Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1, Xue Tong’s father is a hero. She has the duty to be a good student, but Cheng He wrongs her to be a cheater. She doesn’t get punished for it, but her roommate Man Xiao bullies her as she thinks she avoided the punishment because of her father.

Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Somewhere Only We Know

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

A note flies to Xue Tong during the examination, and she picks it up. Cheng He catches her and thinks she cheats. He asks her to sign the paper even if she claims that she doesn’t know where the note comes from. The teacher doesn’t think Xue Tong would do it, and wants to look into it.

Xue Tong is furious to step out, but Cheng He stops her and thinks he catches her again. He asks her to return his pen when she thinks he never ends, and claims that he never wrongs people. She remembers him.

Two months later.

Cheng He runs into Xue Tong, and wonders why her name isn’t on the board. She asks him to step away because she is still in anger at him. Xue Tong wants to order the ribs, but her card fails to pay it. The lady reminds her that she needs to update her card. Xue Tong goes to borrow card, but the ribs are ordered by someone when she returns.

Xue Tong is washing hair, the teacher asks her to bring the speech draft to square. The girl joins Xue Tong and thinks she is specialized households of speech. Xue Tong names the girl as hummer princess, and points at her T-shirt. The girl offers to go with her since they’re going to square.

Cheng Ting stops Xue Tong speech, and thinks the draft is same to what she did when she is a freshman. He reminds her that she got extra 20 scores during college entrance examination, so she has duty to pass positive energy to people. Xue Tong returns dormitory with a watermelon, but the roommate opens the door and breaks the watermelon by mistake.

Another roommate complains that she gets punished for looking at the phone, and mentions that Xue Tong is fine after cheating. Man Xiao introduces herself to Xue Tong, but she knows the girl is Xue Tong.

Xue Tong tells Cheng Ting that she didn’t cheat, and he asks her who said that she cheated. She says that nobody said that she didn’t cheat. She thinks he opened the green light to her because he worries that she cannot give speech after getting punished.

He tells her that he trusts her, so she asks him to be publicity that she didn’t cheat. He rejects it, and she wants to look into it in person. She asks him where she can find Cheng He. She visits Cheng he’s office and enjoys the air conditioner.

Cheng He shows up and tells her not to catch a cold. She is startled to trip, and he tells her to be careful. She says that she is ok, but he says that he asks her to be careful of the model. She doesn’t expect that he is a student, and he tells her that she cannot get in without the permission because it’s physics laboratory.

She asks him to prove her innocent, but he can only prove what he saw. She takes away the model, and asks him to show the model to her. He realizes that she took it, and asks her to return it to him. She returns it to him, and tells him that what he saw is just appearance.

Man Xiao asks Xue Tong how she avoids from the cheating, but Xue Tong claims that she didn’t do it. Man Xiao thinks it’s because of Xue Tong’s father, the teacher walks in and looks for electric appliances. Xue Tong gives her electric appliance to the teacher, and Man Yao thanks Xue Tong for saving her. Xue Tong says that she won’t conceal electric appliance and cheat because of her father.

Xue Tong tries the draw the seat positions during the examination to find the real cheater. Qi Qi panics to ask Xue Tong how she will deal with the person, and Xue Tong says that she will forgive him if he is handsome. Bai Lin asks Xue Tong if the person is a girl. Xue Tong says that she will forgive Qi Qi and Bai Lin if they did it. But she won’t forgive Man Xiao if the cheater is her.

Xue Tong steals the key and sneaks into the monitor room. She asks Bai Lin and Qi Qi to guard for her. Qi Qi wants to tell the truth to Xue Tong. Bai Lin thinks so. The securities arrest Xue Tong, and she leaves her draft in the monitor room. Cheng Ting tells Xue Tong that she made the alarm ring, and cancels her speech.

But Xue Tong cannot accept that she got wronged. Cheng He asks the security when the alarm will end, and the security shares that someone stole the key and got in the monitor room. Xue Tong asks Cheng He if he is satisfied. Cheng He asks the security if he has other monitors. The security thinks it’s not a bank.

But Cheng He points out that the equipments of school are very important. He finds the drawing of seat positions Xue Tong left, and laughs because she drew him as a timber wolf. Xue Tong finds out that Man Xiao broke her flowerpot and touched her speech draft. Bai Lin wants to beat Man Xiao after knowing that she bullied Xue Tong.

Man Xiao asks Bai Lin to get out, but Xue Tong points out that it’s her dormitory as well. Bai Lin asks Xue Tong to move in their dormitory, and Xue Tong thanks her. Bai Lin thinks she was impulse to let Xue Tong move in, and offers to treat Xue Tong well to make up her mistake. Qi Qi agrees with it for expiation.

Cheng Ting tells Cheng He that the message of Xue Tong’s cheating reached to the office of academic affairs. Cheng He shares that Xue Tong visited him for the cheating. Cheng Ting tells Cheng He that Xue Tong’s father is a hero who passed away after getting stabbed, and her score is good. It’s not good to school if Xue Tong is wronged.

Bai Lin brings watermelon and welcomes Xue Tong, and Qi Qi thinks Xue Tong’s father is great. But Xue Tong wishes her father to be an ordinary being, and fears to give speech as it will remind her that her father is gone. Bai Lin shares that the hummer Xue Tong saw is treated as wedding car, and her father wanted to arrange her wedding. Bai Lin thinks she will be single all her life.

Cheng He asks Xue Tong to be memory the details of the examination, but she rejects it. He tells her that he decided to trust her, and Bai Lin and Qi Qi bought a mattress for Xue Tong. Cheng He finds out that Bai Lin is the real cheater, and Qi Qi threw the note to her, according to the handwriting. He tells it to Xue Tong.

Bai Lin cries and asks Xue Tong not to leave. She shares that she feared Xue Tong not to be their friend if they told her the truth. Qi Qi asks Xue Tong why she wants to know the cheater since she didn’t get the punishment. Xue Tong wakes up and tells her mom that she always senses that there is a pair of eyes staring at her, and her mom tells her that he doesn’t wish her not to be happy because of him.

Xue Tong gives the speech in Bai Lin’s help, and Cheng Ting is surprised because Xue Tong’s speech was cancelled. Xue shares that she had the burden because her father is a hero, and she decides to be a brave ordinary being. It’s raining, and people run away from the square.

Qi Qi holds the umbrella and asks Xue Tong to leave with her, and Bai Lin joins them.

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  1. Does anyone know the music/song that plays at the end of the episode (1) when she finishes her speech and it starts raining?

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