Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 11. The guard takes a look at Lu Yanchen. He thinks he had a date with Gui Xiao in the billiard room. He blames him for ruining the lock. Lu Yanchen shows the key to the guard. He tells him that the key was given by his boss.

Does Lu Yanchen Kiss Gui Xiao?

Road Home Chinese Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

The guard learns that Lu Yanchen is the bomb expert. He takes him to see the camera. Gui Xiao watches Lu Yanchen when he fixes the camera. The guard mistakes that Gui Xiao and Lu Yanchen are couple. Gui Xiao denies it. She reveals she and Lu Yanchen are just alumni.

Gui Xiao runs to the house. She takes a look at inside. She thinks it’s not changed at all. Lu Yanchen tells Gui Xiao that she’s not changed as well. She doesn’t hear what he said. She turns around and asks him if he said something.

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Lu Yanchen denies it. But Gui Xiao tells him that she heard him saying something to her. He tells her that he didn’t say anything to her. He intends to escort her to Meng Xiaoshan’s house because he thinks she can only sleep well in Meng family.

Gui Xiao asks Lu Yanchen if his father still beat him. He tells her that his father doesn’t dare to do so. Gui Xiao visits Meng Xiaoshan. Meng Xiaoshan is surprised when she sees Gui Xiao. Because Gui Xiao didn’t tell her that she would come.

Meng Xiaoshan sees Lu Yanchen. Gui Xiao and Meng Xiaoshan get into the house. Lu Yanchen walks away. Gui Xiao walks to the balcony. She texts Lu Yanchen and asks him if he reached home. He tells her to look up. She sees him who’s waving at her. She smiles.

Gui Xiao calls Lu Yanchen. He asks her if she wants to return to Qining with him. He reveals he wants to take the household register for Qin Xiaonan. He tells her that Qining is the second hometown to him. He regrets for not taking her to walk around because they weren’t happy.

Lu Yanchen tells Gui Xiao that he wants to take her to see his old friends. She tells him that she can leave anytime. He hangs up and jumps off the wall. He gets in his jeep. He stares at her. She waves at him. He drives the jeep away.

Lu Yanchen meets with his older sister Lu Tongtong. He tells her that he just helped Qin Feng fix the camera. She thanks him for his brother-in-law. She reveals Qin Feng worried that the students will be in danger. She adds that Qin Feng won’t sleep well if Lu Yanchen didn’t come back. Lu Tongtong hands over the spare rib soup to Lu Yanchen. She tells him not to starve the kid. He tells her to get into the house. Because he thinks Qin Feng is waiting for her.

Lu Yanchen brings the spare rib soup to Qin Xiaonan. Qin Xiaonan asks Lu Yanchen about Gui Xiao. Lu Yanchen reveals Gui Xiao went to her friend’s house. Qin Xiaonan complains to Lu Yanchen that he has waited for Gui Xiao. Lu Yanchen tells Qin Xiaonan that he’s going to go to Qining. He asks him if he needs him to take something back.

Qin Xiaonan is surprised that Lu Yanchen wants to leave since he just made some progress. Lu Yanchen pinches Qin Xiaonan’s face. He wonders why he keeps worrying about his business. Qin Xiaonan tells Lu Yanchen that he worries that he cannot get Gui Xiao again because the girl is so outstanding.

Lu Yanchen tells Qin Xiaonan that Gui Xiao is going to return to Qining with him. He tells him to be careful because there’s no person taking care of him. Lu Yanchen remembers what Qin Xiaonan told him that he worries that he cannot get Gui Xiao again.

Lu Yanchen’s mother Madam Lu shows up. She tells Lu Yanchen not to return home because his father Master Lu is drunk. She tells him not to put Master Lu’s words into his mind. Because Master Lu is his real father. Lu Yanchen comforts Madam Lu that it’s fine that Master Lu doesn’t kick his older sister out.

Duan Rou wonders why Gui Xiao’s first lover wished to return to Qining. Gui Xiao reveal Qining is Lu Yanchen’s second hometown. Duan Rou worries that there’s nobody taking care of Qin Xiaonan. Gui Xiao tells Duan Rou that Hai Dong will take care of Qin Xiaonan.

Duan Rou mentions Hai Dong couldn’t tutor Qin Xiaonan’s homework. She tells Gui Xiao to leave the kid to her. Gui Xiao is surprised that Duan Rou likes kids. Duan Rou asks Gui Xiao for the number of the kid’s father. Meng Xiaoshan stops Gui Xiao before she leaves with Lu Yanchen. She thinks Lu Yanchen shouldn’t take Gui Xiao to go to a trip because they just got together.

Meng Xiaoshan tells Gui Xiao to protect herself. She worries that she cannot break up with Lu Yanchen if they have a kid. Meng Xiaoshan’s husband thinks Meng Xiaoshan said something she shouldn’t say. She claims that she just worried that Gui Xiao will be silly.

Lu Yanchen parks his car at Service Area. He tells her to take a break. She gets off the car and goes to buy him a cup of coffee. She hands over the coffee. She notes that he’s looking at the map. She points out that they have a GPS.

Lu Yanchen explains to Gui Xiao that he got used to look at the map. He reveals he came to the place before. He thinks something cannot be found by GPS. She tells him to leave Qin Xiaonan to her because he has debts. He rejects it because Qin Mingyi will give him living expenses.

Gui Xiao tells Lu Yanchen not to put what Meng Xiaoshan said into his mind. He promises to pay off the debts within two years. He adds that he’s going to get married with her. He tells her that he won’t sleep with her if she doesn’t want to get married with him. Gui Xiao laughs to show the double bed they booked to Lu Yanchen.

Lu Yanchen arrives at the mountain villa. The guy hugs Lu Yanchen. Lu Yanchen introduces Gui Xiao as his girlfriend to the guy Sun Hao. Sun Hao tells Lu Yanchen that he would arrange a lover suite for her if he told him about it early.

Sun Hao prepares a meal for Gui Xiao. He reveals Lu Chen was shot when he protected someone. She’s shocked. Lu Yanchen takes Gui Xiao to the hotel. He opens the door of the suite. She wonders how many suite in the room. He catches the chance to kiss her.

Lu Yanchen takes Gui Xiao to the bed. He asks her if he can sleep with her. She nods and mentions he didn’t ask her about it when he kissed her. She touches his scar. He grabs her hand and points out that it was normal to get hurt. He tells her that it’s his duty to protect the nation.

Gui Xiao asks Lu Yanchen why he didn’t tell it to her. He mentions what the old captain asked him not to tell some words to his families. He adds that the families won’t get any benefit except worrying. He mentions what the team member said that he belongs to the team after he got hurt.

Gui Xiao is in Lu Yanchen’s arms. She touches his scar again. She tears up and mentions he didn’t listen to her if she told him not to join the team. She thinks he suffered a lot. He wipes off her tears. She laughs when she hears the girl scolding her boyfriend for taking her to the resort in winter.

Lu Yanchen tells Gui Xiao that he’s going to go to sleep with Sun Hao. She smiles. He walks out of the hotel. Sun Hao mistakes that Lu Yanchen had a fight with Gui Xiao. Lu Yanchen gets on the horse. Sun Hao follows him. Sun Hao takes Lu Yanchen to see Old Hero.

Old Hero hands over the wine to Lu Yanchen. Lu Yanchen tells Old Hero that he knows the title “Family Glory” was exchanged by blood and tears. Old Hero thanks Lu Yanchen for saying so to him. Gui Xiao wakes up. She walks out of the hotel. She sees Lu Yanchen who’s drinking the milk tea.

Gui Xiao joins Lu Yanchen. She lets him hug her. He feeds her the milk tea to warm her body. He mentions what Madam Sun told him that the couple left the hotel because it’s too cold. Gui Xiao laughs to admit it. She tries to tell Lu Yanchen that she was awake from cold.

But Lu Yanchen tells Gui Xiao to take a look at the sunrise. He tells her that it’s called Morning Sunrise. She smiles when she looks at him. Madam Sun brings the milk tea to Gui Xiao. She tells her and Lu Yanchen that they’re only VIPs after the couple left.

Road Home Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Ending

Episode 11 of Road Home Chinese Drama ends with the seller taking Duan Rou to see the senior residence. She tells her that the residence is very good. Qin Xiaonan wonders why they keep seeing senior residence. Duan Rou takes him to have a meal. She hands over the food to him. She reveals she came from single parent family like him.

Duan Rou tells Qin Xiaonan that she looked for senior residences because she doesn’t have time to take care of her mother. She wonders why his father didn’t contact him. He leaks that his father is very busy. He brags that his father is the captain after Lu Yanchen left. Lu Yanchen gets a call from Gui Xiao’s father when he’s having a meal with Gui Xiao.

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