Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 1. Wan Niang tells Jiang Xuening that Ningan Palace is the place where Empress lives. Jiang Xuening asks Wan Niang about the looks of Ningan Palace. Wan Niang doesn’t know it.

Story of Kunning Palace Episode 1 Recap

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 1.

Jiang Xuening looks at the swan goose. She wishes herself to be the swan goose to fly into Ningan Palace. She comes to the capital. But what happens isn’t what she imaged. She reveals everyone wishes her to die. Xie Wei and Yan Lin arrive at the palace with their troops.

Yan Lin throws Zhou Yinzhi and Xue Shu’s heads to the ground. He reveals he has killed the two. The eunuch is furious to blame Xie Wei for rebelling. He believes that Shen family won’t forgive him even if he gets the world. Xie Wei pulls out his sword.

He claims that he’s going to see what Shen family will do to him. He points his sword at the eunuch. The eunuch cries when he looks at the cowardly ministers. He walks to Xie Wei. He lets the sword kill him. Xie Wei announces that Yan troops control the palace.

Jiang Xuening summons Xie Wei to her palace. She asks him to forgive Zhang Zhe with her life. He agrees to it. She smiles when she tears up. She takes out the knife. She kills herself with the knife. She falls down in front of him. Yan Lin shows up. He finds out that Jiang Xuening has been dead. He cries to ask Xie Wei if he killed Jiang Xuening.

The writer Jiang Ning calls Editor Quan. She reveals she doesn’t want to write the novel anymore. He reminds her that her “Story of Kunning Palace” has been top 1 novel. But the ending isn’t what she wants. She threatens to end the contract. She plans to let Jiang Xuening go out to her past, making up the mistakes she has made.

Jiang Ning falls asleep after she wrote the novel. The butterfly flies into her room. She stays on her laptop. She flies away. The butterfly flies into Jiang Xuening’s room. She stays on the flower. Jiang Xuening wakes up. She finds out that Shen Jie is putting his hand on her shoulder. She slaps him.

Yan Lin points his sword at Shen Jie. He asks him if he did something bad to Jiang Xuening. Shen Jie points out that they’re men. Jiang Xuening is surprised that Shen Jie doesn’t become emperor. She runs to the mirror. She looks at herself in the mirror. She finds out that it’s the case when she was 18 years old.

Shen Jie and Yan Lin run into the classroom. They apologize to Xie Wei for their late. Xie Wei lets the two have a seat. Xue Ye thinks Yan Lin came from the bar. He tells him not to get Shen Jie involved. He thinks his family are bandits.

Yan Lin gets angry. He tries to have a fight with Xue Ye. Xie Wei punishes the two to stand. Shen Jie volunteers to accept the punishment. Jiang Xuening returns home. She finds out that she actually came back. She sees a box. She takes the box.

It flashes back. Jiang Xuening cries when she’s on Wan Niang’s coffin. She wonders where the guys are going to take Wan Niang to. The maid reveals those guys are going to bully Wan Niang in the barren mountain because Wan Niang made a mistake. Wan Niang is carried away.

Jiang Xuening thinks she cannot change the thing. She opens the box. She sees the jade bracelet. Her mother shows up. It flashes back. The maid takes Jiang Xuening home. Jiang Xuening’s mother Madam Meng cries to tell Jiang Xuening that she’s her real mother when she grabs her hand. But Jiang Xuening takes back her hand. Madam Meng thinks Jiang Xuening needs to get used to it.

She introduces Jiang Xuehui to Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuehui calls Jiang Xuening younger sister when she grabs her hand. But Jiang Xuening shakes off Jiang Xuehui’s hand. She asks Madam Meng to tell everyone that Jiang Xuehui is the daughter of concubine if she wants to make up her.

But Madam Meng plans to tell people that Jiang Xuening is the second daughter of Jiang family. But Jiang Xuening claims that she wishes Jiang Xuehui to return the things to her. Madam Meng cries to tell Jiang Xuening that they wouldn’t part for so many years if Wan Niang didn’t switch the babies.

Jiang Xuening admits that she was raised by Wan Niang. But she points out that she wouldn’t pretend to be a good person like Madam Meng and Jiang Xuehui. Madam Meng asks everyone not to mention Wan Niang. Jiang Xuening grabs Jiang Xuehui’s hand. She mentions she’s Wan Niang’s daughter. She asks her to take Wan Niang’s side. Madam Meng’s hand is hurt by the jade bracelet when she tries to stop Jiang Xuening.

Madam Meng blames Jiang Xuening for not returning home all night. She asks Aunt Yang to take care of Jiang Xuening. The maid Tang Er and Lian Er ask Madam Meng to forgive Jiang Xuening. They guard Jiang Xuening when Aunt Yang hits Jiang Xuening.

Jiang Xuening grabs the punishment stick from Aunt Yang. She throws it away. Aunt Yang asks Jiang Xuening to accept the punishment. Jiang Xuening claims that his father agreed to let her dress up to be a man. Madam Meng thinks Jiang Xuening doesn’t respect her.

Jiang Xuehui comforts Madam Meng. She tells her to care for her health. Madam Meng is furious to tell Jiang Xuening to stay in the room. She leaves. Shen Jie learns that Jiang Xuening is the second daughter of Chancellor Jiang. Yan Lin asks Shen Jie not to hit on the beauty because he thinks Jiang Xuening belongs to him. He reveals he’s going to make a proposal to Jiang Xuening. Xie Wei hears what Yan Lin says inside.

Jiang Xuehui brings the medicine to Jiang Xuening. But Aunt Wang grabs the medicine from Jiang Xuening’s maid. She claims that Jiang Xuening trusts her because she was the one who went to pick up Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuening shows up. Aunt Wang explains it to Jiang Xuening that she wanted to test the medicine for her. She gives the medicine to Jiang Xuening’s maid.

Jiang Xuening returns to her room with her maids. Jiang Xuehui’s maid Mei Er wonders why Jiang Xuening didn’t throw a fit to them. Jiang Xuening takes a look at her bracelet. She thinks only the maids Lian Er and Tan Er are loyal to her.

She open the drawers. She finds out that they’re empty. She gets angry because she thinks Lian Er and Tan Er stole her items. She lets them come to her. They get on knees to her. They beg her not to sell them. Jiang Xuening thinks she should give those people a lesson.

Xie Wei visits Jiang Xuening’s father Jiang Boyou. Jiang Boyou is very happy after Xie Wei asked him to call him Ju An. Jiang Xuening summons the maids. Aunt Wang asks Jiang Xuening if she’s going to give them a task. Jiang Xuening tells the maids to return the stuff they stole to the boxes.

Aunt Wang claims that nobody dared to steal Jiang Xuening’s stuff. Lian Er reports to Jiang Boyou that Jiang Xuening plans to punish the maids who stole. He leaves with her. Xie Wei lets Dao Qin follow Jiang Boyou. Jiang Boyou walks into the yard.

Jiang Xuening apologizes to him for bringing trouble to him. He claims that he can resolve the problem for her. He has a seat. She tells the maids that she can forgive them if they return the stuff to her. Jiang Boyou tells the maids that he will sell them if they fool him.

The maids are scared to get on knees to him. The maid who has guts asks Jiang Xuening for the ledger. Jiang Xuening lets Tan Er take out the ledger. Jiang Boyou finds out that the ledger is just a book. He lets his follower to go to the maids’ rooms to look for the stuff. He threatens to punish the maids if the follower finds something. Aunt Wang takes the maids to confess.

Jiang Boyou laughs when he walks Jiang Xuening. He wonders how did his daughter come up with the idea. She reveals the idea was given by Yan Lin. He gets angry after knowing it was the guy. He persuades her not to play with Yan Lin. She offers to give the light punishment to the maids. He wonders if Yan Lin taught it to her. She admits it. He believes that Yan Lin will be a marquis. She tries to ask him about her punishment. But she sees Xie Wei. She remembers he let her kill herself in her previous life. He mentions he saw her before. Jiang Boyou agrees to what Xie Wei said.

Story of Kunning Palace Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with Jiang Xuening’s father reminding Jiang Xuening that he asked Xie Wei to take care of her. She remembers Xie Wei. He tells her to go to take a break because he thinks she’s tired. He leaves with her father.

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