Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 6. Do Ha glares at Hae-In. He uses his power to put out the candle. He breaks the cups on the table at the same time. He tells the chief monk not to care for his business.

Why Do Ha Killed the Bodyguard for Ri-Ta?

Moon in the Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 6.

Do Ha returns to Joon-O’s body. The evil spirit disappears. Young-Hwa checks Do Ha’s pulse. She finds out that he’s alive. She returns to home. She remembers the evil spirit appeared in her dream. She screams when she remembers she saw the evil spirit when she was a kid.

She’s calm when she sees Na-Yeon. She goes to see a doctor. She tells him what she saw in the dream. It flashes back. Soribu has known the identity of Ri-Ta. He intends to let her serve him and Do Ha. He grabs her hand when she’s close to him.

He claims that something is missing in his house. The bodyguard finds the treasure from Ri-Ta’s room. Ri-Ta doesn’t ask him for his mercy when he sees the evidence. Soribu asks Do Ha how to deal with the maid who stole. But Do Ha thinks Ri-Ta is wronged.

He asks his father to let him look into it. Because Ri-Ta is the maid he hired. But Soribu locks Ri-Ta in the warehouse. He plans to beat her until she confesses. Do Ha knows his father intends to hurt Ri-Ta. He mentions the maids couldn’t reach the important items.

Soribu sees that Do Ha cares for Ri-Ta. Do Ha worries that his love will give Ri-Ta hard time. He explains to his father that Ri-Ta is just a lowly maid. But Soribu reveals he has known the daughter of Gaya General is alive. Do Ha knows his father intended to tell the words to him.

He reaches the gate of the warehouse when Ri-Ta is going to die. He cares for her injury. Ri-Ta doesn’t wish to get Do-Ha involved. She tells him not to help her again. She mistakes that he left. She cries when she lies on the ground.

He doesn’t leave. He makes the decision in the end. He breaks the lock of the warehouse. He shows up in front of her. He tries to take her away. But he runs into the bodyguard. The bodyguard has known Ri-Ta is the daughter of Gaya General.

Do Ha doesn’t conceal it. He asks the bodyguard to pretend not to see it. He promises him that Ri-Ta won’t show up in the house. But the bodyguard rejects it. He attacks Ri-Ta. Do Ha kills the bodyguard. He takes Ri-Ta to the woods. She asks him why he killed the bodyguard for her. He reveals he wished to save her. He tells her that he’s waiting for her to kill him. But she cries to tell him not to die.

Young-Hwa explains the dream to the doctor. He thinks it’s just a dream. He tells her to comfort herself that it’s not real if she sees the dream again. She thinks she shouldn’t ignore the beautiful life for the phantom. Do Ha worries about her because she doesn’t come to work.

Did Do Ha and Ri-Ta Get Married?

He watches her from his car. He gets angry after he found out that she’s very happy. He visits the chief monk. He mentions he almost lost the body because of the talisman. But the chief monk points out that Do Ha hates Young-Hwa because he has followed Young-Hwa.

Do Ha follows Young-Hwa. He finds out that she falls asleep on the floor after she drank with her best friend. He tries to kill her. But she wakes up. She holds his face and she tells herself that everything is phantom. She mentions he told her to leave. But she worried about him.

She trips when she walks. He grabs her collar when she walks. He lets her in his arms. He finds out that he’s beating fast. He wonders why he didn’t kill her. He wishes to know the true why she killed him. Min-O shows up. He wishes to guard Do Ha because Young-Hwa isn’t in Do Ha’s side.

Do Ha finds out that his older brother cares for him. He takes out the photo of Chul-Hwan. He tells Min-O that Chul-Hwan was the one who wished to kill him. Min-O meets with Attorney Go. He asks him to look into Chul-Hwan. But Chul-Hwan calls Attorney Go. He asks him for a meeting up.

Young-Hwa remembers she was close to Do Ha last night. She decides to go to have a talk with Do Ha. But Na-Yeon stops Young-Hwa. She saw the love photo of Do Ha and Yi-Seul. She dresses Young-Hwa up. She takes her to the scene where Do Ha and Yi-Seul stay.

Young-Hwa sees Yi-Seul takes Do Ha’s arm. Yi-Seul claims that she’s dating Do Ha. Young-Hwa is lost to leave with Na-Yeon. Yi-Seul thanks Do Ha for helping her. She tries to hold his hand. But he shakes off her hand. He walks to Young-Hwa who’s waiting for him.

Yi-Seul is jealous after she found out that Young-Hwa dressed up. She tells Young-Hwa that she didn’t wear clothes when she was in Do Ha’s house. Young-Hwa is taken away by Do Ha. She claims that she just came to take her baggage. She thinks it’s time to leave. Because she mistakes him as the man in her dream.

She walks out of his house. She runs into Min-O. He thinks there’s something happening to her and Do Ha. He reveals what Do Ha told him that Young-Hwa saw his real face. She remembers Hae-In put the talisman on Do Ha. She goes to the temple to see the chief monk.

He reveals the amulet was made by lotus. He adds that the lotus helps her not see the bad things. But the lotus is broken. So she saw the evil spirit. She remembers what Do Ha told her that he’s not a living person. She doesn’t understand what he said. She asks for a meeting up.

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Episode 6 of Moon in the Day ends with Do Ha and Young-Hwa having a meeting on the bridge. Do Ha realizes that Young-Hwa remembered what happened last night. He uses his power to turn off the lights. He confesses to her that he’s an evil spirit. He reveals he wishes to know how did he die. He asks her why she killed him. Do Ha gets married with Ri-Ta. He puts the lotus on her. He confesses her feelings to her.

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