Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Gui Xiao arrives at the airport. She gets a call from his father Gui Yuanshan who waves at her. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rong to go to see her father with her. She thinks Gui Yuanshan will let her leave early if Duan Rou is there.

Does Duan Rou Like Kids?

Road Home Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Duan Rou doesn’t know what she should say to Gui Yuanshan. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou to pretend to be busy. They join Gui Yuanshan. Duan Rou lets Gui Xiao have a talk with Gui Yuanshan. She has a seat aside. Gui Yuanshan asks Gui Xiao if she has a plan to buy a house. He wants to help her.

Gui Xiao rejects it because the house she rented is near her company. Gui Yuanshan wants to buy her a car. She texts Duan Rou and asks her to save her. Duan Rou pretends to get a call from someone. She hands over the phone to Gui Xiao.

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Gui Xiao leaves with Duan Rou. Gui Yuanshan sees Gui Xiao off. Duan Rou wonders why Gui Xiao always wants to flee when she sees her father. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that she has nothing to say to Gui Yuanshan. She reveals her father wanted to buy her a car and a house. She claims that she doesn’t need her father’s help.

Gui Xiao turns off her phone. Duan Rou worries that Gui Xiao’s boyfriend will contact her. Gui Xiao reveals Lu Chen wasn’t allowed to use phones. Duan Rou wonders where Lu Chen went. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that it’s a secret. She reveals her older sister is a SWAT. She adds that her older sister never told her business to her families.

Duan Rou walks into the office. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that she knows she went to drink. Duan Rou complains to Gui Xiao that she has an education project except the blind box project. Gui Xiao is surprised that Duan Rou is interested in kid’s cases.

Duan Rou tells Gui Xiao that she likes kids. The colleague shows up. He tells Gui Xiao that he worries that she doesn’t have time to have meeting with him. She claims that it’s work time when she’s awake. SWAT hands over the phone to Lu Chen. He tells him that it was called from Qining.

Qin Mingyu tells Lu Chen that he doesn’t have time to take the household register because he has many tasks. Lu Chen reminds Qin Mingyu that the school is going to open. Qin Mingyu promises to talk about it with his wife. Chief SWAT shows up. He tells Qin Mingyu to tell Lu Chen to come.

Qin Mingyu asks Lu Chen if he hears what Chief SWAT said. He thinks he’s going to see the person he wants to see if he comes back. The president shows up. He tries to talk with Gui Xiao. But she gets a call from Teacher Sun. She walks away with Duan Rou.

Gui Xiao feeds Qin Xiaonan. She tells him to eat more. She asks him how long he has waited for her at the gate. He tells her that he’s fine. He intends to sleep in the classroom. Hai Dong shows up. He apologizes to Qin Xiaonan that there was a traffic jam.

Hai Dong complains to Gui Xiao that he became a driver for Qin Xiaonan. He shows the homework to her. He tells her that he’s not good at English. She tells him to leave Qin Xiaonan to her. She mentions Qin Xiaonan lived in her house when he just came to Beijing. Hai Dong thanks Gui Xiao for what she does for him. He thinks she’s his family.

Gui Xiao notes that Qin Xiaonan is staring at her. She tells him to ask her any question. He asks her what she’s reading. She reveals she’s reading the financial statements. Duan Rou hands over the drinks to Gui Xiao. She thinks she shouldn’t tell the professional thing to a kid.

Gui Xiao mentions her mother talked with her in such a way. She thinks it was good to make her think that the world is amazing. Duan Rou thinks Madam Gui taught Gui Xiao well. Gui Xiao asks Duan Rou to sleep with her. Duan Rou rejects it. She reveals she’s going to sleep with Qin Xiaonan.

Duan Rou mentions what Qin Xiaonan told her that he didn’t dare to go to the bathroom when he lived in Gui Xiao’s house. She explains to Gui Xiao that her house is too big. Duan Rou tells Gui Xiao that she promised Qin Xiaonan to turn on lights for him.

Gui Xiao is surprised. She tells Duan Rou that Qin Xiaonan never told it to her. Duan Rou thinks Qin Xiaonan didn’t tell it to Gui Xiao because she’s the master. She feels happy because Qin Xiaonan told it to her. She asks Gui Xiao about the relation of her and her ex-boyfriend.

Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that she and Lu Chen are just friends. She reveals Lu Chen is single. Qin Mingyu calls Qin Xiaonan. Duan Rou picks up the phone. She explains to Qin Mingyu that she picked up the phone by mistake. Because she just woke up.

Duan Rou leaks that she’s Gui Xiao’s colleague who helps Qin Mingyu take care of his son. She tells Qin Mingyu that she likes his son. Qin Mingyu calls Lu Chen. He tells him that his son is still in his ex-girlfriend’s house. Lu Chen denies it. He reveals his friend is taking care of his son.

Qin Mingyu disagrees to what Lu Chen said. He leaks that Gui Xiao’s colleague picked up the phone when he called Qin Xiaonan. He thinks Lu Chen hasn’t return home. He tells him to buy Gui Xiao a meal. Lu Chen waits for Gui Xiao and Qin Xiaonan. He tells Qin Xiaonan to get in his jeep.

Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he’s off duty. He intends to wait for her with Qin Xiaonan. He claims that he will wait for her no matter how long he waits. She rejects it because Qin Xiaonan needs to complete his homework. He plans to find a place to take Qin Xiaonan to do his homework.

Gui Xiao is against it. She thinks it will turn Qin Xiaonan into a bad kid. He’s surprised that she’s good at taking care of kids. She tells him that she’s surprised that he could take care of kids alone. She hands over her house key to him. She tells him that she does it for Qin Xiaonan. She’s happy to walk away.

Lu Chen gets into Gui Xiao’s house with Qin Xiaonan. Qin Xiaonan throws the slippers to Lu Chen. He tells him to change the slippers. He plans to get him drinks. Lu Chen tells Qin Xiaonan to get lost. He reminds him that it’s not his house.

Qin Xiaonan smiles. He tells Lu Chen not to touch Gui Xiao’s books before he goes to do homework. Gui Xiao returns home. She sees Lu Chen sleeping on her couch. She takes a look at the table. She finds out that he prepared a dinner for her.

Gui Xiao is close to Lu Chen. He wakes up when she stares at him. She mentions she ordered food for them. She thinks the food is wasted. He disagrees to what she said. He goes to heat the food. Gui Xiao hands over Qin Xiaonan’s homework to Lu Chen. He tells her that he’s free before he leaves her house.

Lu Chen knocks at the door. He asks Gui Xiao if she wants to return home with him. He thinks she can live in Meng Xiaoshan’s house. He tells her to go to pack her stuff. Lu Chen takes Gui Xiao home. He tells her that there’s nobody cleaning the house because he hasn’t returned home.

Master Lu breaks into the room. Lu Chen ignores Master Lu. He takes Gui Xiao to leave the house. He tells her that the guy is his father. She tells him that she knows his father. She adds that she remembered Master Lu’s voice. He remembers Master Lu asked him to come out when he hid with Gui Xiao in the room.

Lu Chen is surprised that Gui Xiao has remembered it for many years. He apologizes to her for ruining the weekend. She comforts him that she can take the weekend with him there. She thinks he’s boring. She mentions he had a date with her at the repair shop. He tells her to leave the repair shop with him.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with Lu Chen taking Gui Xiao to the billiard club. He opens the door with the key. He leaks that the key was given by Qing Feng. Gui Xiao walks into the billiard club with Lu Chen. He reveals he was sit in front of the window. He adds that he saw her talking with Hai Jianfeng.

Gui Xiao runs to the window. She takes a look at outside. She finds out that Lu Chen could see her coming. She has a seat on the chair he sat before. She asks him why he pretended not to know her. He explains to her that there were many people in the club.

Gui Xiao wonders how many times she broke up with Lu Chen. He points out that she kept dumping him. He thinks it’s not called breakup. She agrees to what he said that it was a fight on her side. She remembers she had a fight with him because there was a desk-mate having feelings for him. She confesses that she’s still jealous. He thinks it’s ordinary. He grabs her hand. But they’re caught by the guard.

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