Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 4. Jiang Xuening leaves Zhou Yinzhi’s house. She realizes why Yan Lin killed Zhou Yinzhi first after he broke into the palace. She’s surprised that she drew the viper to Yan Lin’s side.

Jiang Xuening takes a look at Zhou House. She wonders if she did it wrong to visit Zhou Yinzhi. She remembers Zhang Zhe persuaded her not to work with tiger. She tells Tan Er that she’s thinking of someone. Tan Er mistakes that Jiang Xuening is missing Yan Lin. Jiang Xuening denies it. She reveals he’s the person who hated her.

Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 4

Zhou Yinzhi takes a look at the horse. Yao Niang tells him that the horse is healthy. But he wonders why Jiang Xuening knew everything about him. He walks to the horse he loves. He kills him with his blade. He asks Yao Niang to tell others that he returned home because his horse was sick.

Shen Zhiyi and Xue Shu walk into Empress Dowager’s palace. Empress Dowager is surprised that Shen Zhiyi showed her scar. Shen Zhiyi reveals she thought the scar is nothing. She asks Empress Dowager about her studying partner. But Empress Dowager lets Shen Zhiyi go to visit Emperor.

Emperor summons Xie Wei to his study. He asks him if he was hurt because he heard the assassination. Xie Wei reveals Chen Ying saved him. But Emperor thinks Chen Ying is a trash like Xingwu Guards. He coughs. Empress Dowager reveals Emperor is sick. She decides to let Shen Jie be the next emperor if Emperor passes away. She asks Xue Shu be the empress.

Xie Wei tells Emperor that he wants to teach Shen Zhiyi. Emperor is very happy. Madam Meng takes a look at the paper. She finds out that Shen Zhiyi became the study partner of Elder Princess. She gets angry. She mentions Jiang Boyou submitted Jiang Xuehui’s name. She thinks he told her a lie. He thinks she talked nonsense.

She takes a look at Jiang Xuening. She thinks she used a dirty method to replace her sister’s name with her name. Jiang Xuening tells Madam Meng that she doesn’t have to worry about Jiang family if she has the talent. She leaves the room.

Jiang Boyou reminds Madam Meng that Jiang Xuehui is sitting there. He comforts Jiang Xuehui that he will help her if she has another chance. But she thinks it’s the glory of Jiang family that Jiang Xuening was chosen. Jiang Xuening returns to her study. She blames the person for hurting her. But Tan Er thinks it’s a good thing. The maid reports to Jiang Xuening that Jiang Xuehui visited her.

Jiang Xuehui brings a present to Jiang Xuening. She persuades her not to fight for the first place. Jiang Xuening reveals she would think she got fooled if her sister was chosen. She knows Jiang Xuehui wants to join palace as well.

Jiang Xuehui admits that she wants to join palace. She thinks it’s not a shame thing. She tells Jiang Xuening that she knows she doesn’t have the talent. Jiang Xuening thinks Jiang Xuehui is like a Buddha. She reveals she doesn’t like her because she never asked her about Wan Niang since she knows Wan Niang is her real mother.

Jiang Xuehui tries to leave. But Jiang Xuening stops her. She reveals Wan Ning asked her to give her bracelet to her. But she didn’t do that. Because she thought Jiang Xuehui doesn’t deserve it. Jiang Xuehui thinks Wan Niang made her and Jiang Xuening be a joke.

She mentions she would let her mother or Wan Niang down no matter what she did. So she chose to protect herself like her mother told her to do. Jiang Xuening thinks Jiang Xuening is cold-blooded. Jiang Xuehui thinks Jiang Xuening should hate her. She leaves her room. Jiang Xuening finds out that Jiang Xuehui is suitable for the empress.

Jiang Xuehui lies on the couch in the yard. She wonders why she didn’t change the fate since she avoided the palace. Yan Lin throws something to Jiang Xuening. She finds out that he’s on the tree. She thinks her father will complain about the wall. He jumps off the tree and he puts the nuts into her hands. He asks her not to report it to Jiang Boyou.

She notes that his hand was hurt. He reveals his hand was hurt by Xingwu Guard. He mentions Xingwu Guard killed his horse. She remembers she told Yao Niang to let Zhou Yinzhi take a look at his horse. She persuades Yan Lin not to trust Zhou Yinzhi. Because Zhou Yinzhi killed the horse he loved.

Yan Lin gives the pine nut he peeled to Jiang Xuening. She mentions his hand was hurt. He thinks it’s nothing and he claims that he can peel it even if his hand is broken. She doesn’t eat it even if she likes the pine nut very much.

He mentions she’s going to join the palace to be the study partner. He asks her about her feelings. She’s surprised that he knew it. He reveals he told the princess to add her name when she looked for a study partner. He brags that he wouldn’t forget his Ning Ning. He asks Jiang Xuening if she did a great job.

Jiang Xuening finds out that the one who hurt her was Yan Lin. She smiles to tell Yan Lin that he gave her a big surprise. He takes her away. Jiang Xuening and Yan Lin go to Lv Xian’s store when Lv Xian is selling his zither to the scholar.

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Jiang Xuening worries that Lv Xian’s zither will be expensive. Yan Lin persuades her that Xian Wei will be nice to her if she has a good zither. Lv Xian brings four zithers to Yan Lin and Jiang Xuening. He complains to them that Gu Benyuan gave the zither to Xie Wei. He blames Xie Wei for ending his money path.

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