Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 26 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 26. Jiang Xuening is at Lv Xian’s house. She asks Lv Xian if Xie Wei knows it. He denies it and he reveals he didn’t send wedding candies to Xie Wei. He adds that he wished to tell it to Xie Wei after the case.

Do Lv Xian and You Fangyin Love Each Other?

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 26.

Jiang Xuening throws a fit to Lv Xian. Because she worries that Lv Xian will do something bad to Fang Yin. She asks him to leave the room. He walks out of the room. He closes the door. Jiang Xuening tells Fang Yin that she will return the wedding money to Lv Xian.

Fang Yin mentions what her mother told her not to be a concubine. She reveals Lv Xian promised her that he will let her run business after they get married. She tells Jiang Xuening that she had made the decision. Jiang Xuening walks out of the house.

She tells Lv Xian that she can give the shares to him if he marries Fang Yin for the salt well. But he tells her that he doesn’t want to exchange the marriage with the money. She realizes that he loves Fang Yin. He reveals he wishes to help Fang Yin because he knows she’s a good girl.

He promises not to let Fang Yin bullied. Jian Shu brings the medicine to Xie Wei. Xue Dingfei shows up. He reveals he failed to provoke Xue Yuan. He asks Xie Wei if he took him to the capital just for provoking Xue Yuan. Xie Wei denies it. He reveals he plans to take action until Zhang Zhe finds the evidence.

Xue Dingfei worries that the case will be delayed because Zhang Zhe just lost his mother. Xie Wei tells Xue Dingfei that he needs him to buy him the time. Xue Dingfei doesn’t know how to deal with Xue Yuan because he has used all of the methods.

Does Emperor Reward Xue Dingfei?

Xie Wei promises to make the chance for Xue Dingfei. Dao Qin reports to Xie Wei that Lv Xian and You Fangyin has gotten married. Xue Dingfei is surprised that Lv Xian could get married. He thinks You Fangyin doesn’t want to live.

Xie Wei wonders if Jiang Xuening knows it. Xue Dingfei realizes that You Fangyin is Jiang Xuening’s woman. Dao Qin reveals he ran into Jiang Xuening when he went to Lv family. He adds that the lady wasn’t happy. Xue Dingfei thinks Xie Wei got Lv Xian involved because Jiang Xuening doesn’t like Xie Wei. Xie Wei scolds Xue Dingfei. He tells him to leave.

Xie Wei runs into Mr. Gu in the palace. Mr. Gu wonders why Xie Wei is there. Xie Wei reveals he waited for Mr. Gu for Zhang Zhe. Mr. Gu wonders why Xie Wei wants to help Zhang Zhe because he knows Zhang Zhe doesn’t like Xie Wei. Xie Wei explains to Mr. Gu that he thinks Zhang Zhe can help him deal with Xue family because he knows he’s a good officer. Mr. Gu wishes Xie Wei not to change the heart.

The eunuch reports to Empress Dowager that Emperor summoned Gu Chunfang and Xie Wei. She summons Xue Shu. She hands over the list of the concubines to Xue Shu. She comforts her that she will be the princess. But she tells her that Shen Jie likes the girls of Jiang family.

She asks her to choose Jiang Xuehui as the concubine of Shen Jie. Xue Shu agrees to it. Eunuch Wang visits Xue family. He announces the order of Emperor. He gives the gold items to Xue Dingfei. Xue Dingfei thinks Eunuch Wang is his lucky star.

But Xue Yuan wants to send Eunuch Wang off. But Xue Dingfei tells Xue Yuan to give something to Eunuch Wang. Madam Xue hands over the present to Eunuch Wang. Eunuch Wang leaves. Xue Dingfei lets the servants carry the gold items to his room. He thinks Emperor knows who’s a good person.

Xue Dingfei tries to leave. Xue Yuan stops Xue Dingfei. He asks him where he had fun last night. Xue Dingfei reveals he went to drink with the beauties. He asks Xue Yuan if he wants to join him. Xue Yuan tells Xue Dingfei not to ruin the reputation of Xue family.

What Wedding Present Xie Wei Prepares for Lv Xian?

Xue Dingfei wants to change his name to Yan. Xue Ye blames Xue Dingfei for not respecting his father. Xue Dingfei slaps Xue Ye. He tells Madam Xue that he wants to give his son a lesson. Xue Yuan kicks Xue Dingfei. He makes him step back.

Xue Yuan pretends to trip. He kicks Xue Ye and he tells the people that Xue Yuan beat him. He runs out of Xue family. Xie Wei summons Lv Xian to his house. Lv Xian explains to Xie Wei that he didn’t intend to conceal the marriage of him and You Fangyin.

He comforts him that he won’t forgive him even if he has a wife. Xie Wei thinks there’re many ways to save You Fangyin. But Lv Xian chose the marriage path. He asks him if he loves You Fangyin. Lv Xian reveals he thought You Fangyin is a good girl. He wished to support the heaven for the girl.

Lv Xian tells Xie Wei that he wants to be nice to You Fangyin all his life since he married her. But Xie Wei thinks You Fangyin doesn’t like Lv Xian. Lv Xian claims that he will make You Fangyin fall for her. He asks Xie Wei for the present.

But Xie Wei rejects it. Because he didn’t have the wedding meal. He leaves his house. Jian Shu brings the present to Lv Xian. Lv Xian opens the present. He sees the jade zither. He thinks Xie Wei did something good. He asks Jian Shu and Dao Qin for the wedding present.

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Episode 26 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with Xie Wei comforting Jiang Xuening that Yan Lin is fine. She thinks it’s a good thing that Yan Lin stays in Huang City. Xie Wei wonders if Jiang Xuening wishes to leave the capital to look for her freedom.

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