Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 21 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 21. Situ Mo finds out that the person takes flowers is A Ke, and he asks her about Lu Lu. She says that Lu Lu went to make up, and he tells her to get Lu Lu to open the door.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Recap

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 21.

Situ Mo walks away and sees Lu Lu hugging A Ke after she received the flowers. Wei Yi is taken group photos with Yu Yin, Zhou Lei and Mr. Jiang.

Situ Mo laughs at Pang Zi because is single and wants to be the monk with the name “One Light”. Niu Niu walks to him, and the two are taken a photo.

Zhou Lei does selfie with Wei Yi, and Yu Ying bought them the flowers. Zhou Lei shows the selfie he just took to Yu Yin, and she reties the tie for Wei Yi.

Wei Yi stops Yu Yin when Situ Mo shows up. Mr. Jiang asks Situ Mo to take a photo for them, and Zhou Lei gives the camera to Situ Mo.

Zhou Lei notes that Yu Yin is distance with Wei Yi, and gets her to be close to him. Situ Mo takes the photos, and Zhou Lei wants to take group photo with Situ Mo. But Wei Yi stands between the two.

Situ Mo is furious to leave, and Wei Yi chases her. Zhou Lei runs to give Wei Yi the flowers Yu Yin gave him.

Fu Pei sees Wei Yi taking flowers, and Lu Lu tells Wei Yi to give the flowers to Situ Mo. Situ Mo glares at Wei Yi, but he still gives the flowers to her. She is furious to leave, and Lu Lu thinks Situ Mo got angry because the flower isn’t rose. Wei Yi chases Situ Mo.

Wang Shan takes Situ Mo and Wei Yi to the library, and persuades her to take the group photo. Wei Yi keeps imitating Situ Mo’s postures, and Fu Pei tells Wang Shan to take the photo for him as he is going to vomit.

Situ Mo is furious to leave, and Wei Yi follows her. The two arrive at the court, and she tells him not to follow her. He claims that he came to play football, and she tells him to kick her. She mentions he let Yu Yin tie the tie for him.

Wei Yi explains that Yu Yin did sneak attack and he is innocent. But Situ Mo thinks he enjoyed it. He thinks she talks nonsense, and she tells him not to follow her. She doesn’t want to return to the broken family, so he puts her on the goal.

Wei Yi asks Situ Mo how to make her not angry, and she tells him to think about it. She thinks he is experienced in flirting. He agrees and puts her down.


A little feeling, A little strong.

Make the ordinary life different, Like surrounded by the warmth.

The story was shaking the destiny, Take up the courage to make a promise.

I want to go further with you, It’s all I miss.

Shoulder to shoulder with the touching moment, I want to go further with you.

Despite the changing of world, Still holding each others hand.

Let the time of a love song, Witness our love forever.


Situ Mo walks Wei Yi, and she says that she is hungry but they don’t have money to eat. She wants to visit Fu Pei as he promised to buy them a meal. But he rejects it and she thinks he is still jealous of Fu Pei. He says that Yu Yin is going to buy them a meal.

Situ Mo is furious to walk away, but Wei Yi holds her hand. She tells him to go to hold Yu Yin’s hand. He laughs and wants to cook porridge for her. She points out that he cannot cook, and he tells her to teach him.

Wei Yi wants to leave after seeing the porridge, but Situ Mo stops him. He mentions they have eaten the same porridge for 3 days. But she points out that it is the last meal, no more in the future.

Situ Mo goes to wash the bowls but finds out that there isn’t any water comes out from the hose. He explains that he forgot to pay the water bill and Professor Jiang just promised him the project fee. He wants to pay the bill once he gets the money.

Situ Mo wants to pay the bill first, and tells Wei Yi to pay her back when he gets the money. But he is against it.

Situ Mo drinks the tea and feels hot. So she looks for the remote control of the air conditioner. But Wei Yi stops her and reveals he didn’t pay the electricity bill. He takes her to outside, and the two play table tennis.

Situ Mo thinks Wei Yi is going to criticize the table tennis again, but he says that he was in was in bad status last time. She says that she thought it’s a problem with the coefficient of the racket. She tells him not to regret if he loses.

Wei Yi tells Situ Mo to serve first, and she brags that she is the Zhang Yining of South University. But she loses and asks him what he made it. He reveals he mastered the arc of the ball. She says that she is hungry, and he offers to eat at home. But she points out that there isn’t any water and electricity.

Just then Wei Yi gets money, and Situ Mo offers to eat something good. But they actually bought some instant noodles home. She complains that they didn’t buy bag instant noodles, and he thinks it’s not environmental protection. She asks him why he doesn’t think about environmental protection when he doesn’t want to wash bowls.

Wei Yi offers to buy a dishwasher as his scholarship will come soon. But she is against it. He tells her that they can live longer than normal people with the foods even if zombies come. He thinks they have the ability to accept a dishwasher. But she tells him to make a choice between dishwasher and Yuan Yuan.

Situ Mo and Wang Shan are packing their stuff in the dormitory. Wang Shan says that she applied for a delay in leaving campus and she will stay in the postgraduate dorm for temporary and send the luggage directly to the University of North. Situ Mo learns that Wang Shan won’t go home. Wang Shan reveals Fu Pei doesn’t allow it.

Situ Mo thinks Fu Pei will cry if Wang Shan goes to the university. But Wan Shan reveals Fu Pei wants to start a company, and thinks he has a entrepreneurial mind. Situ Mo thinks Wang Shan has been blinded by love and they will be in a long-distance love. She thinks it seems like falling into the air every day and she cannot stand it. Wang Shan thinks Situ Mo doesn’t have to worry about that as they see each other every day.

Situ Mo finds the admission letter, and reveals when she first got this, she couldn’t fall asleep all night. Wang Shan agrees to it, “When Lulu first arrived, she couldn’t even hang a mosquito net and even washed the apple with laundry liquid and you ate the apple.” She thinks they can’t be too sensational at this moment. Situ Mo denies and shows the cashes, “I made the money when I worked as a tutor for the first time and I hid it to avoid spending until I forgot it.” She thinks that she is rich.

Wei Yi calls Situ Mo and says that he is done with the test and the packing. But she wants to have a meal with Lu Lu and Niu Niu. So he decides to go to the lab first. She asks Wang Shan when Lu Lu and Niu Niu will come back. But Wang Shan says, “Lu Lu went for a movie with Ke. Hu Niu went out for the personnel files.” Situ Mo complains why it’s so hard for me to have a meal at the canteen. Wang Shan adds that she has something to do later.

Zhou Lei tells Wei Yi that he won’t live at lab from today, and Jian Shi learns that Zhou Lei lives in the lab. She asks him if Mr. Jiang knows it, and he says, “He’ll surely stop me if he knows it. Because I used to bring the cat to the lab.” Jian Shi claims, “The lab has its rules and I have to report this to the university.”

Zhou Lei tells Wei Yi that Jian Shi wants to report that he lives in the lab. Jian Shi mentions the cat. Wei Yi says that he used to take care of the cat too. But Jian Shi thinks Wei Yi is forced by Zhou Lei. Zhou Lei thinks Jian Shi is biased against me and it’s not that serious. But she says, “It may affect your eligibility to go abroad.”

Wei Yi tells Jian Shi to leave it to Mr. Jiang, and Mr. Jiang and Yu Yin show up. Mr. Jiang wants to deal with it, but Jian Shi intends to report it to the university. Yu Yin takes away Jian Shi.

Jian Shi admits that she has been emotional lately, and reveals she went on a blind date with a parvenu family and he smashed thing when the girlfriend came in. She adds that the man’s name is Fu Pei, and thinks he is rude and cocky. Wei Yi glares at Jian Shi and walks through her.

Wang Shan runs into Fu Pei’s father and asks him why he dislikes her when he doesn’t know her. He thinks she likes Fu Pei’s money, and threatens not to give Fu Pei money. She thinks he doesn’t understand Fu Pei, and reveals Fu Pei is going to start his own company. She adds that Fu Pei started his business with the money he saved from the winning basketball games.

Wang Shan tells Fu Pei’s father that his son wishes for the recognition of him. She wishes the two can and sit down and chat with an open-heart. Fu Pei shows up and Dad tells him to get the business license first. Fu Pei says that he did it.

Fu Pei asks Wang Shan if Dad gave her a hard time, but she thinks Dad is quite easy going. He asks her if he gave her the money, but she denies.

Situ Mo takes the book to sell, and Aunt asks her what kind of man she likes. Situ Mo says scientist. Aunt reveals her husband has two students and they’re handsome. But Situ Mo says that she has a boyfriend. Aunt tells Situ Mo not to get a scientist as her boyfriend, and reveals they always bring machines home.

Situ Mo runs into Yu Yin and Jian Shi. Yu Yin tells Jian Shi that Situ Mo is Wei Yi’s girlfriend. But Jian Shi thinks Wei Yi and Situ Mo don’t have a common topic.

Jian Shi runs into Wei Yi in the library and tells him that Situ Mo is looking for him. She tells him to get a girlfriend from the physics department. But he says that it’s not her business. He tells her that Zhou Lei is courteous than her, and asks her not to bully Zhou Lei.

Situ Mo walks Wei Yi and notes that he is in a good mood. He reveals that he punished evil. She offers to spend the cash, and the two go to the mall. He complains that shopping is more tiring than doing experiments, but she thinks he is lack of exercises. He claims that he is doing mental exercise every day. The woman tells the two to make their own ceramics.

Wei Yi and Situ Mo clean up the room, and they have an eye contact when they lie in the bed.

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