Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 2. Hae-In takes Do-Joon to walk aside. She apologizes to Yang-Cheol. Yang-Cheol walks away. Hae-In tells Do-Joon to be careful when he faces Yang-Cheol. Pil-Ok thinks Do-Joon is just a kid.

Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

Reborn Rich

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episode 2.

Pil-Ok tells Hae-In that she will take care of her kid for her. She tells her to leave. Yoon-Ki takes Do-Joon to the house. He tells him that the house belongs to Yang-Cheol. Hyung-Joon tries to count the number of the rooms. Do-Joon tells the number to his brother.

Hyung-Joon mistakes that Do-Joon came to the house alone. Hae-In scolds Hyung-Joon. She asks him to be a good kid. She asks Do-Joon not to be nervous. But Yoon-Ki points out that Hae-In is nervous. He takes her to walk into the building.

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Pil-Ok tastes the food. She tells the chef not to add too much salt into the food. Because she wants to be healthy. Jung-Rae comforts Pil-Ok that she will teach Ji-Na how to take care of the food when she wipes her mouth. Ji-Na tells Pil-Ok just to be the guest. She tries to take her to leave the kitchen.

Pil-Ok runs into Hae-In. Hae-In asks Pil-Ok for a task. But Pil-Ok tells Hae-In to stay with her husband. She walks away. Hae-In asks Jung-Rae for a task. But Jung-Rae ignores Hae-In. She tells the chef to cut fruits. Jung-Rae complains to Ji-Na that Hae-In showed up after ten years.

Ji-Na thinks Hae-In belongs to the stage. Hwa-Young laughs to show up. She tells Hae-In to just smile. The chef hands over the food to Yang-Cheol. Young-Ki introduces the chef as the best chef when Yang-Cheol eats the sushi. But Yang-Cheol tells the chef to just use 280 grains of rice in the sushi.

The follower reports to Yang-Cheol that the messenger of Blue House came. Yang-Cheol walks out of the cafeteria. The ladies greet him. He laughs to tell them to enjoy the food. He reminds Young-Ki that sales of Japanese restaurant are better than him. But Young-Ki thinks they’re good enough. Yang-Cheol scolds Young-Ki.

Yoon-Ki bows to Yang-Cheol. He wishes him a happy birthday. But Yang-Cheol ignores Yoon-Ki. He tries to leave. Pil-Ok stops Yang-Cheol. She leaks that Yoon-Ki opened a film company without his help. She tells Yoon-Ki’s kids to come to Yang-Cheol.

Yang-Cheol points out that Yoon-Ki’s company cannot help him. He tells the follower to throw salt to Yoon-Ki. He gets in the elevator. He thinks his son is a beggar. Pil-Ok tells Yoon-Ki not to put Yang-Cheol’s words into his mind.

Do-Joon goes to the second floor to take a look at the family photo. He finds out that he’s not in the photo. Yang-Cheol meets with the messenger. The messenger tells Yang-Cheol that President wishes to give him a chance. Yang-Cheol laughs to show his medal to Hyang-Jae. He thinks the messenger asks him to repay the medal. He asks him about the money he wishes to get.

Do-Joon walks into the treasure room. He sees Sung-Joon stealing the item. Sung-Joon tries to leave. But he sees Do-Joon. He’s startled to break the porcelain by mistake. Yoon-Ki is talking about his movie with Dong-Ki. Hyung-Joon reports to Yoon-Ki that something bad happened to Do-Joon.

Sung-Joon takes a look at outside. He asks Do-Joon to admit that he broke the vase when he puts the fragment into his hand. He tells him that nobody will believe him even if he told them the truth. Because he’s the heir. Do-Joon laughs when Sung-Joon tries to leave.

Do-Joon thinks Sung-Joon is a mess when he Sung-Joon turns around. Sung-Joon tries to beat Do-Joon. But Jung-Rae stops her son when she runs into the treasure room. Sung-Joon points at Do-Joon. He tells the people that the one who broke the vase was Do-Joon.

Yoon-Ki doesn’t believe that his son would do that. Jung-Rae yells at Yoon-Ki. She thinks he thought her son lied. Do-Joon tells Jung-Rae that her son actually lied. He points at Sung-Joon. He tells the people that the one who broke the vase was Sung-Joon.

Do-Joon leaks that Sung-Joon stole Yang-Cheol’s item. He finds the item from Sung-Joon’s pocket. Sung-Joon is furious to beat Do-Joon. Yang-Cheol shows up. He asks Sung-Joon to take a look at the fragments. He scolds him. Do-Joon runs away from the house. He goes to Hyun-Woo’s family restaurant.

Hyun-Woo cries when he sees his mom. Hyun-Woo’s father returns home. He’s happy to carry Hyun-Woo’s brother. The follower finds Do-Joon. He reports it to Yoon-Ki. Yoon-Ki hangs up. He tells the good news to his wife. Hyun-Woo walks into the restaurant. He asks his mom for the food. She lets him have a seat. She gives the food to him.

Do-Joon cries to taste the food. Hae-In finds him. She tells him to return home with her. He cries when he takes a look at the band-aid which was given by his mom. He tells Hae-In that she feels happy because his mom is alive. She hugs him to comfort him.

Pil-Ok pours the tea. She mentions Yang-Cheol’s son and grandsons came back. But he only remembers he scolded his eldest grandson. He tells her not to favor Yoon-Ki. Hyun-Woo takes a look at Do-Joon’s album. He thinks he lives as Do-Joon because he’s using his body.

Hyun-Woo remembers Hyun-Woo came back when he walked out of the family restaurant. Hae-In walks into Do-Joon’s room. She has a seat with him. She tells him that she has the same feelings that she doesn’t belong to the world. He mistakes that she’s reborn like him. Hae-In confesses that she regretted for marrying Yoon-Ki. But she’s trying to accept the family for Do-Joon. She believes that Do-Joon will find the reason one day. She holds his hands.

Do-Joon goes to see Pil-Ok. He bows to her and tells her that she came to apologize to Yang-Cheol. She takes him to the second floor, asking him to wait for Yang-Cheol. He reads the newspapers and runs into Hwa-Young and Chang-Je. Hwa-Young tells Chang-Je to give money to someone. She breaks into the meeting room.

Hwa-Young mentions the messenger visited Yang-Cheol. He asks Yang-Cheol if the messenger asked him for something. Yang-Cheol tells Hwa-Young to have a seat. She thinks President sent the messenger to see him because he worried that he will lose his position. Dong-Ki has a fight with Hwa-Young for the president candidates. Yang-Cheol cannot make the decision. He tells Hyang-Jae to look into it. Because he doesn’t want to waste his money.

The people walk out of the meeting room. Do-Joon tells his elders that he came to apologize to Yang-Cheol. Hwa-Young mistakes that Yoon-Ki asked Do-Joon to do so. She praises Do-Joon. Hyang-Jae returns to the meeting room. He reports to Yang-Cheol that Do-Joon wants to see him. But Yang-Cheol refuses to see Do-Joon. Because he’s not his grandson in his mind.

Do-Joon asks Hyang-Jae to tell Yang-Cheol that he came to compensate the vase. Dong-Ki laughs because he thinks Do-Joon doesn’t know the value of the vase. Do-Joon mentions five million. He thinks it’s enough for the election. He asks Hyang-Jae to tell Yang-Cheol that Tae-Woo will be president.

Young-Ki mistakes Do-Joon eavesdropped on their talk. He scolds him. Do-Joon mentions Sung-Joon stole Yang-Cheol. He thinks Young-Ki told his son to do so. Young-Ki is furious to yell at Do-Joon. Hwa-Young tells Young-Ki not to put the kid’s words into his mind. She doesn’t believe that Tae-Woo will be president.

Do-Joon disagrees to what Hwa-Young said. He thinks he has compensated the vase. He walks away. The follower tells Hyang-Jae to watch the news. Dong-Ki watches the news. He tries to report it to Yang-Cheol. But he finds out that he’s watching the news.

Joo-Ryun stops Do-Joon. He tells him that Yang-Cheol wants to see him. Do-Joon goes to see Yang-Cheol. He tells him to give the money to Tae-Woo before he reaches first place. Yang-Cheol asks Do-Joon how to make shrimp beat whales. Do-Joon cannot give the answer to Yang-Cheol.

Do-Joon leaves Yang-Cheol’s office. Dong-Ki stops Do-Joon. He asks him if his father told him that Tae-Woo will win. But Do-Joon denies it. He tells Dong-Ki that his brother told it to him. Yang-Cheol tells Hyang-Jae that he wants to use semiconductor to run his company. He complains that nobody understands him.

Do-Joon reads the magazine. He finds the answer of Yang-Cheol’s question. He calls Pil-Ok and asks for seeing Yang-Cheol. But he’s told that Yang-Cheol left Korea. He remembers Yang-Cheol was killed on the plane. He goes to the phone booth to call someone. He reports to her that the plane will be attacked. But she doesn’t believe what he said.

Do-Joon knocks at the door. He asks for seeing Pil-Ok. She wears the clothes on him because he’s soaking. He tells her that he wants to have a talk with Yang-Cheol. He leaves a message to Yang-Cheol. He tells him not to take the plane.

Hyang-Jae returns to the hotel. He asks the followers if there was a call from Korea. The followers deny it. Hyang-Jae notes that Joo-Ryun is looking for something. He walks to him and asks him about it. Joo-Ryun denies it. Do-Joon watches the news that he find out that the plane was attacked. Someone calls Yoon-Ki.

Young-Ki is told that his father was on the plane. He tells the bad news to Pil-Ok. The families are sad. Do-Joon thinks he could save Yang-Cheol if he told him the message early. Yang-Cheol shows up. He tells his families that he’s not a ghost. He returns to his room.

Hyang-Jae tells the people that Yang-Cheol is survival because he took another plane. Yang-Cheol takes a look at the note. He remembers Do-Joon told him not to take the plane. He puts the note into the drawer. Yang-Cheol asks Do-Joon if he knows the future. He yells at him.

Do-Joon tells Yang-Cheol that he knows he’s looking for a person who understands him. Dong-Ki wondeers why Yang-Cheol meets with Do-Joon alone. Do-Joon tells Yang-Cheol that he will get into the law school. Yang-Cheol takes Do-Joon to see the families. He introduces Do-Joon as his grandson. Do-Joon walks to the families. He mentions they took his life. The reporters follow Do-Joon. They ask him about the feelings that he got into the law school. Do-Joon laughs to face the cameras.

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