She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 7-10 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 7-10. Qin Shi returns home. She sees Ren Meimei and Yang Hua. Ren Meimei invites Qin Shi to enjoy the hot pot with her. But Qin Shi drags Yang Hua to the room. She closes the door.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

She and Her Perfect Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 7-10.

Qin Shi asks Yang Hua what he said to Ren Meimei. He tells her that he told Ren Meimei that he’s her boyfriend. She asks him if he knows who Ren Meimei is. He tells her that he knows Ren Meimei is her best friend. Ren Meimei tells the two to come out to have a talk.

Qin Shi opens the door. She introduces Yang Hua as her boyfriend to Ren Meimei. She tells Yang Hua that Ren Meimei is her sister-in-law. Yang Hua tries to call Ren Meimei sister-in-law. But she rejects it. She tells him to call her Mei Mei before she knows him and Qin Shi’s relationship.

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Ren Meimei wonders why Qin Shi came back when she heard someone is accompanying her to drink. She reminds her that she’s sweating. She mentions Yang Hua told her that he encountered Qin Shi in Hokkaido. She remembers the one who accompanied her to Hokkaido was her.

Qin Shi chokes. Yang Hua goes to take tissue. Ren Meimei praises Qin Shi for concealing a man for two years. Yang Hua hands over the tissue to Qin Shi. He tells her to wipe her face. Ren Meimei feels honored to know the secret of Qin Shi and Yang Hua even if she doesn’t know why they keep their love relationship a secret.

Ren Meimei tries to add Yang Hua’s WeChat. But he tells her that he only has six friends on his WeChat. He explains to her that he wouldn’t use smartphone if it wasn’t because of the phone bill. He thinks phone is enough to call people.

Ren Meimei asks Yang Hua if he doesn’t have friends. He denies it and thinks he doesn’t need the social media software to prove it. He believes that ignorance is a kind of happiness. Qin Shi agrees to what Yang Hua said. She mentions Ren Meimei likes to manage her second older brother.

Yang Hua places the dish into Qin Shi’s bowl. Ren Meimei asks Yang Hua how much money the person should get to gain happiness. He thinks it’s 4,500 yuan. She points out that it’s not enough for the loan. He thinks he can rent house with someone. He believes that he doesn’t need a heater.

Ren Meimei thinks Yang Hua should buy clothes. He believes that a few of clothes are enough to deal with four seasons. She asks him if he eats. She reminds him that the ingredients are expensive. She thinks he should spend at least 1,000 yuan per month. But he tells her that it’s too much to him.

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Qin Shi reports to Tang Yinhui that Zhao Danping came. She tells her to take it easy. Zhao Danping knocks at the door. Tang Yinhui lets her in. She welcomes her. Zhao Danping introduces Attorney Liang to Tang Yinhui. Tang Yinhui tells Zhao Danping to drink the tea.

Zhao Danping rejects it. She thinks Tang Yinhui knows why she came to her company. Tang Yinhui thinks the rumor brought a big trouble to President Lan. She reveals she wanted to explain it to President Lan. But she thought President Lan not just needs an apology.

Zhao Danping thinks Tang Yinhui has mental preparation since she knows she made the rumor. Tang Yinhui comforts Zhao Danping. She thinks she needs to know the truth. Qin Shi shows the photo to Zhao Danping. She tells her that the one who spread the rumor doesn’t come from their law firm.

Zhao Danping thinks Qin Shi wants to shirk responsibility. Qin Shi denies it. She reveals the person who leaked the message was Xiao Gao. Xiao Gao is takes away. Tang Yinhui asks Zhao Danping to apologize to President Lan for her. Zhao Danping applauds. She praises Tang Yinhui.

Zhao Danping reminds Tang Yinhui that she cannot take the duty even if she fired the lawyer. Qin Shi explains to Zhao Danping that she wants to tell her that they’re victims. She wishes her not to let the little case affect their good relationship.

But Zhap Danping tells Tang Yinhui that she missed the chance. She hands over the bill to her and tells her that President Lan insisted on paying the bill. She tells her that they care for their reputation. She wishes not to hear any message about Luowei Yulan.

Zhao Danping leaves with Attorney Liang. Tang Yinhui sighs after she got the money. She’s happy to hug Qin Shi. She wonders where Xiao Gao got the message. Qin Shi remembers she watched the footage and found out that Xiao Gao had heard Li Dai and Lao Qiao’s talk.

Qin Shi tells Tang Yinhui to let it go. Tang Yinhui thinks Qin Shi took a big credit. She wants to buy her an expensive bag. Qin Shi thinks Tang Yinhui knows what she wants. Tang Yinhui tells Qin Shi to come to the partner party with her husband.

But Qin Shi tells Tang Yinhui that her husband is very busy. Tang Yinhui reminds Qin Shi that she wouldn’t be on the list if she doesn’t have a husband. She mentions she had to let Ms. Bian leave when she was told that she wanted to go to give a birth.

Qin Shi thinks giving a birth just gives Ms. Bian a new identity. Tang Yinhui asks Qin Shi who will take the duty for the loss. She tells her to think about what she should do when she needs to make a choice. Qin Shi remembers the interviewer asked her if she got married.

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Qin Shi tells Madam Yang that she got married with Yang Hua because they don’t want to be in love. Madam Yang asks Yang Hua when he only wants to get married. He explains to her that he wished to get married after she encountered Qin Shi.

Madam Yang reminds Yang Hua that he will ruin himself. Qin Shi mentions Madam Yang wished Yang Hua to get married. Madam Yang admits it. She claims that she wants his son to look for a good girl. She tells Yang Hua that she wishes him to get married with a girl he likes.

But Yang Hua thinks Qin Shi is suitable for him. Madam Yang is against it. She believes that Qin Shi will get a divorce with Yang Hua even if they get married. Qin Shi stands up. She asks Madam Yang if she actually cares for Yang Hua’s feelings.

Qin Shi tells Madam Yang not to use the bias to hurt Yang Hua. Madam Yang asks Yang Hua to return home with her. She promises not to force him to get married. She tells him that she won’t speak anything even if he’s single all his life.

Qin Shi tells Madam Yang that she doesn’t wish her to talk about her business with her colleagues. Madam Yang tells Qin Shi that she won’t come even if she invites her. She’s furious to take Yang Hua away. Yang Hua tells Madam Yang to leave first. He reveals he has a business which he needs to deal with. He promises to return home.

Qin Shi gets off the elevator. She’s surprised to see Yang Hua because she thought he left. He carries her to her office. The colleagues try to watch the couple. Li Dai stops them. But she returns to her office and eavesdrops on the conversation of Qin Shi and Yang Hua.

Yang Hua takes care of Qin Shi’s feet. She thinks she hasn’t favored by someone for a long time. He tells her not to wear heels. He apologizes to her for his mother. He hopes his mother didn’t bring a big trouble to her. She reveals she can bear the trouble because she came back early.

Li Dai asks Lao Qiao why he conceals his marriage if he got married. He tells her that the question doesn’t have an answer. So she asks him if he would go on blind dates if his mother doesn’t know him getting married. He denies it. She wonders if he went on the blind date. He tells her that it means that he’s seeing someone if he did it.

Li Dai realizes that Qin Shi didn’t get married if Yang Hua is single. Vivian has a seat. She looks around and thinks the restaurant is very expensive. Qin Wenyu tells her that he thinks they should eat something expensive for celebrating his freedom. She tells him that she feels happy even if she eats street food with him.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

Li Dai visits Tang Yinhui with flowers. Tang Yinhui feels happy. Lao Jin tells Lao Ma that the tea cannot be bought in the market. He asks him to drink it. Li Dai takes over the tea from Qin Shi. She thinks it’s a good tea. Lao Jin believes that Li Dai is an expert.

Lao Ma asks Yang Hua which company he works. Qin Shi tells Lao Ma not to hire her husband. It makes him laugh. Li Dai believes that Lao Ma can make Yang Hua reunite with Qin Shi. She asks Qin Shi if she doesn’t agree to it. Qin Shi leaks that she and Yang Hua had a promise before they got married. She thinks the distance is nothing to them.

Lao Jin tells Yang Hua that he’s envy of him as a man. The kid reports to Lao Jin that the meal is ready. Lao Jin takes the guests away. Qin Shi walks Li Dai. She tells her that she was surprised to see her at Lao Jin’s house. Li Dai tells Qin Shi that she was recommended by Lao Ma.

Lao Jin gives the guests a toast. He thanks them for their supports. Yang Hua tries to drink the wine. But Qin Shi asks him to drink juice. Lao Jin tells the guests that they’re going to choose a lawyer to get into Eleventh Floor. Yang Hua tells Qin Shi to go to talk with the lawyers.

But Qin Shi rejects it because those lawyers only talk about women and wine. Li Dai is surprised that there’s a stage which Qin Shi cannot handle. She thinks she and Qin Shi are at the same level. Qin Shi hands over the flower to Li Dai. She cheers her up and walks away.

Yang Hua disagrees to what Li Dai said. He tells her that Qin Shi isn’t like her. He tells the lawyers that he will choose family if he needs to make a choice between family and career. Lao Jin doesn’t believe that Yang Hua will resign.

Lao Jin reminds Yang Hua that he will lose the salary. Yang Hua tries to mention 4,500 yuan. Qin Shi stops him. She tells the lawyers to ask her questions. The maid reports to Lao Jin that the beef is ready. Lao Jin persuades the guests to taste the beef.

Lao Jin tries to hand over the beef to Qin Shi. Yang Hua stops Lao Jin. He reveals Qin Shi doesn’t like to eat beef. It makes the lawyer wish to drink with Yang Hua. Yang Hua rejects it and reveals he cannot drink wine. He gets a call from a woman who praises him for his speech.

The woman asks Yang Hua why he concealed his marriage since his marriage is very perfect. He looks around and sees Li Dai. He remembers his mother asked him to go on a blind date with Li Dai. Li Dai thinks Yang Hua has known who she is.

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