Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 25 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 25. Xie Wei wins in the shooting game. But Crown Prince asks Xie Wei to concede. Xie Wei tells Crown Prince not to cheat. Crown Prince threatens to tell his uncle that he won’t play with him.

Why Doesn’t Xue Dingfei Call Duke Xue Father?

Story of Kunning Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 25.

Xie Wei tells Crown Prince that he’s going to let him win in the next round. Crown Prince rejects it when he’s furious to throw away his bow. Duke Xue shows up. He slaps Xie Wei and hurts his ear. He mentions what he told him to respect Crown Prince. He tells him to think about his mistake.

Xie Wei tells Duke Xue that the brave guy is his son. Duke Xue admits to Emperor that the guy is his son Xue Dingfei. Emperor lets Xue Dingfei get up. Xie Wei remembers Pingnan Prince made a scar on the beggar’s ear. He told him that he’s Xue Dingfei from now on.

Emperor thinks he needs to reward Xue Dingfei because Xue Dingfei saved his life. But Minister of Justice Gu Chunfang stops Emperor. Because he wishes to ask Xue Dingfei a question. Xie Wei introduces Gu Chunfang as Zhang Zhe’s teacher to Xue Dingfei.

Gu Chunfang wonders how did Xue Dingfei survive from Pingnan Prince. Xue Dingfei reveals Pingnan Prince intended to let him be his puppet. Emperor thinks Xue Dingfei suffered a lot. Xue Dingfei reveals he just wanted to help palace.

He tells Emperor that he encountered Zhang Zhe when he was on the way to Tong City. Zhang Zhe admits it. He reveals he has been killed if Xue Dingfei didn’t help him. Emperor gives a position to Xue Dingfei. He thinks about the house he lives.

Xue Dingfei reveals he wishes to leave with Duke Xue. Emperor agrees to it. Xue Dingfei walks out of the palace. The officer Chen Ying stops him. He wonders why he called Duke Xue duke instead of father. Xue Dingfei has been in anger that his father remarried after his mother passed away within three month.

Duke Xue thinks Xue Dingfei is a bad person. But Xue Dingfei points out that Duke Xue isn’t a good person because he gave a birth to him. He thinks he didn’t let her mother down. Duke Xue blames Xue Dingfei for not respecting his mother.

Xue Dingfei thinks the woman is nobody. Duke Xue tries to beat Xue Dingfei. But Xue Dingfei tells Duke Xue to kill him. He tells the officers that he prepared a meal for them at the restaurant. He leaves with the officers. The eunuch reports to Duke Xue that Queen wished to see him.

Will Duke Xue Kill Xue Dingfei?

Zhang Zhe reports to Emperor that Duke Xue stole the weapons of Tong City. He reveals Duke Xue made him to suspect Yan family. Emperor is furious to slap the table. He asks Zhang Zhe if he knows what he’s saying. He coughs. Gu Chunfang calms Emperor down.

He explains to him that Zhang Zhe didn’t intend to offend him. Xie Wei agrees to what Gu Chunfang said. He tells Emperor not to get angry. Emperor forgives Zhang Zhe because he has credits. He asks him not to mention such words. But Zhang Zhe rejects it. He asks Emperor to look into Yan family’s case.

Gu Chunfang takes Zhang Zhe away. Duke Xue meets with Queen. She wonders why he helped Xue Dingfei. He explains to her that he did it for the credits of Xue Dingfei. She reminds him that Pingnan Prince wouldn’t kill so many people if it wasn’t because of him.

She worries that she will be the target if Pingnan Prince told the truth to others. Emperor asks Xie Wei about the report. Xie Wei thinks they need to let Zhang Zhe find the truth no matter who stole the weapons. Emperor agrees to what Xue Wei said. He thinks Duke Xue acted weird when he was in the palace.

Duke Xue comforts Queen that he will kill Xue Dingfei if he does something bad. He plans to wait until his daughter Xue Shu marries Emperor. He mentions Consort Qin is going to give a birth to a prince. She complains to him that Emperor has watched Consort Qin.

He asks her about Emperor’s health. But she tells him to be careful. Emperor thinks Duke Xue feared Xue Dingfei when he was at the court. He believes that Xue family concealed something from him. Xie Wei thinks Queen knew it. Emperor knows Queen and Duke Xue are on the same boat. But he points out that the nation belongs to Shen family.

How Does Xie Wei Get Yan Troops?

Xie Wei gets on knees to Emperor. He swears to protect the nation of Shen family. He asks Emperor for Yan troops so that he can protect him. Emperor agrees to it. Xie Wei shows an evil smile. Gu Chunfang thinks Zhang Zhe should respect Emperor even if Emperor made a mistake.

Zhang Zhe agrees to what his teacher said. But he still wants to look into the case of Yan family. Because he thinks Yan family was wronged. Gu Chunfang asks Zhang Zhe if Xie Wei did something bad. Zhang Zhe remembers Jiang Xuening asked him not to report Xie Wei.

Gu Chunfang wonders how did Xie Wei contact the rebels. Zhang Zhe reveals Xie Wei saved them. Gu Chunfang tells Zhang Zhe to look into Duke Xue. He tells him to report it to Emperor once he gets the evidence. He tells him to go to see his mother because his mother worried about him.

Jiang Xuening returns home. She asks her parents to punish her. But Master Jiang tells her daughter not to feel guilty. Madam Jiang is surprised that her husband forgave Jiang Xuening. She’s furious to ask Jiang Xuening if she didn’t fear death.

Jiang Xuehui comforts Madam Jiang. She tells Jiang Xuening that her mother just worried about her. Madam Jiang denies it. She thinks Jiang Xuening never listened to her. She claims that she worried that Jiang Xuening will get Jiang family involved.

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Episode 25 of Story of Kunning Palace ends with Jiang Xuening telling Xie Wei that she doesn’t wish Zhang Zhe to hate himself. She wonders why she’s sad. She asks him for an answer. He hugs her and he tells her not to regret because she has made the decision.

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