South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 16. Fu Xizhou watches Jiang Shuning beat his mother from the footage. Sun Cheng calls him. He reports to him that Fu Yunshen left his house for a girl. Fu Xizhou drinks up the wine. His hand shakes.

What Happens In South Wind Knows Episode 16?

South Wind Knows

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 16.

Zhi Zhi meets with Gu Ruanruan at the cafe. She brings the wedding present to her. Gu Ruanruan asks Zhi Zhi what happened. She mentions she didn’t talk with her over the phone. Zhi Zhi tells Gu Ruanruan that she saw the girl Fu Yunshen likes. Gu Ruanruan thinks what Zhi Zhi means is Doctor Zhu.

Zhi Zhi realizes that Gu Ruanruan knows Zhu Jiu. South Wind Knows episode 16 leaks that she met with Zhu Jiu in M Country. She adds that she noted that Fu Yunshen treated Zhu Jiu differently. She explains to her that she wanted to tell it to her. But she didn’t know how to speak.

Gu Ruanruan tells Zhi Zhi that she thought Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu didn’t have a love relationship because Fu Yunshen had an accident. Zhi Zhi doesn’t blame Gu Ruanruan. She tells her that she wants to give up Fu Yunshen. She thought she would get a different result if she worked more harder.

Zhi Zhi cries to tell Gu Ruanruan that she found out that the results are the same. Gu Ruanruan mentions Zhi Zhi gave up her music for Fu Yunshen. Zhi Zhi tells Gu Ruanruan that she doesn’t want to leave Fu Yunshen. She fears that she will be the person she hated if she continues to love Fu Yunshen.

Gu Ruanruan grabs Zhi Zhi’s hand. She tells her that she’s the best girl in the world. She adds that she will take her side no matter what decision she makes. Zhi Zhi tears up. Gu Ruanruan lets Fu Xizhou hang the Spring Festival couplet.

Fu Lingtian shows up. South Wind Knows episode 16 worries that Fu Xizhou cannot hang the couplet well. Gu Ruanruan shows her handwriting to Fu Lingtian. He thinks her handwriting is very good. Zhu Jiu tells Fu Yunshen to hurry up when she hangs the Spring Festival couplet.

Zhu Jiu posts the Spring Festival couplet. But Fu Yunshen points out that another side needs to be posted Spring Festival couplet as well. She thinks he’s good at squeezing her. She tells him that she needs to take a break for a while.

Zhu Jiu reminds Fu Yunshen that it’s their first time to spend New Year together. He asks her if she misses her grandma. She admits that she misses her grandma. She mentions she went home during each New Year. Because she didn’t wish her grandma to spent New Year alone.

How Does Fu Lingtian Know Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu Are In Love?

Zhu Jiu comforts Fu Yunshen that she called her grandma. She adds that her grandma looked happy. She thinks her grandma told a lie to her that she spent New Year with her old friends for letting her not worry about her. She asks Fu Yunshen about his grandpa’s health.

Fu Yunshen thinks his grandpa won’t feel lonely because Fu Xizhou and Gu Ruanruan accompany him. South Wind Knows admits to Zhu Jiu that he hasn’t contact his grandpa for a long time. He explains to her that he didn’t know how to face his grandpa.

Fu Yunshen tells Zhu Jiu that he doesn’t wish to make his grandpa sad. But he cannot comfort his grandpa. He mentions Linda reported what he did to his grandpa. Zhu Jiu thinks Fu Yunshen’s grandpa Fu Lingtian misses Fu Yunshen. She thinks Fu Lingtian will feel comforted when he hears Fu Yunshen’s voice.

The guy brings the food to Fu Yunshen. He thinks Fu Yunshen and Zhu Jiu won’t eat the delicious food with him. But the two show their love to him. The guy asks them to give the light bulb a pride. He mocks Zhu Jiu when he sees her rice balls. He tells her to practice her cooking skills.

The guy cannot stand it when Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen show their love to him again. He leaves with Wu Tong. Jiang Shuning cooks the dishes. Gu Ruanruan notes that Fu Lingtian isn’t happy. Jiang Shuning thinks Fu Lingtian misses Fu Yunshen. She tells Gu Ruanruan to go to persuade Fu Lingtian.

Gu Ruanruan tells Fu Lingtian to call Fu Yunshen if he misses his grandson. He complains to her that Fu Yunshen hung up his phone. He thinks he doesn’t have pride if he calls the bad guy again. Jiang Shuning explains to Fu Lingtian that Fu Yunshen didn’t wish them to see his weakness.

Fu Lingtian thinks Fu Yunshen should call him because it’s New Year. He believes that Fu Yunshen will regret if he dies. Gu Ruanruan calls Fu Yunshen. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. It makes Fu Lingtian unhappy. But Fu Yunshen calls Gu Ruanruan back.

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Gu Ruanruan is excited to tell Fu Lingtian that Fu Yunshen called her. But he doesn’t pick up Fu Yunshen’s phone. Jiang Shuning takes over the phone from Gu Ruanruan. She tells Fu Yunshen that she misses him. She notes that he lost weight.

Fu Lingtian takes over the phone from Jiang Shuning. He asks Fu Yunshen if he gets used to the place. Fu Yunshen comforts Fu Lingtian that he’s fine. He asks him about his health. Fu Lingtian yells at Fu Yunshen that he could sleep and eat.

Gu Ruanruan reports to Fu Yunshen that Fu Lingtian got angry because South Wind Knows missed him. She asks him to apologize to his grandpa. Fu Yunshen wonders why Fu Lingtian got angry. He introduces his future daughter-in-law to him when Zhu Jiu shows up with fruits.

Zhu Jiu greets Fu Lingtian. She lets Fu Yushen talk with his families. Jiang Shuning blames her son for not to talk about the big case with her. Fu Lingtian takes over the phone from her. He tells her to go to prepare the meal. Guan Ruanruan takes Jiang Shuning to leave Fu Lingtian’s room.

Jiang Shuning asks Gu Ruanruan if she knows Fu Yuanshen has a girlfriend. Gu Ruanruan denies it. She tells Jiang Shuning to ask Fu Yunshen about it after Fu Lingtian ends the talk. Fu Lingtian tells Fu Yunshen that dating a girl is a big case.

Fu Yunshen comfort Fu Lingtian that he’s fine. He asks him about his older brother. Fu Xizhou shows up behind Fu Lingtian. Fu Lingtian reveals Fu Xizhou went to the bathroom. Zhu Jiu puts the rabbit ears on Fu Yunshen. She thinks he’s very cute.

Do Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen Have A New Year Together?

Fu Yunshen offers to give a birth to a daughter so that her father won’t be bullied by her mother. Zhu Jiu thinks Fu Yunshen dislikes the rabbit ears. She tells him not to wear it. She tells him to think about something else. He tells her that he wants to go hiking with her once he recovers.

Fu Yunshen mentions what Leo told him that the students care for New Year. He tells Zhu Jiu to go to attend the gathering. But she rejects it because she wants to accompany him. She reveals her grandma bought her the fireworks. She mentions the fairy stick. She asks him if he played it.

Fu Yunshen denies it. He reveals what his grandpa bought him were big fireworks. Zhu Jiu thinks Fu Yunshen is showing off his rich. He tells her that he told her a lie. He mentions he played with his older brother when he was a kid. But he scared his older brother.

Zhu Jiu is envy of Fu Yunshen that he has an older brother. She reveals she was alone before. He tells her to close her eyes. He adds that he’s going to do a magic trick for her. She chooses to trust him one time. But she asks him not to play with her.

Zhu Jiu opens her eyes. She finds out that Fu Yunshen lighted the fairy stick. She’s excited to hold the fairy stick. She tells him that she wished to get it when she was a kid. She’s surprised that he’s good at dating. She tells him that his wish will come true if he makes a wish on the fairy stick.

Zhu Jiu tells Fu Yunshen that she wishes him to be healthy. He promises to spend New Year with her each other. He kisses her forehead after the New Year came. They wish each other a happy New Year. Fu Xizhou is having breakfast. Gu Ruanruan tells him to go on a date with her.

Gu Ruanruan mentions they hasn’t spent couple world for a long time because they were busy. She thinks he’s very poor to be busy because he’s the one who has a wife. He brings the porridge to her. He admits to her that he’s very poor. She tells him to go on a date with her. She reveals she wants to take a look at the wedding dress.

Episode 16 of South Wind Knows ends with Fu Yunshen trying to practice to walk. But he fails. Zhu Jiu tells the doctor to stop it. Zhu Jiu hands over the water to Fu Yunshen because she thinks he did a great job. She tells him to treat himself as a kid to walk.

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