The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

These are recaps of The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12, Gal-Hee asks Veronica Park to help Min-Ik, and Veronica Park thinks Gal-Hee likes Min-Ik and wants to save her man. Gal-Hee claims that she is doing this purely out of respect, as she has been working with him.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 11

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 11-12.

Hae-Ra pours water to Dae-Joo’s face and asks him to stay away from Min-Ik in episode 10. But he thinks they cannot separate just because she told them to. She mentions that he raised his hand at the meeting, and gives him some money to ask him quit the boarder and the company.

Dae-Joo visits Min-Ik but is surprised to see Gal-Hee. He asks her where Min-Ik when she is looking for a cup to get coffee. She reveals Min-Ik is swimming, and finds out that Dae-Joo takes a contract. She asks him if Veronica Park won’t come to the stockholders’ meeting after signing it.

She shares that Park-Ok-Soon’s real name is Veronica Park. Min-Ik shows up and asks them what they were whispering about. She explains that Dae-Joo wanted some coffee, and leaves. Min-Ik asks Dae-Joo if he wants to say he is quitting again. Dae-Joo thinks Gal-Hee’s face looks like Min-Ik put a straw on it and sucked all of her soul out.

Min-Ik remembers Seok-Chan told him that his brain imprinted Gal-Hee in his mind, and realizes that he cannot see her facial expressions. He asks her to leave and take the limousine home. Dae-Joo thinks Min-Ik is sad to see Gal-Hee leave, but Min-Ik claims it’s his love for humanity toward someone who’s never slept, and he is a guy who has love for every human being.

Dae-Joo asks Min-Ik if he is dating with Gal-Hee, but Min-Ik shares that he wants to date someone else. He says that every time he looks at her, his heart starts racing. Dae-Joo asks Min-Ik to call Veronica Park and wants to hear her voice. But Min-Ik rejects it.

Dae-Joo returns Min-Ik the money Hae-Ra gave him. Veronica Park thinks it’s a great place to date, but Dae-Joo asks her to sign the contract. She asks him what he will give her in return, but he thinks she has everything she needs. She complains that she never got anything from him, and he offers to treat her a meal. She thinks it doesn’t sound too bad, and asks him if he is against the dismissal of Min-Ik.

He asks her to trust him, but she shares that she has made the wrong choices because of men 12 times. He claims that he has never made any bad judgements because of a woman before. She says that she forgot her signature, so he takes her hand to sign it. She asks him when they will eat together, and he tells her that he will treat him to a meal right after the stockholders’ meeting.

Min-Ik wonders why he cannot go to sleep, and remembers Gal-Hee wanted to wear new slippers every other day to take the rest. He calls her and thinks she is sleeping too well. He complains that she has forgotten her duty as his secretary, and treats it as a mutiny. She is furious to get up and tells him to blame her for his constipation.

She shares that she looked so worn out was because of the nasty smell. But he claims that the smell comes from the hotel pipes. She swears to take some time off and turn off her phone after the meeting. Dae-Joo is surprised that Veronica Park decides to attend the meeting, and tells her to go someplace else since she saw him.

But she tells him that she is there to see his wife. The two cops show up and think Dae-Joo might be a flight risk. Veronica Park treats the cops as loan shark, and walks away. Dae-Joo tells cops that he will visit police station after the meeting.

Gal-Hee agrees Veronica Park to stay in the meeting, and thinks Min-Ik cannot recognize Veronica Park. Min-Ik is shocked that he can see people’s faces, but doesn’t recognize Veronica Park. He cannot see people’s faces again, and tells people that it was never an assault as an abuse of power, and he didn’t face any legal punishment.

Gal-Hee stands up and begins to attack Min-Ik. She thinks he damaged the company’s dignity, and Manager Lee believes injury to dignity should be interpreted in a broader sense. Min-Ik shows the video that Manager Lee’s secretary posted on her social media that Manager Lee asked her to come over to his hotel. Min-Ik plays second video that Manager Woo threw trash to the security guard just because he opened the gate late.

Manager Park pulls out the plug when seeing his video. Veronica Park thinks Gal-Hee wrote the scenario, and Gal-Hee shares that they still have one more left. She asks the directors to apologize after Min-Ik apologized. Hae-Yong offers to vote, but Gal-Hee and Veronica Park raise hands at the same time.

Gal-Hee tells Veronica Park that she has to say it so Min-Ik says the next line. But Veronica Park thinks writers don’t have complete control over the scenario, viewers’s opinions must be reflected as well. Veronica Park asks Min-Ik if he tries to drag the directors down with him. But Min-Ik says that he wants to save all of them, and asks for a punishment of labor.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 12

Gal-Hee asks Veronica Park to help Min-Ik, and Veronica Park thinks Gal-Hee likes Min-Ik and wants to save her man. Gal-Hee claims that she is doing this purely out of respect, as she has been working with him. Veronica Park thinks Gal-Hee’s eyes is what the eyes of a person in love looks like.

Seok-Ja hits Veronica Park’s head. Veronica Park is furious but finds out it’s her mom. Seok-Ja asks Veronica Park why she is goofing around, and looks for Min-Ik. Gal-Hee takes Min-Ik in the booth, and allows him to leave after Veronica Park and Seok-Ja left.

Veronica Park is arrogant to introduce herself to Hae-Ra, but Seok-Ja makes her daughter to bow, and explains that she was busy so she didn’t taught Veronica Park manners. Hae-Ra asks Veronica Park if she is going well with Min-Ik. Seok-Ja shares that Veronica Park purposely came to meet Min-Ik.

Min-Ik takes away Gal-Hee’s phone and asks her to get in the car. Hae-Yong wonders what Veronica Park is going to vote for, and he bought 80,000 of Cinepark’s shares. He threatens her that she will lose money by getting swayed, and she stares at Dae-Joo.

Gal-Hee wants to get her phone back, and asks Min-Ik if he is kidnapping her. He mentions that she wished to have grilled clams with a bottle of soju after the stockholders’ meeting. She wants to return because the meeting isn’t over. But Min-Ik wants to celebrate seeing people’s faces.

Min-Ik asks Gal-Hee to grill the clams, and claims that he drove her there. She shares that she doesn’t want to grill clams for her boss like a minion. So he pours wine for her. She reveals that she didn’t find the USB, but she copied the files onto her laptop.

Gal-Hee spots the couple play on the beach, and thinks they’re in love. She remembers Veronica Park told her to look from the side to get a proper look. Min-Ik gets a call from Dae-Joo, and Gal-Hee asks him if the drink they had is a celebratory drink. He confirms it, and she goes to hug him.

He hugs her back and tells her that she did a great job. He tells her that he got her a gift, and asks her to open the trunk. She guesses they’re thousands of roses and millions of balloons, but finds out that it’s just a letter. Veronica Park asks Dae-Joo where they’re having dinner, and thinks she deserve something in return of her 100,000 shares.

But the cops are waiting for Dae-Joo. So he tells her that he cannot have dinner with her. Gal-Hee opens the letter and finds a contract inside. Min-Ik shares that the secretary whom he trusted and followed the most deceived and betrayed him. So he decided not to trust secretaries anymore.

He tells her that he didn’t hate her but the secretary deceived him. He asks her to sign a new contract, but she thinks she is deceiving him too. Min-Ik shares that the contract ends when the secretary asks, and asks her what’s the look on her face. She tears up but tells him that she is smiling.

She asks him what he will do if she lies to him as well. He thinks he won’t trust people for the rest of his life. He is informed that Veronica Park came to see him. Min-Ik wants to meet with Veronica Park, but Gal-Hee refuses to ride his car and walks away alone.

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