She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 3-6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 3-6. Qin Shi tells Yang Hua to find a place to have a talk. She promises not to make him regret. He thinks she doesn’t realize the mistake she made. He tells her that he knows she’s a bad woman.

Episode 3 Recap & Ending

She and Her Perfect Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 3-6.

Qin Shi closes the car door. She tells Yang Hua that she’s a good lawyer. She feels sorry for hurting him. She tells him that she chose him because of the words he had written. She thinks she chose a wrong man. She gets off the car and holds the umbrella to walk away.

Cai Liang reminds Yang Hua that he scolded the only fan of him. He tells him to go to chase Qin Shi. He asks him if he knows how to apologize. But Yang Hua tells Cai Liang to drive the car away. He asks him to lend 20,000 yuan to him. He reveals he wants to move out.

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Qin Shi returns home and takes a bath. She remembers she told Yang Hua that she’s his fan. She regrets for telling it to him. Cai Liang parks his car at the hotel. He gives the money to Yang Hua. He tells him to go to apologize to Qin Shi because he believes what Qin Shi said is true.

Yang Hua ignores Cai Liang. He gets off the car. He calls Qin Shi and asks for a meeting up. She goes to see him. She’s told that he’s looking for a fiancee who can deal with his mother. She mentions he thought she’s a bad woman. She asks him if he changed his mind.

Yang Hua tells Qin Shi that he thinks what she said is right. But she rejects it because she found out that his situation is worse than her. She asks him to be her husband. She tells him that he just needs to pretend to be her husband for six months.

Yang Hua agrees to it. Qin Shi asks him to sign the contract. He signs the contract and asks her to go home with him. He takes her to see his parents. Madam Yang is surprised that her son wants to get married with Qin Shi. Yang Hua admits it. He tells his mother that the house belongs to Qin Shi. Madam Yang is against it. She drags Yang Hua outside. She asks him if the ideas were given by Qin Shi. She tells him that she doesn’t wish him to get married. She asks him to drive Qin Shi away.

Madam Yang smiles when she sees Qin Shi. Yang Hua tells Madam Yang that he will get married within one year. She thinks Qin Shi is very outstanding since her son chose her. She learns that she’s a lawyer. She promises to give the house to Qin Shi.

Episode 4 Recap & Ending

Qin Shi walks out of the restroom. She sees Tao Junhui. She ignores him and tries to walk away. But he drags her to men restroom. He catches her and asks her why she lied. She pushes him away. He asks her why she has the invitation letter of West Beauty.

Tao Junhui tells Qin Shi that he will get someone to kick her out if she doesn’t tell him who she knows in West Beauty. She tells him that she knows Mr. Wang. He points out that there’s no Mr. Wang in West Beauty. He asks Qin Shi about her goal of being close to President Lan.

Qin Shi tells Tao Junhui that it’s not his business. She thinks he came for the contract of counsel as well. She tells him to give up. She reveals the contract is in her company. He mentions she acted for a contract. He thinks she’s like a clown.

Tao Junhui asks Qin Shi about her dream. He thought she should be the top lawyer of law industry when he saw her. He asks her why she lives so low. He tells her that he will feel happy most if she fails. Yang Hua breaks into men restroom. He takes Qin Shi away.

Ren Meimei returns home. Qin Wenyu asks her to apologize to him when he plays the game. He mentions he’s treated to be bad man because of her. He tells her that he doesn’t fear her and Qin Shi at all. She admits that what she did isn’t right. She apologizes to him.

Ren Meimei asks Qin Wenyu if he had meal. He tells her that he didn’t have meal because she didn’t cook. She goes to cook. He blames her for firing Vivian. He thinks the girl is hard to find a job. He tells Ren Meimei to change the habit of being jealous.

Qin Wenyu asks Ren Meimei if people are bad in her eyes. She holds a knife and asks him if Vivian reported her. She tells him that she fired Vivian because she didn’t complete the tasks. She’s furious to return to her room. Qin Shi asks Yang Hua if he wants to have a fight with Tao Junhui. He denies it.

Qin Wenyu gets a call from Vivian. He goes to pick up the phone. Ren Meimei remembers Qin Shi told her not to be rude to Qin Wenyu. She goes to see Qin Wenyu with a blanket. She hears him telling Vivian that he’s going to get a divorce with her.

Ren Meimei breaks into the bathroom. Qin Wenyu is startled to explain to Ren Meimei that he’s playing games. She grabs his hair and and asks him who wants to get a divorce. She throws the stuff to him. He shows the blood to her and goes to take a look at his wound. Ren Meimei stops Qin Wenyu. She asks him about him and the girl’s relationship. He tells her that the girl likes him because he has charm.

Episode 5 Recap & Ending

Master Yang tells Yang Hua that the ingredients were bought by his mother. Madam Yang tells Yang Hua that they think the girl he took home is very nice. She asks him to take a look at the hotels. He stops her and asks her if they agree to let him get married with Qin Shi.

Madam Yang admits it. She mentions Qin Shi isn’t suitable for their standard. But marriage is Yang Hua and Qin Shi’s business. Madam Yang tells Yang Hua to go to love Qin Shi. Cai Liang praises Madam Yang. He thinks Yang Hua’s mother wants to make Yang Hua live with Qin Shi.

Cai Liang asks Yang Hua if he’s going to surrender. Yang Hua denies it. Cai Liang asks Yang Hua if he wants to live with Qin Shi. He tells him that Qin Shi is very beautiful. Yang Hua decides to rent a house. He tells Cai Liang to look for the house for him. Because he has no money.

Qin Wenbin texts Qin Shi. He tells her that he wants to invite her to his house for dinner. She agrees to it. Yang Huo calls her. He tells her that he wants to come to take his baggage. She asks him how he knew Luowei Yulan has a problem.

Yang Hua tells Qin Shi that there will be a big problem if the clients mistake that they’re working with a foreign company. She asks him about his previous job. He refuses to leak it. He tells her to care for Luowei Yulan. Qin Shi calls Lao Qiao. She asks him to delay the contract.

Qin Shi summons Wu Fei to her office. She asks her to look into Luowei Yulan with her. Li Dai takes the contract to see Tang Yinhui. But Yang Yinhui left. Tao Junhui calls Wu Fei. She tells him that she cannot have dinner with him. She reveals she’s looking into a company with her boss.

Tao Junhui is surprised that Wu Fei works for Qin Shi since Wu Fei questioned Qin Shi’s personality. She tells him not to tease her. She thinks Qin Shi is a good person. He mentions she cannot accompany him because she’s very busy. She complains to him that he has stood up her many times. She thinks it’s her turn.

Tao Junhui tries to tell something to Wu Fei. But he gives up the mind. He drives away. Qin Wenbin complains to his wife that there’s no guest coming. She asks him if he’s going to wait for the guests. He tells her that he wants to wait for the guests.

Qin Wenbin’s wife tells Qin Wenbin to eat something. She brings the soup to him. Someone rings the bell. Qin Wenbin’s wife goes to open the door. She calls Qin Shi when she sees her. Qin Shi tells Qin Wenbin’s wife not to speak because she’s hungry. She walks into the house and begins to eat.

Episode 6 Recap & Ending

Qin Shi tells Tang Yinhui that Luowei Yulan has a lot of problems. She asks her to think over the contract. But Yang Yinhui tells Qin Shi that she has sent the contract. Qin Shi calls Wu Fei. She tells her to stop the express. Wu Fei reports it to Qin Shi after she made it.

Tang Yinhui asks Qin Shi if she can take the duty for what she said. Qin Shi promises to take the duty because she trusts the person who wrote the report. Li Dai breaks into the office. She tells Tang Yinhui not to believe what Qin Shi said.

Li Dai mentions she told Zhao Danping that she will send the contract to her. She asks her if she can take the duty for losing the client. She tells her that she won’t forgive her if she cannot convince her. Qin Shi hands over the report to Li Dai. She tells her to take a look at the report.

Tang Yunhui gets a call from Lao Jin. He tells her that he’s on the way to the airport. He asks her if she’s alone. She reports to him that she’s staying with Qin Shi and Li Dai. Qin Shi tells Lao Jin that they can leave if he wishes them to do that.

Lao Jin denies it. He keeps Qin Shi and Li Dai. He asks Tang Yinhui if she invested in Luowei Yulan. She tells him that she invested 2,500 million yuan in the company. He decides to return to the company. He asks her not to let the message leave the office before he comes back.

Lao Qiu is happy to tell Yang Hua that he has invested in a big project. Yang Hua thinks what Lao Qiu said is Luowei Yulan. Lao Jin takes a look at the report. Li Dai thinks they should pay the compensation if they want to take back their money.

Qin Shi disagrees to Li Dai’s plan. Because she’s not sure the value of the land. Lao Jin agrees to what Qin Shi said. He reveals he sent someone to look into the land. He asks Tang Yinhui why she didn’t tell it to him before she made the decision.

Tang Yinhui wonders why President Lan tricked her since she’s very rich. Li Dai gets a call from Zhao Danping. She thinks Zhao Danping wants to talk about the contract. Tang Yinhui refuses to pick up the phone. She complains that she tried her best to flatter Zhao Danping. Lao Jin asks Qin Shi who wrote the report. He explains to her that he needs to make the decision.

Qin Shi tells Lao Jin that the reporter was written by her husband Yang Hua. He remembers her husband is an investment expert. She mentions Yang Hua reminded her the problem of Luowei Yulan early. She tells Lao Jin that she didn’t tell others except Yang Hua. Lao Jin gets a call from someone. He’s told that the land is mortgaged.

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