Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 3. Yang-Cheol watches the land with Do-Joon. He asks him if he’s very lucky. Do-Joon thinks he was very lucky to born to be Yang-Cheol’s grandson. Yang-Cheol takes Do-Joon to see the money he has earned.

How Does Hyun-Woo Encounter Min-Young After He Was Reborn?

Reborn Rich

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 3.

The banker leads Yang-Cheol and Do-Joon to the place where the money is stored. He walks away. Yang-Cheol tells Do-Joon that the money is a total of 24 million dollars. He laughs to tell him to go to count the cash. Do-Joon is close to the money. Yang-Cheol tells Do-Joon to lend the money to him.

Yang-Cheol laughs to get off the elevator. He thinks Do-Joon is just a kid. But Hyang-Jae tells Yang-Cheol that Do-Joon exchanged the cash into dollars. Yang-Cheol wants to see how Do-Joon will use the money. Dong-Ki thinks Do-Joon was lucky to earn the money from the land.

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Dong-Ki mentions Yang-Cheol didn’t give land to Sung-Joon. Hwa-Young complains that Yang-Cheol favors Do-Joon more than Sung-Joon. Young-Ki points out that the money is the cost of Yang-Cheol’s life. He reminds Hwa-Young and Dong-Ki that it was just a gift. But Hwa-Young points out that it was the test to Do-Joon.

Do-Joon watches Hyung-Joon dance. He asks Yoon-Ki to take him to the New York Film Market. He believes that he can choose the movie for him. He mentions he helped him get the office. He believes that he will make him buy the whole building. Hyung-Joon shows up. He tells Do-Joon to go home with him.

Hyung-Joon walks Do-Joon on the street. He tells him to go out with a girl. He goes to watch the TV. He wonders if the band are disbanding or retiring. Min-Young cries to tell Hyung-Joon that the band are retiring. Do-Joon takes a look at Min-Young. He recognizes her. She notes that someone is staring at her. She walks away. He smiles when he sees her off.

Why Do-Joon Wishes Min-Young to Join the Prestigious Club?

Chang-Je visits Yang-Cheol. He hands over the papers to him. He tells him to buy Hando Steel. But Yang-Cheol rejects it because of the debts Hando Steel owes. Chang-Je reminds Yang-Cheol that President YS will help them. Yang-Cheol laughs because he doesn’t trust President YS. Chang-Je tells Yang-Cheol that he wants to join President YS. He asks him to help him. Yang-Cheol agrees to it. Because he wants to test Chang-Je. Chang-Je runs to open the gate for Yang-Cheol.

Do-Joon walks in the film market. He bumps Se-Hyun and makes his doughnut drop by mistake. He asks him if he’s a Korean after he picked up the doughnut. Se-Hyun admits it. But he tells Do-Joon not to expect the friendly hug. He mentions the doughnut.

Do-Joon intends to compensate the doughnut. But Se-Hyun tells Do-Joon that the doughnut costs ten million dollars. He tells him not to make a promise he cannot fulfill. He eats the doughnut and walks away. Hyung-Joon waves at Do-Joon. Do-Joon tries to join Hyung-Joon. But he sees the poster of “Titanic”.

Do-Joon tells Yoon-Ki to invest in the movie “Titanic”. Yoon-Ki realizes that his son came to New York for the movie. He asks him if he thinks the movie will have great sales. Do-Joon mentions he has a good intuition. He tells his father to trust him.

But Hyung-Joon tells Yoon-Ki that the movie will flop. Rachel walks Se-Hyun. She tells him to think over the investment. She thinks he wouldn’t choose the movie if the doughnut didn’t fall to the ground. She tells him to throw the money into the ocean.

Se-Hyun tells Rachel that he believes that the movie will make great sales. He leaks that he ate the doughnut. Do-Joon sees the paper Se-Hyun takes. He notes the brand Power Shares. He returns to the hotel and looks into Se-Hyun. He finds out that Se-Hyun is the president of Power Shares.

Do-Joon finds Se-Hyun at the restaurant. Se-Hyun is furious to slap the table after he tasted the pizza. He tells Do-Joon that he regrets that he didn’t invest in the cheese company. He tells him not to tangle him because he’s working. He takes a look at the TV.

Do-Joon is close to the TV. He finds out that the supercomputer Deep Blue is playing chess with World Champion. Do-Joon tells Se-Hyun that Deep Blue will defeat World Champion. But Se-Hyun doesn’t agree to what Do-Joon said. Do-Joon writes down his number on the tissue. He leaves the restaurant.

Se-Hyun finds out that Deep Blue won. He takes a look at the number Do-Joon left. But the number is mess because of the wet tissue. He goes to look for Do-Joon. Do-Joon shows up. He laughs. Se-Hyun sits on the bench with Do-Joon. He mentions most of the experts didn’t predict that Deep Blue would win. Do-Joon tells Se-Hyun that he knew World Champion’s greed would defeat him. He tells him that he wants him to help him invest in companies. Se-Hyun doesn’t believe Do-Joon has enough money to do investment. He walks away.

Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that Daeyoung is interested in Hando Steel. Young-Ki believes that they need 400 million dollars to buy Hando Steel. But Yang-Cheol only wants to pay 300 million dollars to buy Hando Steel. He gives the task to Young-Ki.

Do-Joon brings the present to Pil-Ok. She praises him and thinks he’s like his father who’s handsome. She thinks he should learn how to run the company because he’s very smart. But Jung-Rae thinks Do-Joon is like his father who’s not interested in family business.

Do-Joon reveals he studies law because he wants to help Yang-Cheol. He adds that he doesn’t want to think that much. Jung-Rae agrees to Do-Joon’s plan. Joo-Ryun reports to Do-Joon that the meeting is over. Do-Joon tries to go to second floor. He hears his uncles talking about Hando Steel.

Yang-Cheol is happy to see Do-Joon. He asks him what he liked in the United States. Do-Joon tells Yang-Cheol that it was doughnut. Dong-Ki mentions Do-Joon exchanged Yang-Cheol’s money into dollars. He tells Young-Ki to be careful.

Young-Ki asks Hyang-Jae to tell him about Yang-Cheol’s plan. Hyang-Jae tells Young-Ki that he won’t be the heir if he fails to buy Hando Steel. Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that Young-Ki asked him about his plan. Yang-Cheol tells Hyang-Jae that he wishes to get a son like him. He asks him to send a car to Do-Joon.

In-Seok picks Do-Joon up. He tells him that he was sent by Yang-Cheol. Do-Joon lets In-Seok drop him before they arrive at the law school. He walks on the campus. Some rich students stop him. They ask him for his number because they prepare a party for him. Do-Joon gives his number to them when he sees Min-Young.

Do-Joon finds Min-Young in the library. She’s missing soon. He goes to look for her. She asks him if she saw him before when she shows up. He tells her to ask him out if she’s interested in him. She denies it. He shows the recording to her. He tells her that he wants to buy her a meal. She walks away.

Do-Joon walks out of the library. He finds out that Min-Young is seeing his information. She asks him if he’s confident because he’s Yang-Cheol’s grandson. He tells her that he will tell her when the singer comes back if she eats with him. She thinks he fooled her. She gets angry and tries to walk away. But she walks to him and asks him when the singer comes back.

Min-Young is waiting for Do-Joon. He sees her and lets In-Seok drop him. He walks to her and tells her that she looks beautiful after she got changed. He tells her that Tai-Ji will come back as a soloist. She promises to go to eat with him.

Do-Joon takes Min-Young to get into the club. He introduces her to those rich students. Ji Min welcomes Min-Young because her father is a prosecutor. In-Seok tries to report to someone about what Do-Joon does. Do-Joon spots In-Seok.

Min-Young shows up behind Do-Joon. She asks him why he took her to the place. He tells her that he let her join Prestigious Club because her father is a prosecutor. He reminds her that what she got isn’t free. Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that Do-Joon joined Prestigious Club. He thinks Do-Joon is still young.

Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending – Why Do-Joon Buys Hando Steel?

The follower reports to Young-Ki that there was a company buying Hando Steel with 500 million dollars. The reporters ask Se-Hyun if he actually bought Hando Steel. Se-Hyun admits it. Joo-Ryun introduces Se-Hyun to Young-Ki. Young-Ki wonders why Se-Hyun did it when he’s in anger. Yang-Cheol thinks there’s a boss behind Se-Hyun.

Hyun-Woo finds out that his mom’s back is hurt when she works. He cries. Young-Ki tells Joo-Ryun to tail Se-Hyun. Se-Hyun meets with Do-Joon. He complains to him that he made him break his rule the first time. He asks him why he bought Hando Steel with the price. Do-Joon tells Se-Hyun that he doesn’t wish Young-Ki to get Hando Steel. Se-Hyun realizes what Do-Joon wants to get is Soonyang.

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