The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 13 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 13. Li Qian carries Ming Yue to the bed and takes off shoes for her. She thinks he let her act with him because he feared that Er Bi knows that they’re fake husband and wife.

The Love by Hypnotic Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Qian remembers Sikong Zhen told him to care for Ming Yue and makes her know that she isn’t a chess piece. He sleeps with her and feels sorry for making her trip. He cares for the wound on her shoulder, and grabs her hand.

Ming Yue asks Li Qian what he is doing, and he thinks she will feel good in such way. But she says that it doesn’t hurt. So he asks her why she cannot sleep. She says that she is upset, and Li Qian remembers Ming Yue kissed him.

Li Qian asks Ming Yue if it’s because of the things she made to him. Ming Yue remembers she vomited to Li Qian, and yells that it’s a little thing. But he thinks it’s not a little thing. She yells what she did on him, so he takes her neck and kisses her.

Li Qian says that it’s balanced. Ming Yue is confused. She wonders what happened that night and why she didn’t push him over. She doesn’t know what she is expecting. She thinks it’s caused by hypnotism, and she cannot fall when he doesn’t treat it seriously.

Ming Yue tells Ta Li that Yun Si’s action is weird, and she doesn’t know what Li Qian thinks about. Ta Li says that she mentioned last time that Li Qian was in jealousy. Ming Yue thinks Li Qian’s mind narrow if he is jealous of Yun Si because he is her brother.

Ming Yue thinks Li Qian treats her as his wife and jealousy is impossible. Yun Si asks Ming Yue to ride horse with him, and Ming Yue says that she hasn’t ridden for a long time. Ta Li wants to inform Li Qian, and Yun Si thinks Li Qian will stop or go with them. So Ming Yue leaves with Yun Si.

Li Qian stops Ming Yue and Yun Si, and says that Emperor asked Ming Yue to visit him with Li Qian. Li Qian takes Ming Yue away. Yun Si thinks Ming Yue treats him as good brother because she intends to avoid him.

Yun Si asks Er Bi what he threatened Ming Yue to agree to get married, and mentions she avoided him. Er Bi says that Ming Yue wanted to get married and she only has Li Qian in her mind. He warns him not to think of Ming Yue, and asks if he wants to ruin her happiness.

Emperor thinks he never sees Li Qian taking Ming Yue to visit them at the time, and Li Qian says that Ming Yue wanted to see Emperor and Empress. He asks them if they disturbed their eating, and Empress tells them to accompany them to eat. Emperor asks Ming Yue and Li Qian to drink together.

But Ming Yue pushes Li Qian over. Emperor asks what’s the matter with Ming Yue. Li Qian explains that Ming Yue caught a cold because of wearing less. He hugs her and tells her that he really fears that she catches a cold. Empress tells Ming Yue to drink some warm soup, and Li Qian feeds Ming Yue.

Empress wonders why Ming Yue doesn’t have a baby since she married Li Qian for some days. Emperor tells Li Qian to care for Ming Yue so that they will have a baby. Ming Yue says that there are some difficulties, and Emperor asks Li Qian if he has difficulties he cannot tell. Empress thinks Li Qian needs some external power, and Emperor tells Ming Yue and Li Qian to have a baby for him.

Li Qian says that he will try his best, and Empress gives him the pregnancy medicinal material.

Yun Si runs into Li Qian and Ming Yue, and he tells her that he appointed Er Bi to shoot. But Li Qian stops Ming Yue and reminds her that she needs to eat the pregnancy medicinal material. Yun Si mentions Ming Yue promised to take him to the restaurant he likes, but Li Qian stops it. Yun Si thinks Li Qian doesn’t want Ming Yue to gather with friends.

Li Qian explains that Sikong Zhen is sick, and Ming Yue needs to see him. She wonders why he says until now, and he threatens to tell Sikong Zhen that she doesn’t want to see him because of playing.

Ming Yue cannot drink the medicine, and thinks she cannot get pregnant with air. She intends to get Li Qian to drink. Li Qian walks to the bed, but Ming Yue doesn’t want to sleep with him. He tells her that she is his wife. She asks him why he didn’t agree her to gather with Yun Si, and claims she cannot sleep with him if he doesn’t speak it clearly.

Li Qian lies on her and asks her who she treats him as. She goes to sleep with Ta Li. Li Qian tells Que Yan to send Ming Yue’s cover to Ta Li’s room.

Li Qian sleeps, and he gets up to drink Ming Yue’s medicine.

Ming Yue asks Li Qian to take the cake and the soup, and the two decide to see Sikong Zhen. Yun Si shows up with the medicine, and he wants to see Sikong Zhen with the two. But Li Qian points out that Yun Si doesn’t know Sikong Zhen. Yun Si says that he needs to tell Sikong Zhen how to take the pill.

The three visit Sikong Zhen, and Ming Yue wonders why he doesn’t go to rest. Li Qian hints Sikong Zhen that he said he is in the bed. Sikong Zhen says that he has a headache. Ming Yue helps him sit, and Yun Si introduces himself as Ming Yue’s friend. Ming Yue gives the soup to Sikong Zhen, and he asks her if she cooked it in person. She promises to cook it in person for him next time, but Li Qian takes away the soup. He says that princess’s soup can only be eaten by him.

Yun Si gives the pill of Xi Yue to Sikong Zhen, and claims that he will give out his life if Ming Yue is happy. Jin Yu shows up and mentions he appointed Sikong Zhen to listen to the music at drunkenness red tower. Ming Yue thinks Li Qian delayed them to listen to the music. Yun Si thinks Li Qian fooled Ming Yue.

Li Qian admits that Sikong Zhen isn’t sick, and he doesn’t want Ming Yue to stay with someone else. Yun Si tells Ming Yue not to stand Li Qian, but Li Qian thinks it’s his family business. Sikong Zhen returns the pill to Yun Si. Ming Yue thinks Sikong Zhen is a cheater, and she goes to the kitchen to cook something for them.

Ming Yue cooks the cake and gets people out of the kitchen. Yun Si wipes the flour off her face, but she avoids him. He reminds her the first time she made the cake, but she only remembers she made the cake for Li Qian. But Yun Si points out that Ming Yue made cake first time was for his birthday. She thinks she forgot it.

Yun Si asks Ming Yue if she remembers Wind. She says that she delivered the horse in person, and Yun Si mentions she accompanied the mother horse. She thinks she told it to her, but he points out that he had accompanied her. But she doesn’t remember that he was there. He asks her if she remembers the skill shooting three arrows at the same time he taught her, but she doesn’t remember it.

Yun Si asks Ming Yue if she thinks it’s weird that she forgot so many things, but she tells him to get out.

Ming Yue brings the cakes to people, and brags that it’s her unique ingredients. Sikong Zhen asks Ming Yue to explain the unique ingredients. She says that she added the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty into the cakes. Jin Yu doesn’t want Kang Le to know the ingredients.

Ming Yue asks people to eat her cakes, and Li Qian likes the taste. But Yun Si thinks the taste is weird. Ming Yue wants to throw the cakes away. But Li Qian points out that Ming Yue knows someone doesn’t like sweet so she put the liking into her heart. He thinks the sweet of the cake isn’t in the taste but in the heart. Li Qian grabs Ming Yue’s hand and she feels sweet.

Yun Si wonders why Ming Yue remembers everything except him, and says that he was her lover and the only reason to reject the marriage. He remembers the hand catenary she wears, and thinks it’s because of hypnotism.

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