Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 21 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 21. Xie Wei asks the general not to tell others that Jiang Xuening went to the jail. He threatens to kill him. But the general mentions the duke suspected him. He believes that Jiang Xuening will get involved if the duke looks into it.

What Happens In Story of Kunning Palace Episode 21?

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 21.

Xie Wei learns that the general is using Jiang Xuening to threaten him. He comforts him that he will resolve the problem for him if he’s nice to Jiang Xuening. He tells him to take the duty on his own if others know Jiang Xuening went to the jail.

The general leaves Xie Wei’s palace. Xie Wei asks Dao Qin to go to West City to stop Jiang Xuening. Dao Qin leaves. Xie Wei asks the follower to go to Tong State with him. But the follower worries that Xie Wei will catch a cold. Xie Wei points out that there’s nobody saving Jiang Xuening if Zhang Zhe makes a mistake.

Zhang Zhe and Jiang Xuening arrive at White Cloud Temple. Zhang Zhe sees blood on the floor. The bodyguard knocks at the door of the temple. The rebel San Niangzi opens the door after knowing he’s Lao Huang. The people walk into the temple.

San Niangzi asks Lao Huang what happened. She mentions she went to the gate of East City to pick him. But the court sent some people to wait for her. She complains to him that she fled after she lost many brothers. He tells her that they were fooled.

The guy asks Lao Huang about Jiang Xuening and Zhang Zhe. Zhang Zhe introduces himself as Mr. Dujun to the guys. He reveals Gongyi Cheng has betrayed them. He believes that the bodyguards of the court are going to come. The guy doesn’t believe that Gongyi Cheng betrayed them.

San Niangzi finds out that Jiang Xuening is a girl. The guy thinks Zhang Zhe has a goal to take a woman. Zhang Zhe explains to the guy that his younger sister got involved by mistake. But San Niangzi never heard Mr. Dujun has a younger sister.

Jiang Xuening reveals they have left if they didn’t encounter San Niangzi. Zhang Zhe stops her. The guy agrees to what Jiang Xuening said. He mentions Zhang Zhe saved them. Another guy intends to make the decision until General Feng comes.

He asks the boy Xiao Bao to bring some water and food. Master Jiang learns that his daughter Jiang Xuening was kidnapped by the rebels. He decides to report it to the officials. Xie Wei stops Master Jiang. He reminds him that Jiang Xuening’s reputation will be ruined if he does so.

He promises to protect Jiang Xuening. But he worries that Master Jiang cannot conceal the message. Master Jiang offers to tell the people that Jiang Xuening went to the temple for her mother. He thinks he can conceal it for some days.

Xie Wei thinks the idea is pretty good. He decides to go to save Jiang Xuening. Master Jiang cries because he feels guilty for his daughter. He asks Xie Wei to save Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuening takes a look at Xiao Bao. She finds out that he used ink and brush.

It flashes back. Zhang Zhe’s leg is hurt for protecting Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuening brings the water to Zhang Zhe. But he rejects it. She wonders if he doesn’t dare to drink the water because she touched the water with her lips. He tells her not to be kidding. Because he knows he’s lowly. She mentions he let her in his arms when the rebels attacked her.

Jiang Xuening drinks the water. She hands over the water to Zhang Zhe. He drinks the water. San Niangzi is surprised that Zhang Zhe cares for his younger sister. He asks her to prepare a single room for Jiang Xuening. She takes him and Jiang Xuening to the room.

She leaves. But she eavesdrops. Zheng Zhe writes words in Jiang Xuening’s hands. He explains to her that it will be safe if he let the rebels mistake their relationship. But she points out that the rebels still suspect them. He mentions the rebels insisted on waiting for General Feng. He believes that there’s a hard battle tomorrow. He comforts her that he will help her leave after they arrive in next city. But he thinks she needs to be wronged first. She tells him that she will trust him anytime.

It flashes back. Zhang Zhe takes Jiang Xuening to the room. He cleans up the bed. He comforts her that she will be fine if she returns to the palace. He tries to leave because he intends to guard her outside. But she reminds him that it’s cold outside. She tells him not to follow the rules. She wakes up from the nightmare when he guards her outside. He comforts her that he’s there.

Zhang Zhe plans to guard Jiang Xuening outside. But she stops him because she thinks the people outside will suspect them if he walks out of the room. She tells him to rest with her. She reveals she’s scared. Xie Wei visits Emperor when Duke is talking about the jail case with Emperor.

Duke asks Xie Wei to leave. But Xie Wei claims that he came for the case. Duke is surprised that Xie Wei knew the case. Emperor reveals he and Xie Wei planned it for letting Zhang Zhe look into the base of the rebels. Duke thinks Emperor doesn’t trust him.

But Xie Wei tells Duke that it was his idea. He asks Emperor for the seal of Yan family. He plans to go to Tong State to pick Jiang Xuening up. But Duke is against it. Because he didn’t lead soldiers. He worries that he cannot complete the task.

He volunteers to go to Tong State. But Xie Wei claims that he knows the details because he came up with the idea. Emperor stops Duke. He tells him to make the decision after he talked with Xie Wei. Duke leaves Emperor’s study. Emperor mentions what Xie Wei told him to let Duke go to Tong State. He wonders why he changed his mind.

Xie Wei explains to Emperor that he can help him get Yan troops if he goes to Tong State. But Emperor wishes to let Duke support Xie Wei. So they will catch all of the rebels. Jiang Xuening leans her head on Zhang Zhe’s shoulder. He strokes her hair.

Why General Feng Wishes to Kill Zhang Zhe?

San Niangzi breaks into the room. She reports to Zhang Zhe that General Feng wishes to see him. She takes him and Jiang Xuening to see General Feng. Zhang Zhe tells General Feng to leave with him. But General Feng stops Zhang Zhe. He wonders why he didn’t tell it to Jinling since he knew Gongyi Cheng was going to betray them.

Zhang Zhe explains to General Feng that he worried that he would ruin the effort of the prince. General Feng laughs. He asks Zhang Zhe if he knows why he’s there. Zhang Zhe tells General Feng that he knows he came for Tong State.

General Feng thinks it cannot prove the identity of Zhang Zhe. The bodyguards pull out their swords. Jiang Xuening thinks General Feng does it for letting the court arrest them. Zhang Zhe reminds General Feng that he will know his identity once they return to Jinling.

The guy persuades General Feng to leave with them. But General Feng is against it because he doesn’t wish to let a stranger leave with them. He tells Zhang Zhe that he is going to kill him if he cannot prove his identity. The guy shows up. Jiang Xuening recognizes the guy. She realizes that Pingnan Prince asked the guy Xue Dingfei to bring trouble to Xue family.

General Feng wonders why Xue Dingfei hid himself. Xue Dingfei points out that he wouldn’t see the show if he didn’t hide. He adds that he wouldn’t know the looks of Du Jun if he didn’t hide. The guy believes that Xue Dingfei saw Du Jun because Xue Dingfei had stayed with Pingnan Prince for a long time. General Feng lets his followers take down Zhang Zhe because he thinks Zhang Zhe isn’t Du Jun.

But Xue Dingfei stops General Feng. He slaps Zhang Zhe’s shoulder. He’s surprised that he hid a pretty younger sister. He asks him to introduce Jiang Xuening to him. General Feng drags Xue Dingfei aside. He asks him to tell him the truth. Xue Dingfei points out that he didn’t say that the guy isn’t Du Jun.

Episode 21 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with the general Feng Mingyu stopping the group. Jiang Xuening hits Zhang Zhe’s shoulder by mistake in the carriage. Xue Dingfei has a fight with Feng Mingyu because he wishes to get into the city fast.

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