South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 15 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 15. The doctor asks Chen Le if Fu Yunshen is fine. He cries to tell her that Fu Yunshen was a lively person yesterday. He thinks it would be good that he stopped Fu Yunshen from driving.

What Happens In South Wind Knows Episode 15?

South Wind Knows

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 15.

The doctor tells Chen Le that he cannot change the thing that has happened. She tells him that it wasn’t his mistake. But he thinks it was his mistake. He tells her that he cannot forgive himself. He reveals he had a dream to chase his boss. But he failed to catch him.

The doctor reminds Chen Le that Fu Yunshen is having a hard time in South Wind Knows episode 15. She thinks they can only help Fu Yunshen when they cheer up themselves. Chen Le tells Jiang Shuning that there’s a surgery in Heidelberg. He thinks the surgery can help Fu Yunshen’s illness.

Jiang Shuning asks Chen Le if her son can stand up when he gets the surgery. He’s not sure it because the surgery contains some risks. She’s against it because she doesn’t want her son to take risks. He tells her that he worries that Fu Yunshen will collapse.

Chen Le persuades Jiang Shuning that there will be a hope if Fu Yunshen goes to Heidelberg. But South Wind Knows reveals she wants to think about it. Zhu Jiu calls her grandma. She apologizes to her for not accompanying her to spend New Year. Zhu Jiu’s grandma tells Zhu Jiu to accompany her to spend New Year when she comes back.

But Zhu Jiu tells her grandma that she misses the dumplings she cooked. Zhu Jiu’s grandma asks Zhu Jiu if she misses her or the food she cooked. Zhu Jiu tells her grandma that she misses her. Zhu Jiu’s grandma tells Zhu Jiu that she will cook food one by one for her once she comes back.

Zhu Jiu’s grandma tells Zhu Jiu to care for her health. She tells her to protect herself well. Zhu Jiu nods. She hangs up. Zhu Jiu texts Chen Le. She tells him that she has resigned after she saw his message. He calls her and he wonders why she resigned.

Zhu Jiu tells Chen Le that she can only help the one who agrees to accept help. He wonders what happened between her and Fu Yunshen. She tries to hang up because she has a business. But he asks her not to hang up. Zhu Jiu walks out of her office. She remembers what Chen Le told her that Fu Yunshen doesn’t have any hope if she gives up Fu Yunshen. He asked her to help Fu Yunshen.

Who Saves Zhu Jiu from the Police Station?

Zhu Jiu walks out of the clothing store. She’s scared when she senses that someone is tailing her. She runs into her patient Mark. He asks her to help his wounded friend. He takes her to the alley. He beats her and he tries to take off her clothes. She hits him with a beer bottle.

But Zhu Jiu is arrested. She’s sent to a jail. The cop tells Zhu Jiu that Mark reported to them that she hit him. He tells her to call a lawyer in South Wind Knows. She tries to call her friends. But they don’t pick up her phone. The cop tells her that she has to spend the night in the jail. He gives the food and the water to her.

Zhu Jiu gets a call from Linda who asks her to come back. Linda reveals Wu Tong hasn’t eaten. She begs her to help her. Zhu Jiu agrees to it. But she asks Linda a favor. She tells her that she’s at the police station. Linda reports to Fu Yunshen that Zhu Jiu is at the police station. She asks him if they can help Zhu Jiu or not.

Fu Yunshen tries to walk. But he rolls over from the stairs. Linda goes to care for him. She asks Zhi Zhi to help Fu Yunshen. But Zhi Zhi tells Fu Yunshen that he can do nothing. She asks him what he wants to do. She tells him that they can help him if he tells it to them.

Fu Yunshen and Linda go to see the owner of the clothing store. The clothing store owner tells Linda that the camera hasn’t worked for a long time. Linda thinks they can let the lawyer look into it. But Fu Yunshen points out that the lawyer went on a business trip.

Linda takes Fu Yunshen to the place where Zhu Jiu was attacked. South Wind Knows reveals She tells him that she has checked that there’s no camera. Lawyer Lu visits Zhu Jiu in the jail. He tells her that he promised Mr. Fu that she will be fine. She’s surprised. He leaks that Mr. Fu is outside.

Linda shows up. She tells Zhu Jiu to leave with her. Zhu Jiu realizes that Fu Yunshen came. Linda admits it. Zhu Jiu smiles. She walks out of the police station with Lawyer Lu. She sees Fu Yunshen who stays in the car. She runs to him. She thinks it was his first time to leave his house.

Zhu Jiu asks Fu Yunshen if he cares for each girl he knows. He claims that Linda begged him to come. She yells at him and thinks he’s not a man. He asks her why she tangles him. Linda tells him to take Zhu Jiu home because it’s cold outside.

Fu Yunshen rejects it. He tells Linda to get in the car. Zhu Jiu tears up. Fu Yunshen leaves with Linda. Lawyer Lu calls Zhu Jiu. He tells her that he has found the evidence. She’s happy to thank him. But he tells her to thank Fu Yunshen instead.

How Does Zhu Jiu Know Fu Yunshen Loves Her?

Lawyer Lu leaks that Fu Yunshen found the evidence on his own. He adds that Fu Yunshen is going to sue Mark. He wants to talk about it with her because he thinks she needs to make the decision. Zhi Zhi shows up behind Zhu Jiu. She calls her.

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Zhu Jiu meets with Zhi Zhi at the cafe. She asks her why she visited her. Zhi Zhi tells Zhu Jiu that she wants to tell something to her because she’s going to leave. She tells her that the bracelet was take away by Linda when she cleaned bed for Fu Yunshen.

Zhi Zhi confesses to Zhu Jiu that she actually didn’t take it to her in South Wind Knows. She adds that Fu Yunshen was in a coma when Zhu Jiu called Fu Yunshen. Zhu Jiu wonders why Zhi Zhi told it to her. Zhi Zhi admits that she has liked Fu Yunshen.

Zhi Zhi thought Fu Yunshen would know her kindness if she worked hard. She realized that he won’t love her all his life after seeing him rolling over from the stairs. Zhi Zhi tells Zhu Jiu that Fu Yunshen needs her help. She tries to leave.

Zhu Jiu stops Zhi Zhi. She thanks her for telling it to her. Zhu Jiu runs into Fu Yunshen’s room. She opens the curtains and kisses Fu Yunshen. Zhi Zhi calls Jiang Shuning. Jiang Shuning tells Zhi Zhi to stay with Fu Yunshen. But Zhi Zhi tells Jiang Shuning that Fu Yunshen has a girlfriend.

Fu Yunshen reminds Zhu Jiu that she will be hard if she stays with him. But she tells him that she likes challenge. He mentions she likes sports. But he cannot accompany her to go for a morning run. She tells him that she prefers to run quietly.

Fu Yunshen tells Zhu Jiu that he cannot accompany her to go hiking as well. She tells him that she doesn’t like hiking. She reveals she likes to watch fireworks. He reminds her that he cannot carry her when she’s tired. She tells him that he just needs to hold her hands when she’s tired.

Fu Yunshen thinks he doesn’t have any strength to hug Zhu Jiu. But she tells him that she likes to embrace each other. She tells him that love is not jut sharing each sweet moments. She thinks they should share hard moments as well.

Zhu Jiu tells Fu Yunshen that she doesn’t fear what he said. She tells him that she just fears him to push her away. He apologizes to her. But she tells him that she doesn’t need him to say so to her. She asks him to promise her to shoulder everything with her. Fu Yunshen promises it. Zhu Jiu reaches out her hand to him. She tells him that she feels happy to see him. He shakes hands with her. He tells her that he feels happy to see her as well. He smiles at her.

Episode 15 of South Wind Knows ends with Fu Yunshen following Zhu Jiu. He hugs her and tells her that he wanted to hug her after he had a fight with her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him again. He tells her that he wants to accompany his children to run and jump like others.

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