The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 9-10

These are recaps of The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 9-10, Min-Ik hugs Gal-Hee’s head and shares that she is pretty in his dream, and treats her as Veronica Park. But she tells him that she is Gal-Hee, and wants to leave. He asks her to sleep over there, and claims it’s just about marginal utility.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 9

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 9-10.

Min-Ik tells Gal-Hee that it means that he wants to see her when he says that he has indigestion. But she says that she can give a chance to any guy, but him. She walks away, and he gets a call from Dae-Joo who asks Min-Ik to check the intranet. Gal-Hee stops and finds out that someone posted that he saw Min-Ik beating his driver.

Gal-Hee thinks she has to stop it because there will be a board meeting tomorrow, and returns to tell him that she wants to help him. Gal-Hee walks Min-Ik and tells him to ask the person to delete the post. He thinks she doesn’t actually hate him, and she reminds him that they arrive at the place. The person didn’t return home because he went to a funeral.

Veronica Park thinks Min-Ik can call his secretary, if she leaves. But he wants Gal-Hee to take a rest, and shares that she took the afternoon off. Veronica Park feels cold, and he shows his suit to her, “Mother birds apparently cover their baby birds with their own body to protect them from the cold.” But she says that it will never happen.

So he mentions, “Penguins that live in the Antarctic stick together like this to maintain their body temperature.” She is shy and asks him why he keeps mentioning what animals do, and asks him to come up with something that’s more fit for humans. So he takes her fingers in his arms, “If you cover your fingers and make them warm, your capillaries expand, and it helps with your blood circulation.”

The person returns, and Veronica Park recognizes him. Min-Ik wants to do it himself, and asks her if they’re able to meet again. Veronica Park denies and leaves. Hae-Ra tells Seok-Ja that Min-Ik met Veronica Park again, and Seok-Ja spots Veronica Park sitting in the bed and staring at her phone. Veronica Park asks Seok-Ja to tie her hands up, and complains that they keep trying to call someone.

Seok-Ja steps out and tells Hae-Ra to get Min-Ik not to call Veronica Park. Hae-Ra walks to Min-Ik and tells him to focus on work instead of dating. Hae-Yong thinks Min-Ik knows how to ruin someone else’s plan. Min-Ik remembers he explained to the security that it was a misunderstanding, but the security deleted the post after his uncle passed away. Min-Ik thinks Hae-Yong did it.

Gal-Hee places her fingers in the fat guy’s armpits, and he blames her for what she did. She smells her fingers and wonders what the guy did to his armpits because they smell like whelks. Min-Ik thinks Gal-Hee got good sleeping because her face is glowing. But she points out that he cannot see it. Min-Ik recognizes Director Kim throught his height, and greets him. But Director Kim sighs and walks away.

Min-Ik recognizes Director Park and Director Woo, and Gal-Hee thinks no one will know that he has prosopagnosia. But he wants to see their faces. Min-Ik wants to treat people lunch in the meeting, but Manager Lee reveals he got a video. Hae-Ra shows the video to Min-Ik, and he explains that it was a misunderstanding. Manager Park points out that it was an assault, but Dae-Joo thinks Min-Ik won’t get arrested unless the victim demands punishment.

Manager Park tells Min-Ik to resign, and Min-Ik asks people if they’re with Manager Park. Manager Park offers to show of hands, and Min-Ik agrees with it. Hae-Yong reminds Min-Ik if 6 out of 11 directors there raise their hands, it will passed. Min-Ik thinks it’s rejected since they’re five. But Dae-Joo shows his hand. Min-Ik asks Dae-Joo why he kicked him out of the board. Dae-Joo reminds Min-Ik that if he doesn’t resign voluntarily, they’d do anything to drag him down until a new president is elected.

Min-Ik asks Dae-Joo why he said to quit. Eul-Wang tells Dae-Joo that she went to police station yesterday, and he asks her what she told them. She says that she told them that something urgent came up, so she want to her mom’s that night, and she didn’t see him that night. Jung-Soo tells his boss that he will look into it again, and throws away the USB stick. Myung-Jung shares in the gathering that six of them raised their hands.

Se-Young thinks if Min-Ik gets dismissed at the stockholders’s meeting, he won’t be the president. Gal-Hee leaves when Eul-Wang shows up, and Ri-Ra tells Eul-Wang that Min-Ik beat his driver. Hae-Ra asks Min-Ik to fire Dae-Joo, and mentions what happened three years ago.

Manager Park shows the prescription in the meeting, and it indicates that Min-Ik has brain problem. Min-Ik remembers that he gave the prescription to his secretary.

Hae-Ra tells Min-Ik that people would do anything for some stash of money, but he thinks Hae-Yong has money manipulate his secretary with money. Hae-Yong shares that he is full again, and laughs. Hae-Ra tells Min-Ik to fire Dae-Joo, Gal-Hee and the driver. Min-Ik gets a call and steps out. Gal-Hee tells him not to resign, and offers to switch their positions.

He tells her that her contract will stay, even if he resigns. She thinks he is cool when he dared to swallow his pride, came to her and asked her to come back. He thinks she is flattering him, and she shares that when her boss gets flattered, she gets flattered. She tells him to keep running until he can be the president, and she will helps him.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 10

Min-Ik tells the stockholders that he won’t resign, and thinks he shouldn’t be discouraged by such a minor issue. He asks Gal-Hee what he should do first, and she thinks he should change his office first as someone might be monitoring them. Gal-Hee spots Joong-Hee wearing a suit with blood, and tells him that it’s her boss’s suit.

She yells at him that if he smelled blood from the shirt, and she intended to take it to the laundry shop. Just then a USB stick drops from the shirt. Nam-Hee does the movie audition for “My Sassy Court Maid”, and Veronica Park is waiting for Dae-Joo’s call. Veronica Park thinks Nam-Hee’s mom told her that Ji-Hyun is not as pretty as her, and she thought she could be a more successful actress than her.

Nam-Hee tells Veronica Park not to get her mother involved when she wants to say that she is bad. Veronica Park thinks Nam-Hee lashed at her, and calls the next one. Nam-Hee is furious to call Veronica Park “Old lady”, and Veronica Park runs to Nam-Hee and thinks she made a personal attack against her. Nam-Hee talks back that Veronica Park didn’t look at her as a judge.

But Veronica Park points out that Nam-Hee didn’t capture her eyes. Nam-Hee shares that she lied to her sister and ran away from home just so she could become a star. She blames Veronica Park for mentioning her mom who doesn’t even exist. Veronica Park points out that Nam-Hee should be impressing her with her acting skills, and asks her why she tries to make her pity her.

Veronica Park glares at Nam-Hee when she calls her “old lady” again. So Nam-Hee asks Veronica Park what she should call her. Veronica Park tells Nam-Hee to call her “woman”. So Nam-Hee says, “I’m sorry, woman.” But Veronica Park still calls next. The phone rings, and Veronica Park thinks it’s Dae-Joo. But her secretary points out that it’s the person she doesn’t want to talk to, Hae-Yong.

Hae-Yong asks Veronica Park to attend the shareholder, and reveals it’s related to Dae-Joo. She asks him if Dae-Joo told him that things are going well between them. He admits it and asks her to drop by. She gets a call from Dae-Joo who asks for a meeting. Gal-Hee thrills to see the six-star hotel suite, but finds out that she didn’t bring the USB. Jung-Soo hears it and wants to drive her home.

Min-Ik wonders what Veronica Park is doing, and Gal-Hee thinks he likes Veronica Park. But he claims that he wouldn’t fall for a woman he just met. Gal-Hee points out that he asked for Veronica Park’s number. He thinks it is natural since Veronica Park comes from a beter family. Min-Ik falls asleep, and Gal-Hee tells him that she will repay him by working hard for the mistake she made.

She says that she will end up hurting if he likes Veronica Park, but she is startled when he wakes up. He says that he didn’t sleep, and she blames him for staying quiet. He asks her if she is sick, and she says that her wrist hurts since she wiped all the plates. He asks her what Veronica Park looks like when she goes to the restroom, and she shares that Veronica Park is confident and beautiful.

Veronica Park joins Dae-Joo and explains that there was a girl with a filthy temper, so she didn’t have time to put on lipstick. But he wipes the lipstick from her teeth. Dae-Joo asks Veronica Park not to attend the meeting, and shares that he has a friend who’s like his wife. She thinks he comes to see her only when he has a favor to ask her. But he admits that he is using it as an excuse to see her.

She brags that she owns the whole building, but he thinks the employees will be tired if they eat there. He recommends a good sushi restaurant, and he can pay with his own card. He shares that everything tastes good as long as he eat it with someone he likes. She thinks he says that he likes her in a coy way, but he says that it’s just a subjunctive. She wants to make the subjunctive into a present progressive, so she agrees with it.

Min-Ik hugs Gal-Hee’s head and shares that she is pretty in his dream, and treats her as Veronica Park. But she tells him that she is Gal-Hee, and wants to leave. He asks her to sleep over there, and claims it’s just about marginal utility, and leaves. Min-Ik steps out and tells Jung-Soo that Gal-Hee will stay at the hotel. Manager Park tells Hae-Yong that the meeting will be canceled unless there are over 100,000 shares showing up.

Hae-Yong expects Veronica Park to come, and offers to fire Min-Ik in the meeting. Gal-Hee wants Min-Ik to explain it, but nobody agrees with her, except Veronica Park. Gal-Hee worries that Min-Ik sees Veronica Park, and asks her to leave. But Veronica Park threatens that she can do everything she wants to Min-Ik. Min-Ik walks on the stage and finds out that he can see people’s faces.

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