Squid Game Season 1 Review

Squid Game the killing people game gets boosted by the fans and becomes number 1 Netflix TV show even if it was just released on September 17, 2021. it proves that most people like the game. So I decide to write the review for Squid Game Season 1 since there will be season 2 and even season 3 according to what the director Hwang Dong-Hyuk and the CEO of Netflix said.

Squid Game Season 1 Review

Squid Game

Hwang Dong-Hyuk doesn’t expect that Squid Game Season 1 becomes so popular because there was a similar Japanese drama Alice in Borderland which was released in 2020. It doesn’t stop the enthusiasm of the fans even if the show is nothing new.

Why People like to watch Squid Game?

Squid Game begins with the man Gi-Hun who’s broke. He asks his mom for money to buy his daughter a present. He wins some cash from the horse racing store with the money. But the cash gets stole by Sae-Byeok when he tries to avoid the loan shark. So he cannot buy his daughter a good birthday present. He’s told that his daughter isn’t to leave Korea. He has no money to fight for his kid. He decides to play Squid Game after he got shamed by Suit Man.

The hero Gi-Hun is a trash in audience’s eyes. But he needs to win Squid Game after he took nine episodes. People wants to know how Gi-Hun achieve it so that they watched the episodes one by one. Unlike Alice in Borderland, Hwang Dong-Hyuk made a civilian hero which gets people believe that they’re like Gi-Hun. It’s different from the super heroes that we saw from the United States TV shows and movies.

It’s quite normal to see a good game player to get the victory. But Gi-Hun isn’t actually a good player. He would get killed if other players didn’t help him. This is why Front Man tells Gi-Hun that he didn’t expect that he would win.

He chooses to kill Old Man when he plays marble game. But he still blames Sang-Woo for killing Ali Abdul and Player 017. Gi-Hun’s so hypocritical.

Squid Game adds some simple games which most South Korea played when they were children in the K-Drama. But people don’t expect that the games became the nightmare of the players. They feel chill when they watch the show. But it doesn’t stop them from telling people how good the drama is.

Most of the players in Squid Game have financial problem. They’re hunted by the loan sharks. They have no place to stay. This is what the Front Man and the VIPs want to see. They need some desperadoes to play the game. They want to see how they react when they get involved in the show.

But Deok-Soo isn’t a obedient player. He intends to rob Squid Game after he saw the cash in the piggy bank. But he gets betrayed by his follower. Squid Game would disappear if Deok-Soo’s plan was successful.

Sang-Woo graduated from the top school. He’s the pride of his mom who manage a fish store. But the good kid in her mind mortgaged her store. She would become a homeless woman if Gi-Hun didn’t repay the debts for Sang-Woo. This is why Gi-Hun was so surprised to see Sang-Woo in Squid Game. Because he thought his friend wouldn’t have any financial problem.

Squid Game emphasizes that equity is very important to the players. Front Man kills the surgery room guard and Byeong-Ki after the two broke the rule of the game. He wants to let the players get the equity which they didn’t get from reality. But the equity gets used by Deok-Soo when he plays marble game with Player 278. He tells the guard that it’s not equity when he’s going to get killed.

Squid Game is full of affecting scenes. Gi-Hun tears up after Old Man got killed. He doesn’t want the friend who helped him many times to die. But he needs to make a choice. He chooses to let him alive after he thought about it. Because he needs to take the money to save his mom.

Sae-Byeok cries as well after Ji-Yeong got killed. She treats her as her friend after they shared their past with each other. Ji-Yeong chose to give up her life and let Sae-Byeok survival after she pretended to get defeated in marble.

Squid Game lets the police Jun-Ho find his inside. Jun-Ho follows Gi-Hun and sneaks into Squid Game after he saw the business card which he found in his brother’s room. He wants to tell people about the game world after he spotted the guard hurting the players after they passed away. But he’s surprised that his brother the Front Man is the chief of the guard. He gets killed by his brother.

Front Man is a mysterious man in Squid Game. He saved Old Man many times when he almost got killed. I believe Hwang Dong-Hyuk will tell us his past if there’s a season 2.

Squid Game requires the players to follow the rules once they played the game. They get killed if they leave the game, and there’s a time limit. But the game ends when most of the players want to give up the game. Gi-Hun asks for giving up the game after he defeated Sang-Woo. The guard agrees to Gi-Hun’s demand. But Sang-Woo kills himself to make his friend to be the winner.

Squid Game allows the players to kill each other. Front Man turns off the light after the players had meal. He doesn’t stop the players when they fight with each other. There would be many players dying in the scene if Old Man didn’t stop Front Man.

Deok-Soo tries to attack Gi-Hun’s team when they’re going to take a break. But Gi-Hun stops Deok-Soo from telling him that his team members will stab him from his back. Sang-Woo also takes Sae-Byeok’s life when she’s dying because of bleeding.

Squid Game, the nine episodes of K-Drama. You can watch it on Netflix.

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