Only for Love: Episode 29 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love: Episode 29. Shi Yan wonders why the girl doesn’t chase him. Qin Shiyue tells him to chase the girl instead. But he thinks the girl doesn’t like him because she didn’t apologize to him.

How Does Qin Shiyue Know Her Life Goal?

Only for Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love: Episode 29.

Qin Shiyue asks Shi Yan if he actually doesn’t plan to contact Zheng Shuyi. She thinks there would be a misunderstanding. She tells him that the girl didn’t tell her thought to him because she cared for him. She receives a message from Yu You. He volunteers to accompany her to the hospital.

She asks Shi Yan what’s important in a relationship. He thinks it’s honesty. He tells her to know the person before she falls in love. She asks him if Zheng Shuyi is the person. He doesn’t reply to her. He tells her to go to sleep. She sits on her bed. She wonders what’s her life goal.

Yu You sends the videos of the class to Qin Shiyue. He tells her to come to take class. She watches the footage of him. But she remembers Shi Yan told her that the two will break up if they’re not on the same level. She texts Yu You and she tells him that she can go to the hospital alone.

Xu Yuling tells the girl that Shi Yan cooperated with her when she interviewed him. Zheng Shuyi hears what Xu Yuling said. She’s jealous. She gets a call from Yi Yang. He asks her for a meeting up. He reveals he’s going to introduce some friends to her.

She goes to his company to interview his friends. He finds out that she’s pretty when she interviews. Yu You reads Zheng Shuyi’s interview. He thinks the interview is warm. Qin Shiyu wishes to write a great article like Zheng Shuyi. She realizes her life goal.

Does Zheng Shuyi Attend the Charity Dinner?

Qin Shiyue walks into the classroom when Yu You is taking class. She thanks the guy for taking the seat for her. She volunteers to buy him a cup of coffee. She hands over the coffee to him. Yu You walks to Qin Shiyue after the class. He asks her if she doesn’t understand the class. The guy leaves.

Qin Shiyue shows the questions to Yu You. He reveals he has explained it in the classes she missed. He tells her to ask him the questions after she watched the videos he sent to her. He tells her to go to have lunch with him. She agrees to it.

They’re on the way to the cafeteria. The girl stops Yu You. She tells him that she wishes to talk about the speech with him. Qin Shiyue tries to leave. The girl asks Yu You if Qin Shiyue is his student as well. Qin Shiyue denies it. The girl Chen Lei thinks Qin Shiyue is Yu You’s girlfriend. She leaves.

Qin Shiyu walks Yu You. She wonders why he didn’t explain it when Chen Lei misunderstood them. He thinks he didn’t need to explain it. He reveals the door of his house has been installed. Professor Li visits the lab of Le An. He persuades Chen Kang to work with Black Horse. Chen Kang is against it.

Yi Yang texts Zheng Shuyi. He invites her to attend the charity dinner with him. She agrees to it after knowing Shi Yan is going to attend the charity dinner as well. He waits for her at the charity dinner. She shows up with a beautiful dress.

Who Takes the Drunk Zheng Shuyi Home?

Yi Yang asks Zheng Shuyi to take his arm. But she ignores him. They walk into the charity dinner. Shi Yan drinks with Guan Ji. Guan Ji is surprised that Zheng Shuyi came to the party with Yi Yang. The beauty Bei Lin calls Shi Yan. The guy introduces Bei Lin as Shi Yan’s ex-girlfriend.

Bei Lin walks to Shi Yan. She greets him. Yi Yang takes Zheng Shuyi to go to eat the pastry. Shi Yan takes a look at Zheng Shuyi. He admits to Bei Lin that he knows Zheng Shuyi. Yi Yang hands over the cake to Zheng Shuyi. But she doesn’t want to eat it.

She turns around and she sees Shi Yan. Yi Yang takes her to walk out of the charity dinner. She drinks up the wine. He accompanies her to drink. He thinks she doesn’t believe that he will be a good boyfriend. She tells him that it’s not her business.

Bei Lin asks Shi Yan to give her a chance. He rejects it because they missed the love. She mistakes that he wants to take revenge for her. He denies it. She mentions he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he tells her that his girlfriend is in his heart.

Yi Yang asks Zheng Shuyi why she doesn’t get together with Shi Yan since she loves Shi Yan so much. She reveals she made a mistake. Bei Lin finds out that Shi Yan cared for the girl so much. She thinks he has changed. He goes to look for Zheng Shuyi.

He finds out that she’s drunk to climb the tree. He calls her and he asks her to come down from the tree. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to see him. She asks him to flatter her. He calls her little fairy. She’s happy to hug him.

Yi Yang tells Shi Yan to stay away from Zheng Shuyi. Because he thinks he cannot give what Zheng Shuyi wants. Shi Yan tells Yi Yang that he will give everything to Zheng Shuyi. He carries Zheng Shuyi to his car. He puts his clothes on her.

She grabs his hand and she tells him that she misses him very much. She cries in his arms. She tells him that she wanted to see him very much. He asks her if she had feelings for him. But she falls asleep. He returns home. He looks at the mark she bit. She wakes up in the morning. She doesn’t believe that Shi Yan took her home.

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Episode 29 of Only for Love ends with Shi Yan drinking with Guan Ji at the bar. Guan Ji tells Shi Yan to leave with him. He reveals he’s in love. He mentions he got the happiness after he took the first step. He tells Shi Yan to go to see the girl.

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