Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 4, 5 & 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 4, 5 & 6. Do-Joon hands over the present to Se-Hyun. Se-Hyun opens the present. He sees some doughnuts. Do-Joon lets Se-Hyun take a look at the doughnut shop. Se-Hyun is surprised that there’s a doughnut shop in Korea.

Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 4 Recap & Ending

Reborn Rich

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 4, 5 & 6.

Do-Joon reveals he asked Yang-Cheol to open the shop. Se-Hyun thinks Do-Joon learned the basic rule of investment from Yang-Cheol when he hands over the doughnut to him. He thinks he proved that he understands him. Young-Ki tells his follower that he wants to know who Se-Hyun meets.

Se-Hyun and Do-Joon walk out of the hotel. Someone takes photos of them. Young-Ki watches the racing car of Soonyang. He thinks Yang-Cheol should feels proud. He asks him to increase the price of buying Hando Steel. But Yang-Cheol lets Young-Ki make the decision himself.

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Dong-Ki mentions the reporters came. Hwa-Young praises Soonyang Motor. She thinks Yang-Cheol shouldn’t waste his time and money in the business. His smiling is frozen. He tries to scold her. But Hyang-Jae takes him away. Hwa-Young follows Yang-Cheol. She tells him to care for his son-in-law.

But Yang-Cheol ignores Hwa-Young. She asks him if she’s his daughter. He tells her not to be greedy. He walks away. She realizes that he doesn’t intend to help her husband. She’s furious to walk away with Chang-Je. He comforts her that Yang-Cheol just doesn’t like him.

Hwa-Young is furious to beat Chang-Je. She thinks she’s just the garnish of Yang-Cheol’s sons. She wants to prove to Yang-Cheol that she’s the entree. She kisses Chang-Je. She’s happy to walk away. Yang-Cheol finds out that the racing car overtook his racing car.

Do-Joon makes Yang-Cheol a cup of tea. He tells him that it’s not over. Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that Yeong-Il came. Yeong-Il smiles to show up. He walks to Yang-Cheol and shakes hands with him. Yeong-Il feels sorry for his racing car overtook Yang-Cheol’s racing car.

Yeong-Il mentions Yang-Cheol wants to buy Hando Steel. He tells him not to give up Soonyang Motor because he wishes to get defeated by him. Yang-Cheol claims that he’s a businessman. Yeong-Il reminds Yang-Cheol that a businessman should make money.

Yang-Cheol mentions Yeong-Il doesn’t have money to buy Hando Steel. He believes that his racing car won’t be defeated by him. He introduces Do-Joon to Yeong-Il. He mentions what Do-Joon told him that it’s not over. Joo-Ryun reports to Young-Ki that there’s a problem on the tire of the racing car.

Young-Ki yells at the racer that he won’t get the money if he’s defeated. The racing car is on fire in the end. Yeong-Il tells Yang-Cheol that he won’t defeat him. Because Yang-Cheol is alone even if he has sons and grandson. Young-Ki shows up. He comforts Yang-Cheol that he will resolve the problem.

Young-Ki tells Yang-Cheol that he will use money to make reporters not cover it. Yang-Cheol is furious to slap Young-Ki. He takes a look at his sons and his grandson. He walks away. Dong-Ki follows Yang-Cheol. He believes that Young-Ki just tried to save Yang-Cheol’s face.

Yang-Cheol yells at Dong-Ki. He thinks Young-Ki’s problem is that he always wants to be the best. He mentions Young-Ki is going to manage the company. He gets in the car and leaves. The follower reports to Hyang-Jae that Yang-Cheol cannot come to the party. Dong-Ki scolds the follower. He threatens to fire him. The follower is scared to run away.

Joo-Ryun reports to the Dong-Ki that the workers at the track didn’t find Yang-Cheol. Young-Ki tells Hyang-Jae that the even will be begun without Yang-Cheol. Do-Joon agrees to what Young-Ki said. But he reminds him that the reporters will think he had a fight with his father. He volunteers to take Yang-Cheol to the event.

Do-Joon is on the way to look for Yang-Cheol. He reveals he knows where Yang-Cheol is after he read his book. He remembers he saw Yang-Cheol after he had been off duty. He read the book on the bus. He arrives at the house. He walks into the house and finds Yang-Cheol’s truck. But Yang-Cheol isn’t there.

Do-Joon gets a call from Hyang-Jae. He tries to tell him that he didn’t find Yang-Cheol. But he sees the light in another house. He walks into the house and finds out that Yang-Cheol is fixing the car. He tells him that he came to take him to the event.

Yang-Cheol is surprised to see Do-Joon. He asks him how he found the place. He’s furious to yell at him. He asks him if he also believes that he wasted his money on Soonyang Motors. He tells him to leave because he thinks his two sons can handle the event.

Do-Joon holds the light for Yang-Cheol. He tells him that he believes that Soonyang Motors is the engine which helps him run his business. Yang-Cheol is cheered up by the word “engine”. He attends the event and gives a speech that Soonyang Motors is the engine of Soonyang. He walks to the car and waves at people when he smiles.

Dong-Ki walks Do-Joon. He reminds him that Yang-Cheol will get angry if he fails to buy Hando Steel. But Do-Joon thinks Yang-Cheol should give up buying Hando Steel. He walks away. Dong-Ki sees Do-Joon off. He remembers the driver reported to him that Do-Joon had met with Se-Hyun. He smiles.

Se-Hyun watches the news. He learns that Daeyoung Group promised to give 600 million dollars to Hando Steel. He calls Do-Joon and thinks Daeyoung Group joined the bidding battle. Young-Ki walks Hyang-Jae. He wonders how did Daeyoung Group got the money.

Hyang-Jae thinks Daeyoung Group got the money from someone else. Young-Ki tells Joo-Ryun to find the person. Hwa-Young walks into her office. She mentions what she told Chang-Je that she will show her power to her father. She smiles.

Joo-Ryun reports to Young-Ki that Hwa-Young’s shop has a cash flow problem. He leaves his office. The follower reports to Young-Ki that Power Shares increased their bid. Dong-Ki doesn’t wish Power Shares to win. He tells his follower to hand over the meeting photos of Do-Joon and Se-Hyun to Yang-Cheol.

Yang-Cheol learns that Power Shares came from New York. He remembers Do-Joon went to New York. Min-Young is told that she will get the scholarship because of her father. She runs into Do-Joon. She chases him and sees him getting in the car.

Yang-Cheol mentions Do-Joon is the only family who got into the law school. He asks him if he’s seeing a girl. Do-Joon denies it. Yang-Cheol worries that Do-Joon will be like his father. He tells him that he won’t forgive anyone who betrayed him even if the person is his family.

Yang-Cheol asks Do-Joon where he used his money. Do-Joon reveals he invested in a movie. Yang-Cheol complains that he doesn’t have a smart grandson. Min-Young takes the flowers to see the customer. She’s surprised to see Do-Joon. She walks into his room and places the flowers on the table. Min-Young tells Do-Joon that she rejected the scholarship. He asks her if he needs to praise her for what she did.

Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 5 Recap & Ending

Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that IMF asked them to open market. Yang-Cheol is furious to walk into the meeting room. He asks his followers how they can avoid the financial crisis. Do-Joon thinks he was the only one who knew the crisis.

Rachel shows up. She asks Do-Joon to sign the paper that Se-Hyun is the president of Miracle Investment. Se-Hyun takes over the paper. He asks Do-Joon how he knew the crisis would come. Do-Joon believes that the financial officers knew the crisis.

Se-Hyun agrees to what Do-Joon said. He returns the paper to him. Do-Joon signs the abbreviation of his real name. Se-Hyun is confused. Rachel thinks Do-Joon used the nickname because he wants to rule the world. He admits it and asks Se-Hyun to buy Ahjin Motors.

Se-Hyun is surprised that Do-Joon is interested in Ahjin Motors. Do-Joon tells Se-Hyun that Ahjin Motors is the miracle. The gate of Ahjin Motors is closed. Hyun-Woo’s father leaves the company with his colleagues. President tells the people that there will be more people being fired.

Yeong-Il walks into the meeting room with Yang-Cheol. He tells him that he worries about Soonyang Motors since Ahjin Motors was closed. Yang-Cheol laughs to point out that it won’t be easy to make Daeyoung Motors go global. Yeong-Il laughs as well. He mentions Dong-Ki begged him to buy Hando Steel. He’s surprised that Yang-Cheol took his second son’s side.

Yang-Cheol tries to tell something to Yeong-Il. But President shows up. Dong-Ki follows Yang-Cheol. He asks him if he promised something. Yang-Cheol throws a fit to Dong-Ki. Hyang-Jae reports to Young-Ki that President is going to do something to Soonyang.

Young-Ki asks Yang-Cheol how President will deal with Ahjin Motors. Dong-Ki doesn’t believe that there won’t be a person who wishes to buy Ahjin Motors. But Yang-Cheol tells Dong-Ki that he’s interested in Ahjin Motors. Dong-Ki persuades his father to give up the plan. But Yang-Cheol insists on buying Ahjin Motors because he wants to survive.

Se-Hyun tells Do-Joon that Yang-Cheol wants to buy Ahjin Motors. Do-Joon thinks Yang-Cheol does it for avoiding the reorganization of Soonyang Motors. Se-Hyun thinks he will give Ahjin Motors to Yang-Cheol if he’s President. He asks Do-Joon if he’s confident to defeat his grandfather.

Yang-Cheol wants to borrow money from banks to buy Ahjin Motors. But Hyang-Jae points out that they cannot get the loan because of Hando Steel. Yang-Cheol wants to sell their properties. But Young-Ki reminds Yang-Cheol that they have sold their properties.

Yang-Cheol yells at Young-Ki. He asks him if what he meant is that he cannot get Ahjin Motors. He walks to the window. Young-Ki reminds Yang-Cheol that they have the money to buy Ahjin Motors if Dong-Ki didn’t give his money to Yeong-Il. Dong-Ki tries to explain it. Yang-Cheol stops his two sons.

Sung-Joon arrives at the airport. He tries to call someone. Hyun-Min stops Sung-Joon. She thinks he’s waiting for his secretary. She tells him that his secretary will be late. The newspapers block Joo-Ryun’s way. Joo-Ryun gets off his car to help the worker to carry newspapers.

Hyun-Min mentions she and Sung-Joon would leave a big impression after their suitcases were switched. She tells him to reject her. She hands over the photos of him and the girls to him. She leaves the airport. Joo-Ryun shows up. He explains to Sung-Joon that he was stopped by the newspaper. Sung-Joon tells Joo-Ryun that he has known it. He lets him leave with him.

Pil-Ok welcomes Sung-Joon. She gives him a hug. She tells Jung-Rae to prepare food for Sung-Joon. But Young-Ki reminds Pil-Ok that Sung-Joon needs to go to see his grandfather. Sung-Joon goes to the second floor. He knocks at the door and tells Yang-Cheol that he came back.

Yang-Cheol is happy to applaud when Sung-Joon walks to him. He gives him a hug and welcomes him. He takes a look at him and asks him if he completed his study. But Sung-Joon tells Yang-Cheol that he wants to stay by his side and learn from him. Yang-Cheol agrees to it. He tells Sung-Joon to go to take a break.

Yang-Cheol tells Sung-Joon that he wishes him to get married when he walks. Jung-Rae takes a look at the girl’s photo. She doesn’t believe that the girl will care for her son. She complains that she wouldn’t let Sung-Joon marry the girl if Young-Ki could win Yang-Cheol’s heart. Sung-Joon reminds his mother that he needs to take a break. She throws the photo to the bed and leaves his room. He goes to the bed and picks up the photo. He takes a look at the photo.

Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that Miracle Investment wants to buy Ahjin Motors. Yang-Cheol is surprised that Se-Hyun wants to get Ahjin Motors. Rachel goes to Ahjin Motors with Se-Hyun. They run into the protesters. Se-Hyun thinks the protesters are waiting for someone.

Se-Hyun meets with Hyun-Chang. Hyun-Chang tells Se-Hyun that he’s looking for a person who can save his company. Rachel hands over the paper to Hyun-Chang. Mr. Ha picks Do-Joon up. Do-Joon tells Mr. Ha that he has known that he’s the spy of Dong-Ki. He asks him to hand over the key to him.

Do-Joon goes to Kyung-Hee’s restaurant. He finds out that the restaurant is closed because of debts. Kyung-Hee shows up behind Do-Joon. She thinks everyone has debts. He returns the debt paper to her. He tries to leave. But he stops and asks her for food.

Kyung-Hee brings the kimchi soup to Do-Joon. She thinks he’s a regular customer. She notes that he doesn’t eat raw eggs. She reveals her son is like him who doesn’t eat raw eggs. Hyun-Woo’s father returns home with flowers. But Kyung-Hee tells her husband that she doesn’t wish to get flowers.

Kyung-Hee asks Hyun-Woo’s father if he found a job. She takes a look at his clothes. She realizes that he still thinks himself as the employee of Ahjin Motors. She thinks what he does won’t help Hyun-Woo get his tuition. He comforts her that the government will help Ahjin Motors.

Kyung-Hee is in tears. She tells Hyun-Woo’s father that Korea is going down. He complains to her that he couldn’t buy his wife flowers after he had worked for Ahjin Motors for thirty years. He runs away. Do-Joon goes to look for his father. But his father is missing.

Se-Hyun tells Hyun-Chang that he will keep him and the employees after they buy Ahjin Motors. Hyun-Chang shakes hands with Se-Hyun. Do-Joon runs into Hyun-Min in the elevator. He remembers she ordered him to go to look for Sung-Joon.

Do-Joon takes a look at Hyun-Min after the door of the elevator is closed. She tells him that she knows he’s the grandson of Yang-Cheol. She asks him not to stare at her. But he’s close to her and he takes off the tag from her clothes. He returns the tag to her. He walks away.

Yang-Cheol meets with CEO Mo. He tells him that Sung-Joon wishes to be his son-in-law. CEO Mo takes a look at Sung-Joon. Hyun-Min shows up. She sees Sung-Joon. Hyun-Woo gets a call from Se-Hyun who tells him that Hyun-Chang agreed to sell Ahjin Motors to them.

Reborn Rich K-Drama: Episodes 6 Recap & Ending

Do-Joon is happy to go to Kyung-Hee’s house. But he sees the posthumous photo of Kyung-Hee. He walks to the posthumous photo. The man recognizes Do-Joon. Do-Joon asks the man how Kyung-Hee passed away. The man leaks that Kyung-Hee committed suicide. He wonders why the woman had to kill herself. Do-Joon runs to Kyung-Hee’s restaurant because he doesn’t believe that his mother wouldn’t kill herself without a reason. He tries to open the door. But he fails. So he breaks the glass of the door. He finds the notebook.

It flashes back. Hyun-Woo returns home. He mentions his teacher told him to get into the university. Kyung-Hee promises to help Hyun-Woo get into the university. He tells her that he will earn a lot of money. She cries because she thinks he should do it. He leaves the restaurant.

Do-Joon finds his school uniform. He cries when he holds the school uniform. He returns to his car and finds out that his mother invested in Soonyang Life Science. He goes to the library to study the death of his mother. He runs into Min-Young before he leaves.

Do-Joon ignores Min-Young and tries to walk away. She yells at him and stops him. She tells him that he shouldn’t look down on her even if she likes him. She’s sad to run away. Min-Young walks out of the library. But it’s raining. Min-Young tries to run in the rain. But Do-Joon stops her when he holds the umbrella for her. He apologizes to her for what he did to her. He hands over the umbrella to her. He confesses his feelings to her. He runs away.

Hyang-Jae reports to Yang-Cheol that they earned 90 million dollars from Soonyang Life Science. Do-Joon visits Yang-Cheol. He asks him why he sold Soonyang Life Science. Yang-Cheol explains to Do-Joon that he did it for saving himself. He laughs to drink the tea.

But Do-Joon points out the the people who bought the shares of Soonyang Life Science will be hurt. Yang-Cheol thinks Do-Joon doesn’t have to care for the people because he’s his grandson. He tells him not to leak it. He laughs to mention he’s not interested in family business. He asks him if he changed his mind. Do-Joon denies it.

Do-Joon walks out of the building of Soonyang. He sees Kyung-Hee. He tails her and sees her walking to the bus. He tries to help her. But she’s missing. Sung-Joon becomes the director of Soonyang Construction. He tells the employees that he will try his best.

The follower reports it to Dong-Ki. Dong-Ki laughs. He thinks it was the punishment which Yang-Cheol gave to Young-Ki. He wants to buy more Soonyang stock. Yang-Cheol explains to his families that Sung-Joon volunteered to go to Soonyang Construction.

Sung-Joon admits it. Pil-Ok thinks Sung-Joon should find a girl to get married. Hwa-Young thinks Sung-Joon has a plan. Sung-Joon explains that he wanted to do something for Yang-Cheol. It makes Ji-Na believe that Sung-Joon is suitable for politics.

Yang-Cheol is furious to slap the table. He complains that he had a hard time because of the politicians. He asks Chang-Je if he wants to be a mayor. Chang-Je explains to Yang-Cheol that some people thought he’s suitable for the mayor. Yang-Cheol reminds Chang-Je that those people just want to make him spend money. He’s furious to leave.

Hwa-Young blames Young-Ki for not taking Chang-Je’s side. She mentions he promised to help her husband. But Young-Ki agrees to what Yang-Cheol said. He thinks Chang-Je became a prosecutor because of Yang-Cheol. Dong-Ki teases Chang-Je that he was born to be poor. Hwa-Young yells at his families. She claims that she will prove that her husband is a good politician. She tells Chang-Je to leave with him. Chang-Je feels sorry for bringing the trouble to the families.

Do-Joon tells Sung-Joon that he thinks Yang-Cheol doesn’t let him step in family business because of Yoon-Ki. Yoon-Ki hears what his son said. Do-Joon turns around. He sees Yoon-Ki. Sung-Joon tells Yoon-Ki that Do-Joon is very smart.

Yoon-Ki is driving. Hae-In wonders why his husband feels wronged since the one who got scolded was Chang-Je. She lets him look at himself in the mirror. He confesses that he feels sorry for his sons. Hyung-Joon cries to tell Yoon-Ki that he passed the audition. He thinks he’s going to be a singer. It makes his families laugh.

Yang-Cheol takes Sung-Joon to Nanji Island. He tells him that the New Seoul City will be built in the island. He gives the task to him. Do-Joon returns to his office. He tells Se-Hyun that he’s not interested in small businesses.

Se-Hyun reminds Do-Joon that new business need a new land. Do-Joon realizes that his next goal is New Seoul City. He gives Se-Hyun a hug. He tells him that he wants to build an entertainment city. But Se-Hyun points out that they don’t own a construction company.

Rachel tells Do-Joon to buy Jaea Construction. Sung-Joon visits Young-Ki. Young-Ki blames his son for joining Soonyang Construction. But Sung-Joon asks his father to buy more shares of Soonyang. He leaks that Yang-Cheol is going to pass away. He thinks New Seoul City is the chance.

Sung-Joon calls Hyun-Min. He tells her to make the decision after she knows him. He takes her to the yacht. He gives her the key of the yacht to her. He tells her to accept him. She laughs to walk out of the yacht. She throws the key to him. She tells him that she won’t be tricked by him.

Hyun-Min thinks Sung-Joon wants to marry her because of Yang-Cheol. He admits it and believes that she wishes to get the marriage as well. Yang-Cheol tells Sung-Joon that the mayoral candidates will listen to him after they get money from him. He asks him to choose a candidate.

Chang-Je is running. Se-Hyun follows Chang-Je. He tells him that he believes that he will be the mayor of Seoul. He hands over his business card to him. Hwa-Young returns the business card to Se-Hyun. She tells him that she worries that Yang-Cheol will find out what they do.

Se-Hyun promises to keep it a secret. So Hwa-Young decides to work with him. But she asks for more money. Chang-Je worries that people won’t vote him. But Se-Hyun reminds Chang-Je that he has the spirit of the times. Chang-Je holds a press conference. He tells the reporters that he arrested the president of Jaea Construction because of his embezzlement.

The reporters ask Chang-Je if he did it for Soonyang. Chang-Je asks them why the powerless people are hurt. Chang-Je is praised by the reporters. Rachel brings the good news to Do-Joon that they got Jaea Construction. He believes that they will get the mayor of Seoul soon. He gives Rachel five.

Yang-Cheol watches the news. He finds out that Chang-Je will be the mayor of Seoul. Sung-Joon tells Do-Joon that he believes that Yang-Cheol will find the person who supports Chang-Je. Yang-Cheol calls Seong-Hwan. He tells him not to let Chang-Je be the mayor.

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