explains that Pei Zhao got changed for her after she fell into the water.

Crown Prince complains that Xiao Feng startles chickens and dogs each time when she goes out of the palace. He adds that Pei Zhao cannot stick to her because he has duty to protect the whole East Palace. She talks back that he got Pei Zhao to follow her, and thinks he shouldn’t scold her. He points out that he wouldn’t let him follow her if she didn’t go out without telling him.

Xiao Feng asks Crown Prince if he came to Chengen palace to have a fight with her. He denies and thinks he should explain the wolf teeth to her. He adds that the wolf teeth was picked up by him when he returned from the road of West State. He says that it was dropped outside of his tent, and he took it back as he didn’t know who it belonged to.

Crown Prince tells Xiao Feng that he gave the wolf teeth to Se Se because she liked it. He promises to take a chance to take it back and return it to her. She thinks he should return it to her early when he leaves.

Ming Yue visits Crown Prince and tells him that she wants to pull down Gao family and rehabilitate the Gu family and Chen family. She reveals she saw Emperor two times and he trusted her. She thinks the rehabilitating can be achieved if Emperor helps her.

Crown Prince asks Ming Yue if Emperor knew her identity. She shakes her head. Gu Jian is against it and thinks Gao Yuming won’t forgive her if she gets involved. But Ming Yue wants to take revenge as Gao Yuming killed her mom and her clan. Crown Prince thinks Ming Yue will continue the plan even if he refuses her.

Ming Yue admits it. Gu Jian tells her that he cannot explain it to his adoptive father if she gets hurt. She says that she will explain it herself. Crown Prince praises Ming Yu, but she reminds her that Gao Yuming is very sly. He says that he cannot sleep if she gets hurt.

Ming Yue reminds Crown Prince that the people will get hurt if they let Gao Yuming owns the power. She thinks sacrificing herself is enough if the sacrifice is needed. He toasts her with the tea.

Crown Prince tells Gu Jian that he knows that he wonders why he promised Ming Yue. He adds that he knows he thinks he’s very selfish.

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