Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Gui Xiao texts Lu Chen and asks him if Qin Xiaonan is fine. Lu Chen takes a look at Qin Xiaonan when the kid is eating the noodles. Lu Chen mentions what Qin Xiaonan told him that he misses Gui Xiao. Gui Xiao smiles.

Does Hai Jianfeng Have Feelings for Gui Xiao?

Road Home Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Lu Chen runs into the guy. The guy invites Lu Chen to go fishing. Lu Chen rejects it. But he tells Qin Xiaonan to go fishing with the guy. The guy promises to buy Qin Xiaonan a good meal. Lu Chen returns home. He cleans up his room.

Lu Chen waits for Gui Xiao at the repair shop. She arrives at the shop. He drives her car into the shop. The old man asks Gui Xiao if her car was fixed. She laughs to admit it. Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that there’s a problem in her car. She leaves the car to him. She asks him about Qin Xiaonan.

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Lu Chen reveals Qin Xiaonan went fishing. Gui Xiao wonders why Qin Xiaonan went fishing since he missed her. Lu Chen thinks Qin Xiaonan forgot what he said. Gui Xiao wonders when Qin Xiaonan will come back. She leaks that she bought the kid many snacks.

Lu Chen isn’t sure when Qin Xiao will come back. He tells Gui Xiao to get into the house with him because it’s cold outside. The lady reports to Madam Lu that her son brought a girl to the repair shop. Gui Xiao walks into the room. Lu Chen explains to Lu Chen that the room is a mess because there was a kid living in the room.

Gui Xiao laughs. She points out that the room used to be more messy. She sees the test papers on the desk. She wonders if her math teacher lives well. Lu Chen thinks Gui Xiao has grown up when he strokes her face. He hugs her and tries to kiss her.

But Qin Xiaonan breaks into the room. He explains to Lu Chen that he came back to see Gui Xiao. Lu Chen thinks the fish isn’t enough. He takes Qin Xiaonan to go to buy other ingredients. Madam Lu breaks into the room when Gui Xiao is reading.

Gui Xiao introduces herself as Lu Chen’s classmate to Madam Lu. She reveals Lu Chen went to buy ingredients. She walks out of the room when Madam Lu is cleaning the room. The old man invites Gui Xiao to get into his house because he thinks she’s cold.

Madam Lu shows up. The old man realizes that she’s going to leave. She admits it and reveals Lu Chen doesn’t like to see her. She invites Gui Xiao to come home to have a meal with the kid. She leaves the house. Lu Chen returns to the repair shop. He sees Gui Xiao who’s drinking water.

Lu Chen gets off his jeep. He walks to the house and knocks at the door. Gui Xiao walks out of the house. He wonders why she left his house. She reveals his mother came. She adds that she came out because his mother wasn’t happy.

Lu Chen asks Gui Xiao if his mother gave her hard time. She denies it and thinks his mother is a good person. She mentions Madam Lu invited her and Qin Xiaonan to go to her house to have a meal. She tells Lu Chen to explain it to his mother if he doesn’t want to go to see his mother.

The guy asks Lu Chen a favor. Lu Chen leaves with the guy. Gui Xiao tries to chase Lu Chen. But she kicks the ingredient by mistake. She wonders why he bought two big fishes. Qin Xiaonan tells Gui Xiao that Lu Chen thought she likes big fish.

Gui Xiao gets her hands dirty when she picks the fishes up. She asks the old man for warm water. He brings the warm water to her. He tells her to come often. He walks away. She walks hands with Qin Xiaonan. Hai Dong shows up. He thinks Lu Chen concealed Gui Xiao. He claims that he would come if Lu Chen told it to him.

Hai Dong asks Gui Xiao not to leave before he takes away water for her. She agrees to it. She reveals she plans to live in Meng Xiaoshan’s house. Lu Chen takes Gui Xiao to the kitchen. She tells him that she wants to eat squirrel fish. He tells Hai Dong to buy him a bag of starch.

Hai Dong arrives at the hotel. He stares at the hotel. Meng Xiaoshan knocks at the window of Hai Dong’s car. She thinks he came to borrow money. He explains to her that he came to buy starch. She wonders who could use him. He reveals it was Lu Chen.

Meng Xiaoshan is surprised that Lu Chen wants to cook. She wonders who Lu Chen entertains. Hai Dong reveals it’s Gui Xiao. She gets into the hotel. Gui Xiao holds Lu Chen’s hand. She asks him if he can split bricks. He denies it.

Hai Dong shows up. He praises Gui Xiao and Lu Chen. He shows the starch to Lu Chen. He tells him that he’s waiting for his dishes to let him cry. Lu Chen takes over the starch from Hai Dong. He goes to cook. Gui Xiao tells Hai Dong that he just saw Lu Chen’s mother.

Hai Dong thinks Madam Lu was called by Lu Chen’s aunt. He reveals Lu Chen provoked his father for protecting his older sister. He asks Gui Xiao if she got together with Lu Chen. She denies it. She claims that she and Lu Chen are just ordinary friends.

Lu Chen takes the drunk Hai Dong home. Hai Jianfeng picks his brother Hai Dong up. He sees Gui Xiao. He asks her if she remembers him. She admits it. He mentions he didn’t see her from the class reunion. Hai Dong tells Hai Jianfeng not to think of Gui Xiao. Because Gui Xiao is Lu Chen’s girlfriend.

Hai Jianfeng claims that he’s just excited when he sees his old classmate. Hai Dong tells Lu Chen that Hai Jianfeng had feelings for Gui Xiao when he saw her. He reveals Hai Jianfeng has a photo of Gui Xiao. Hai Dong tells Hai Jianfeng that he would have a chance if Lu Chen didn’t come back.

Lu Chen asks Hai Jianfeng for the photo. Hai Jianfeng hands over the photo to Gui Xiao. She thanks him for keeping the photo for her. She leaves with Lu Chen. Gui Xiao takes a look at the photo. She thinks she was young. Lu Chen wonders why Hai Jianfeng had Gui Xiao’s photo.

Gui Xiao remembers the photo was taken by the teacher. She thinks Hai Jianfeng got the photo from the teacher. Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he wouldn’t come back if she didn’t go to Qining. She stares at him and tells him that she would go to see him if she didn’t lose her car.

Gui Xiao gets off the car. She rings the doorbell. Meng Xiaoshan walks out of the house. She sees Lu Chen. She tells Gui Xiao that she worried that she would sleep in the repair shop. She praises Lu Chen for taking Gui Xiao to her place.

Gui Xiao lies in the bed with Meng Xiaoshan. She reveals she saw Lu Chen’s mother. She thinks Madam Lu isn’t like Lu Chen. Meng Xiaoshan tells Gui Xiao not to see Lu Chen’s families because she thinks they’re not easy to get along.

Gui Xiao calls Lu Chen after Meng Xiaoshan fell asleep. She tells him that she regrets for not staying with him. She mentions they didn’t have a good talk after he had come back. It makes him believe that she wants to see him. He tells her that he doesn’t leave.

Gui Xiao is surprised. She mentions she cannot go out because Meng Xiaoshan fell asleep. He stands on the roof of his jeep. He waves at Gui Xiao and asks her if she sees him. She admits it and worries that he will be found out by someone. He walks away because someone is coming. She sees him off. She smiles.

Lu Chen returns home. He joins Qin Xiaonan. Qin Xiaonan tells Lu Chen that he thought he wouldn’t come back. Lu Chen asks Qin Xiaonan about Gui Xiao’s job. Qin Xiaonan reveals Gui Xiao is an investor. Meng Xiaoshan wakes Gui Xiao. She tells her that Lu Chen bought her a breakfast.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with Gui Xiao going to see Lu Chen. He points at the breakfast. He tells her that he bought her the breakfast. He adds that he cannot turn on the phone because he has a secret task. He tells her that he wants to have a talk with her after she comes back from the business trip.

Lu Chen tells Gui Xiao that he wants to let Gui Xiao know his financial status. Meng Xiaoshan praises Lu Chen. She thinks he doesn’t need to leak it if he just wants to be in love with Gui Xiao. Gui Xiao tells Lu Chen to go to work. He walks away.

Meng Xiaoshan puts the milk on the table. She asks Gui Xiao if her father knows Lu Chen came back. Gui Xiao doesn’t want to tell it to her father. She goes to the company to have a meeting with the employee. She tells the employee to badmouth her when she talks about the contract with the client.

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