The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 38 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 38. Heavenly Emperor asks Guang Tian if You Qin remembered something when he fought with Ye Tan. Guang Tian reveals You Qin didn’t remember his past. But You Qin didn’t kill Ye Tan.

Did Old Heavenly Emperor Kill All of Flower Spirits from Soul Lamp?

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 38.

Heavenly Emperor thinks Ye Tan has many supporters. He worries she will make You Qin remember something. He tells Guang Tian to follow You Qin. He tells him to kill the person if he wants to tell You Qin the truth. You Qin returns to his palace. He tells his followers that he failed to kill Ye Tan.

The followers are happy after they heard the good news. It makes You Qin believe that his followers know Ye Tan. Fei Chi tries to tell You Qin the truth. But Guang Tian tells Fei Chi and Han Mo to leave You Qin’s palace because he needs to have a meeting with You Qin.

Han Mo walks out of You Qin’s palace with Fei Chi. He tells Fei Chi to tell the truth to You Qin. Fei Chi mentions Guang Tian has tangled You Qin. He thinks Guang Tian received Heavenly Emperor’s order. He adds that there’re many spies of Heavenly Emperor are watching them.

You Qin remembers Heavenly Empress stopped him when he volunteered to go to kill Ye Tan. He wonders who’s Ye Tan. He remembers what Heavenly Emperor told him that Ye Tan isn’t related to them. He wonders why Heavenly Emperor didn’t wish him to know Ye Tan’s real identity.

You Qin takes a look at the box. He remembers Ye Tan told him that she’s his wife. Fei Chi reminds You Qin that it’s time to watch stars. He tells him to go to Watching Stars Stage. Guang Tian tries to follow You Qin. Fei Chi stops Guang Tian. Guang Tian reminds Fei Chi that the one who bewitches You Qin will be killed.

Hai Chao takes Emperor Tun and Ye Tan to see Qing Kui. Emperor Tun sees the flower spirit. Chao Feng tells Emperor Tun that the flower spirit is Qing Kui. Emperor Tun calls Qing Kui when he watches the flower spirit. Chao Feng tells Ye Tan that he has heard the case of You Qin.

Chao Feng tells Ye Tan that he can take his troops to attack Heavenly Realm if she worries about You Qin. She rejects it because she doesn’t wish Heavenly Emperor to use You Qin. She tells him to take care of Emperor Tun. She thinks she won’t have a chance to take care of Emperor Tun if she goes to Heavenly Realm.

Emperor Tun scolds Ye Tan. He tells her to come back without losing anything. Chao Feng comforts Ye Tan that he will take care of Emperor Tun because Emperor Tun is his father-in-law. Ye Tan mentions her life was given by Qing Kui. She swears not to lose.

Emperor Tun feels uncomfortable after Ye Tan left. Consort Xue persuades Emperor Tun to go to take a break in Emperor Li’s palace. He tells Qing Kui to protect her younger sister. You Qin watches the stars. He wonders why the tail of turtle is lack of Moon Swallow. He remembers he gave Moon Swallow to Ye Tan.

Ye Tan watches the stars. She takes a look at Moon Swallow. She tells You Qin that she cannot forget him even if he forgot her. She thinks it’s too late to them. She mentions she’s going to attack Heavenly Realm. She thinks she doesn’t have time to tell their story to him.

Ye Tan thinks she and You Qin’s love is just a dream. She casts Moon Swallow to the sky. She wishes her not to be enemy with You Qin. Ye Tan arrives in Heavenly Realm. The bodyguard reports it to Heavenly Emperor. Heavenly Emperor tells the bodyguard to summon heavenly generals.

Ye Tan walks into Cloud Palace. She pulls out her sword when she faces Heavenly Emperor. You Qin shows up. He blocks Ye Tan. Heavenly Emperor tells You Qin to kill Ye Tan. But You Qin turns around. He tells Heavenly Emperor that he won’t point his sword at Ye Tan even if Four Realms don’t exist.

Heavenly Emperor is surprised that You Qin remembered it. He wonders how did he take back his memories since he sent Guang Tian to watch him. You Qin looks at Ye Tan. He tells her that it’s too hard to forget their love. He tells Heavenly Emperor that Guang Tian couldn’t control him. Fei Chi and Han Mo take Guang Tian to show up. Guang Tian thinks he let Heavenly Emperor down.

It flashes back. You Qin picks Moon Swallow. He thinks he didn’t protect Ye Tan well. Guang Tian tries to flee. But he’s caught by Fei Chi and Han Mo. You Qin returns Moon Swallow to Ye Tan. She feels happy after knowing You Qin doesn’t forget her. Yang Jian welcomes Ye Tan.

Heavenly Emperor blames You Qin for contacting Heavenly Troops and helping Ye Tan break into Cloud Palace. Qing Heng reports to Heavenly Emperor that he helped You Qin contact Heavenly Troops. Di Lanjue points out that Qing Heng couldn’t send the message to Ye Tan without his treasure.

Heavenly Emperor thinks You Qin and Qing Heng are his good sons to fool their father. You Qin thinks Heavenly Emperor isn’t a good father to make him fight with his lover. Heavenly Emperor mentions You Qin disobeyed him many times for the witch.

You Qin tells Heavenly Emperor that he doesn’t want to be an enemy with him. He tells him that he fixed Ruin for him. He adds that he doesn’t want to see her lover fighting with his father. He thinks it’s an illusion that Immortal Clan fears East Hill.

You Qin asks Heavenly Emperor to hand over Soul Lamp to Ye Tan and admit his mistakes. Qing Heng agrees to what You Qin said. He tells Heavenly Emperor that he just wishes him to make up his mistakes. He mentions it was the first lesson he gave him.

Heavenly Emperor yells at his sons. He thinks they’re forcing him. He believes that Ye Tan won’t forgive him even if he promises it. Ye Tan walks to Heavenly Emperor. She tells him that her sister won’t resurrect even if he kills himself.

Ye Tan tells Heavenly Emperor that she will forgive him if he gives Soul Lamp to her. He’s surprised that Ye Tan broke his palace just for a lamp. He gives the lamp to Su Zhi. She cries when she catches the lamp. She thinks she took back the souls of her parents and the clansmen.

Su Zhi tries to release the souls from Soul Lamp. But she fails. She tells the people that there’s no flower spirits in Soul Lamp. Ye Tan points her sword at Heavenly Emperor. She asks him what he did to the flower spirits of East Hill. He tells her that Immortal Clan wouldn’t keep the flower spirits. He reveals his father knew Ling Pu was kind to gather the flower spirit of East Hill into Soul Lamp.

Old Heavenly Emperor shows Soul Lamp to Xiao Yi. He releases the flower spirits from Soul Lamp. He thinks it’s ridiculous that East Hill Clan thought there will be a resurrect day if they hide the flower spirits into the lamp. He tells Xiao Yi not to have his mercy. He kills all of the flower spirits.

Heavenly Emperor leaks that he witnessed his father burned all of the flower spirits. He adds that he learned the emperor art for the first time. He reveals the death looks of the flower spirits are mournful. He thought his father was heartless. But he knew Immortal Clan will be killed if he didn’t kill the flower spirits.

Su Zhi mentions she suffered and she wished to reunite with her parents. She doesn’t expect that the flower spirits has passed away. She thinks her clansmen did nothing wrong to ask for a pure land. She yells at Heavenly Emperor why Immortal Clan didn’t forgive a small clan.

Su Zhi tries to attack Heavenly Emperor. But she’s defeated by him. Qing Heng goes to take care of Su Zhi. Ye Tan fights with Heavenly Emperor. She defeats him with just one hit. He thinks she’s not qualified to kill him because Qing Kui passed away for her.

Heavenly Emperor yells at Ye Tan that she’s not qualified to trample on his palace. He thinks she was the evil chief who killed everyone. Zi Wu tells Ye Tan to ignore what Heavenly Emperor said. She tells her to kill Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor reveals there were many people asking him and Emperor Li to kill Ye Tan and Qing Kui after knowing they’re doom flowers. He tells Ye Tan that people won’t tolerate her if she’s alive. Su Zhi mentions Ye Tan promised her to take back the justice for East Hill. She tells her to kill Heavenly Emperor.

Zi Wu tells Ye Tan to take revenge Qing Kui. Ye Tan breaks Heavenly Emperor’s core. She mentions she was treated as unlucky star by people. She thinks she cannot change the people’s mind through just killing one person. She thinks she took revenge because everyone rebelled Heavenly Emperor.

Ye Tan tells Su Zhi that they cannot cut off human’s heart. She tries to leave Cloud Palace. You Qin stops her. He thanks her for forgiving his father. He walks away with her. Heavenly Emperor tells the people to get lost. Everyone leaves his palace.

Emperor Tun walks out of Burning Palace. He takes a look at the throne. He asks Di Lanjue if Ye Tan is fine. Zi Wu reveals Ye Tan wasn’t hurt. She adds that Ye Tan forgave Heavenly Emperor. She tells Emperor that Ye Tan went to pay his respect to her older sister. Zi Wu leaves. Ye Tan holds the flower spirit. She tells Qing Kui that she took revenge her.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 38 Ending

Episode 38 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Ye Tan telling Qing Kui that she will continue to live because she has many friends who care for her. Qing Kui hugs Ye Tan. Ye Tan cries to ask Qing Kui to teach her how to embroider.

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