Record of Youth: Episode 2 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama Record of Youth: Episode 2. Jeong-Ha tears up and wonders why Hye-Jun is so handsome. She takes out her phone and takes a photo of her. She says that she is so glad that she decided to be his fan.

Record of Youth: Episode 2 Recap & Review

Record of Youth: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Record of Youth: Episode 2.

Hye-Jun shows up and asks Jeong-Ha if she likes him. She denies. So he tells her that he has better photos. She realizes that he saw his photo in her phone, and tells him that she is a fan of Hae-Hyo. She shows the photo to him. She asks him if he wants her to be his fan.

Hye-Jun admits that he mistook it, and he says that he hates misunderstanding people. Hae-Hyo shows up. The girls ask him for taking photos together. Hae-Hyo’s mom I-Yeong goes to take him away, and she tells the girls not to misunderstand her. The girls thrill and ask I-Yeong for being her daughter-in-law.

I-Yeong is happy to tell Hae-Hyo that he got the role and he will be in Se-Hun’s movie. He wonders how she knew it. She says that she called them, and he thinks she is a Mama Bear. She tells him that she will take care of him as he is her creation. She says that she invested all she had in him.

Hae-Hyo tells I-Yeong to invest in herself, and reminds her that he will betray her. But she doubts that he will do that once he finds out what she has done for him. She notes that he isn’t happy for getting the role, and thinks it’s because of Hye-Jun.

Hye-Jun thinks Jeong-Ha must has been nervous earlier as she met her star for the first time. He adds that she touched Hae-Hyo. But she points out that it wasn’t direct contact. He learns that she doesn’t get nervous unless it’s direct contact.

Jeong-Ha smiles and admits that she was nervous. She reveals that she has been nervous since last night. He tells her that Hae-Hyo is a nice guy, and thinks she made a right decision. He asks her how old she is, but he realizes that he was rude. She tells him that she is 26, and thinks they’re the same age.

Hye-Jun thinks he and Jeong-Ha can be friends because they’re the same age. He wants to speak casually, and she agrees to it. He needs to leave, and she asks him why he came there. She thinks he looked for her. He tells her that what happened earlier wasn’t fair, and thinks she didn’t steal Jin-Ju’s client.

Jeong-Ha smiles and agrees to it. Hye-Jun says that he knows how that feels, and tells her not to stare at him. He asks her why she used the photo as her wallpaper. She realizes why she’s a fan of him, and he has a special ability to connect with people.

Jin-U breaks into the dressing room, and asks Hye-Jun and Hae-Hyo to choose the photo he can use. Hae-Hyo tells Jin-U to choose it on his own. Hye-Jun asks Jeong-Ha to give him the cleaner. Hae-Hyo wonders why Hye-Jun speaks casually to Jeong-Ha.

Hye-Jun tells Hae-Hyo that he and Jeong-Ha are friends. Jin-U tells his name to Jeong-Ha, and Hae-Hyo thinks Jin-U is sociable. He asks him if he ever got shy. Jin-U denies and asks Jeong-Ha about her name. She tells it to him, and Hae-Hyo thinks she wants to be stable. He tells her that she has a fun name. She talks back that he has a fun name as well.

Hae-Hyo laughs. Jin-U wants Jeong-Ha to be his friend as well, and he shakes hands with her. He offers to have a meal with their new friend. Hae-Hyo wants to eat while watching game, and promises to treat them because he got paid. Hye-Jun tells them to decide the place, and he leaves for something.

Hye-Jun goes to see Fashion Play Staff, and asks him to pay him directly for today’s show. Fashion Play Staff asks Hye-Jun if he ended with his agency. Hye-Jun admits it. Charlie Jung hears it and asks Hye-Jun to confess to him.

Charlie Jung gives Hye-Jun a ride, and Hye-Jun tells Charlie Jung to drive faster. Charlie Jung parks his car, and tells Hye-Jun to drive it. Hye-Jun is happy to drive the car to Charlie Jung’s house. The two walk in the house. Charlie Jung asks Hye-Jun if it’s his first time there.

Hye-Jun says yes and he walks to the window. Charlie Jung asks Hye-Jun if he is hungry, and tells him to have the meal. Hye-Jun says that he likes everything on the table, and he wants to eat it. Charlie Jung allows Hye-Jun to eat it, and tells him to open the wine bottle.

Hye-Jun asks if others will come. But Charlie Jung says that nobody will come as they don’t have sponsors. Hye-Jun puts down the wine bottle and tells Charlie Jung that he respects him. Charlie Jung says that respect is a form of love. Hye-Jun points out that sponsorship is a business.

Charlie Jung holds Hye-Jun’s arm, and feels sorry for lying to him. He explains that he thought he wouldn’t come if he told him it would be just them. He adds that his love for him is too big, and he was even willing to deceive him. He tells him that he fall for him when he saw him the first time.

Hye-Jun tells Charlie Jung to stop. But Charlie Jung says that he doesn’t want to stop the feelings he developed for Hye-Jun, and he won’t stop even if he turns him down. Hye-Jun turns around and tells Charlie Jung that he doesn’t want to hurt him, and he intends to leave. But Charlie Jung hugs Hye-Jun from his back. Hye-Jun lets Charlie Jung’s hand go, and he leaves.

Hye-Jun tells Charlie Jung to go ahead if he wants to talk to him. Charlie Jung walks to Hye-Jun. Hye-Jun steps back. Charlie Jung thinks Hye-Jun is cold and it makes him hot. He asks him if he needs money. Hye-Jun tells Charlie Jung that he always needs money.

Charlie Jung thinks Hye-Jun wouldn’t be in such a situation if he listened to him five years ago. But Hye-Jun claims that he doesn’t hate the life he has now, although he isn’t thrilled about it. Charlie Jung tells Hye-Jun that he will be his agent, and he can sponsor him until he becomes an actor if he wants to be an actor.

But Hye-Jun rejects it again, and he intends to leave. Charlie Jung reminds Hye-Jun that it’s his last chance, and he gives him a week to think it over.

Yeong-Nam hurts his back during work. Jang-Man says that he told Yeong-Nam that he would do it. Yeong-Nam sits down and thinks he should at least be able to do one-third of it. He says that he doesn’t want to be the burden to Jang-Man.

Jang-Man tells Yeong-Nam that he isn’t a burden to him, and reveals he’s partially responsible for his shoulder injury. He adds that he knows it even if he doesn’t talk about it. He asks him if he’s stresses out as his shoulder was doing okay.

Yeong-Nam reveals Hye-Jun got the draft notice. He complains that it would’ve been better if he’d already done it. He adds that he will be 30 once he comes back. He says that he cannot get any sleep because of Hye-Jun. Jang-Man reveals Jin-U isn’t doing better, and tells Yeong-Nam to go home as he thinks he won’t be able to focus with him there.

Yeong-Nam tells Jang-Man to split the pay by three to seven. Jang-Man says that he will take care of it as he’s the boss. He tells him to go to the hospital instead of putting on pain relief patches. Yeong-Nam promises it.

Ae-Suk places the flowers on the table and asks the madam if she likes it. She reveals her son sent the flowers to make her feel better. Madam thinks it’s very beautiful and Ae-Suk is good with her hands. Ae-Suk brags that she won an award at a drawing contest in middle school, but nothing came of it since her mom passed away when she was young.

Madam thinks it’s better for children when their mothers live long. Ae-Suk tells Madam to live a long life. Ae-Suk gets a call from Kyung-Mi who tells her that her husband went to the hospital. Kyung-Mi adds that Yeong-Nam’s shoulder must’ve acted up again.

Ae-Suk thinks Jang-Man is doing all the work. Kyung-Mi tells Ae-Suk that Yeong-Nam is stressed out because of Hye-Jun. She heard that Hye-Jun is going to the military. Ae-Suk says that she doesn’t know it, and reveals her son auditioned for a role. She thinks he will postpone it if he gets the role.

Kyung-Mi wish Hye-Jun to get it, and thinks his career would be halted if he goes now. She adds that all of his efforts would come to nothing. She notes that Ae-Suk isn’t interested in it at all, and points out that Hae-Hyo’s mom has been helping him with his career. So he filmed a commercial.

Ae-Suk thinks Hae-Hyo got it because he’s good. But Kyung-Mi thinks Ae-Suk is too naive. Ae-Suk thinks Hye-Jun should build his career on his own to protect it. Kyung-Mi sighs and thinks it’s hard for Hye-Jun as no one in family is helping him. But she asks to end the talk because it’s time for her to dance. Ae-Suk complains that Kyung-Mi has time for dance.

Min-Ki tastes the foods and thinks Ae-Suk is too good for his son. He says that it’s so nice to stay at home, and thinks he would have to pay for everything if he goes out. Yeong-Nam returns home and sees Min-Ki eating. Min-Ki says that he likes home-cooked meals. But Yeong-Nam says that he thought his father liked dancing.

Min-Ki tells Yeong-Nam to sit down and join him if he didn’t eat. He notes that his shoulder hurts again, and asks if he goes to the hospital. Yeong-Nam points out that hospitals aren’t free. Min-Ki talks back that health is more important than money. Yeong-Nam thinks it isn’t important since he’s going to die in the end.

Yeong-Nam tells Min-Ki that nobody is awfully health-conscious like him. Min-Ki reminds Yeong-Nam that it will only make things worse for him if he gets sick. Yeong-Nam thinks his father is a smooth talker. Min-Ki gets angry and wants to steal his son’s food and throw it out.

Ae-Suk picks up the old clothes from the recycling bin and thinks Min-Ki will like it. She looks for the jacket for him as he needs a jacket to go to work. She finds it and thinks his father-in-law won’t believe her if she says she bought it. She adds that he won’t wear it if she tells him the truth. She thinks he doesn’t deserve it, and throws it away.

Yeong-Nam cannot apply the patch on his shoulder himself, and he calls Min-Ki. Min-Ki asks Yeong-Nam if he needs help with the patch, and finds out that it turns into a chronic condition. He asks him if he will be able to work while taking the patch.

Yeong-Nam says that he works because he has to, not because his body can take it. Min-Ki tells Yeong-Nam that he doesn’t have to work when he wins the lottery. Yeong-Nam thinks his father always hopes to get lucky, and this is why he lives like that.

Min-Ki blames Yeong-Nam for lecturing him when he gets a chance. He asks him if he thinks he has nothing to say. Yeong-Nam yells at Min-Ki and admits it. Min-Ki tells Yeong-Nam not to say it like that to Hye-Jun. He scolds him for calling his son a burden.

Yeong-Nam asks Min-Ki if he thinks he wanted to say that to Hye-Jun. He mentions he never took care of his kids, and all he did was go out and play. Min-Ki thinks Yeong-Nam is too aggressive, and complains that all he ever does is criticize him at each chance he gets. He thinks it’s why he’d never get lucky, and tells him to put it on himself.

Min-Ki is furious to leave. Yeong-Nam complains that his father doesn’t put it on before he leaves. He sighs and thinks nobody understands him. He adds that starting off on the wrong foot can ruin him completely. He wonders why Min-Ki doesn’t know when he experienced it before.

Yeong-Nam tears up. Min-Ki returns and thinks he isn’t stubborn like his son. He adds that he realized his mistake and came back. He thinks people should accept their mistake so that they will have a successful life. Yeong-Nam talks back that the person should have a successful life if he wants to lecture him.

Min-Ki puts the patch on Yeong-Nam and thinks he should go to the hospital. He adds that he doesn’t care about the cost, and thinks it’s more important than his health. Yeong-Nam climbs to the bed and tells Min-Ki that he won’t be a burden to his children like him.

Hye-Jun walks to Jeong-Ha and asks her where everyone is. She tells him that they’re outside. So he asks her why she is there. She tells him that she still has work left. He asks her why she didn’t say that earlier. She says that she didn’t want to ruin the mood as she is a nobody. He tells her that it’s not true, and asks her if she will go back to the salon.

Jeong-Ha denies and says that she wants to do free makeup lessons on the street in her feel time. He thinks she is so diligent, and reveals his fans are diligent. But she tells him that his fans are pretty good. Hye-Jun thinks she is Hae-Hyo’s fan after seeing how she’s quick to agree. She thinks he is still close to Hye-Jun, and mentions they have been friends since elementary school.

Jeong-Ha asks Hye-Jun if it’s hard to stay friends so long. He is surprised that she knows it. She adds that they live in the same district, but different neighborhoods. He asks her if she looked into him too since she is Hae-Hyo’s fan. But she doesn’t want to answer that.

Hye-Jun thinks Jeong-Ha doesn’t answer him because he is a nobody. She yells at him that it’s not true. He asks her why she yells at him, and thinks it makes him believe that he is a nobody. But she asks him why she yelled. He asks her why she asks him that, and mentions it was her who yelled.

Jeong-Ha explains that she didn’t ask him and she was talking to herself. She mentions Hye-Jun says something like that when he is belittling himself, and she doesn’t want anyone to say that. So she was strongly showing him her disapproval. He points out that she said it first, and he just responded to what she said.

Jeong-Ha thinks Hye-Jun cannot stand being unfairly treated. He asks her how she finds it out. She says that she found it out when he corrected her. I-Yeong takes a look at her phone and finds out that Hae-Hyo has many followers. She says that she wants to buy more followers if she could.

I-Yeong thinks it will look suspicious if her son isn’t on any projects. She adds that she will hike it up when the articles about the movie get published. Hae-Na shows up. I-Yeong thinks Hae-Na is lounging around because her exams are over. She tells her not to eat chips as she will gain weight.

Hae-Na doesn’t listen to I-Yeong and thinks she has a knack for torturing people. She asks her what she’s doing. I-Yeong says that it’s nothing, and she closes her laptop. Hae-Na thinks her mom is having a boy toy. I-Yeong denies and tells Hae-Na that she is very ethical. She asks her if she wants her to set up a blind date for her. Hae-Na rejects it and thinks it’s too lame.

I-Yeong tells Hae-Na to find a guy when she goes to law school. But she thinks she shouldn’t marry whoever she wants. Because everyone in the family must approve. Hae-Na complains that she shouldn’t talk to her mom for more than ten minutes. She adds that her stress level is rising. I-Yeong tells Hae-Na that she is going to a department store, and she saw a cute pair of sneakers from Chanel.

Hae-Na asks I-Yeong if she is leaving. I-Yeong tells Hae-Na that she’s the one who will stay by her side no matter what. She says that she will stop there because she’s a smart girl. Hae-Na points out that it’s how I-Yeong wants to get away with her favoritism. She thinks she is all about Hae-Hyo.

Hae-Na says that all she gets from I-Yeong is some expensive stuff. I-Yeong tells Hae-Na that she will be next once she’s done with Hae-Hyo.

Hae-Hyo is shaking his legs, and Jin-U thinks something must be up. Hae-Hyo asks Jin-U to tell Hye-Jun that he got the role of the movie. But Jin-U tells Hae-Hyo to tell it to Hye-Jun on his own, and thinks Hye-Jun will keep waiting to hear back. Hae-Hyo says that it’s not easy as Hye-Jun said that he’ll join the military if he’s not cast.

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