Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 3. Shen Zhiyi asks Jiang Xuening to paint at Qinlan Pavilion. Jiang Xuening claims that she doesn’t know how to paint. She thinks Shen Zhiyi shouldn’t be envy of her. Shen Zhiyi is surprised that the girl Yan Lin likes is so hypocritical.

Jiang Xuening worries that she will make Shen Zhiyi hate her again. She notes the scar on Shen Zhiyi’s canthus. She paints a flower on the canthus for Shen Zhiyi. Shen Zhiyi looks at herself in the mirror. Jiang Xuening tells her that nobody can hurt her if she shows the scar.

Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 3

Jiang Xuening mentions Shen Zhiyi got the scar when Pingnan Prince rebelled. She persuades her not to feel shame because it’s the glory of the nation. Shen Zhiyi smiles at Jiang Xuening. Jiang Xuening remembers Shen Zhiyi looked at her when they fell to the ground together.

Shen Zhiyi tells Jiang Xuening that she likes her. Jiang Xuening is startled to get on knees to Shen Zhiyi. She asks her for her mercy. Xue Shu reminds Shen Zhiyi that Empress Dowager is waiting for her in the palace. Shen Zhiyi tells Jiang Xuening that she will visit her next time. She leaves. The girl helps Jiang Xuening stand up. She thinks she’s good at talking. Jiang Xuening complains that her mouth hurt her.

Xie Wei plays zither in the room at the restaurant. Chancellor Chen asks Xie Wei for a tip to interrogate the rebel. He reveals he doesn’t want to offend Xue family or Yan family. Xie Wei reminds Chancellor Chen that only Zhang Zhe will be punished. Chancellor Chen leaves the room.

The follower reminds Xie Wei that Yan family will be arrested one day. But he doesn’t believe Marquis Yan would work with rebels. The waiter walks into the room with the food. He takes out a knife and he attacks Xie Wei. The follower Jian Shu fights with the waiter.

Jiang Xuening gets off the carriage. She lets the maid go to invite Yan Lin. The killer kidnaps Jiang Xuening when he fights with Jian Shu. He tells Jian Shu that he will kill Jiang Xuening. Xie Wei walks out of the restaurant. He calls Jiang Xuening.

It makes the killer realize that the lady knows Xie Wei. Jiang Xuening thinks she shouldn’t get involved in the trouble. She tries to mislead the killer that she doesn’t know Xie Wei. But Xie Wei reveals Jiang Xuening’s father is his good friend.

He persuades the killer not to hurt the innocent girl. The killer mentions Xie Wei hurt many brothers of him for the Emperor. Xie Wei learns that the killer was sent by Pingnan Prince. He asks the killer about his plan. Jiang Xuening blames Xie Wei for thinking about catching the rebel.

Xie Wei tells the killer that he will help him leave the city if he releases Jiang Xuening. But the killer wants to kidnap Xie Wei. Xie Wei agrees to the killer’s plan. He asks him to send Jiang Xuening to him. But Jiang Xuening knows Xie Wei has another plan. She sees his follower Dao Qin standing on the second floor with a crossbow.

She worries that he will kill her as well. She runs to him. Dao Qin catches the chance to shoot the killer. Xie Wei walks to the killer. He holds the arrow and he kills the rebel. He lets his followers carry the body to Chancellor Chen.

Xie Wei tries to hand over his handkerchief to Jiang Xuening. She protects herself with her hands. He sees the scar on her hand. We go back to four years ago. Jiang Xuening feeds Xie Wei her blood. She carries him to walk in the snow mountain. But he falls to the snow ground. She asks him not to sleep. He tries to reach his zither. But she breaks his zither. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve to live.

We return to the present. Jiang Xuening uses Xie Wei’s handkerchief to wipe the blood off her ear. She returns it to him. Xie Wei returns to the room with Jiang Xuening. He strokes his zither and he thinks he startled her. But she reveals she knew he would save her.

But he mentions she didn’t want to be related to him. She explains it to him that she did it for not bringing trouble to him. He smiles and he thinks she used the method to trick Yan Lin. He thinks she was very smart. But she pretends not to understand what he said. She asks him to release her.

Xie Wei asks Jiang Xuening not to flirt with Yan Li since she doesn’t have feelings to Yan Li. She scolds him and she thinks he misunderstood her. He laughs and he thinks he didn’t have to accompany her to act if she showed her real side.

Jiang Xuening knows Xie Wei would kill her if she didn’t push away the killer. He reminds her that she should know the things she shouldn’t do. Jian Shu reports to Xie Wei that Yan Lin tried to break into the restaurant. Xie Wei lets Jian Shu send Jiang Xuening to Yan Lin.

Dao Qin reports to Xie Wei that it was a coincidence. He wonders why Xie Wei didn’t explain it to Jiang Xuening that he didn’t want to kill her. Xie Wei reveals he wished Jiang Xuening to fear him. Jiang Xuening walks out of the restaurant with Jian Shu.

Yan Lin asks Jiang Xuening if she’s fine. He thinks she wouldn’t encounter the killer if he didn’t let her wait for him at the restaurant. But she thinks the killer wasn’t horrible. She’s surprised that he was close to Xie Wei. But he claims that he and Xie Wei are just student and teacher. She remembers he and Xie Wei rebelled together.

She thinks it’s a good news that Xie Wei and Yan Lin are good friends. She asks Yan Lin to take her to the lantern festival. They arrive at the lantern festival. He buys her the nuts and he takes her to the temple to enjoy the night view.

He takes off his coat and he puts it on the ground. He lets her have a seat. She eats the nut and he reveals he’s going to wear crown. She remembers his father was killed in front of him. She asks him why he likes her. He mentions she didn’t know how to conceal her feelings when he saw her the first time.

Jiang Xuening remembers Yan Ling sneaked into her room when she was sleeping. He thought she’s hypocritical. She mentions nobody likes her. She thinks he likes a wrong girl. He disagrees to what her said. He mentions Wan Niang told her the truth. He thinks Wan Niang loved her.

He strokes her hair and he thinks she deserves the best love. She cries to tell him that she will be a bad woman. She tells him that the best person is him. She thinks she doesn’t deserve his love. But he thinks she’s the best in his heart. He tries to kiss her.

She remembers he told her that he would clear the name of his family. But she thought he cannot give what she wants to her because she wishes to be empress. She closed the door. Jiang Xuening pushes Yan Lin away. She tells him that she only treats him as her best friend. She tries to run away. But he stops her and he asks her to marry her after his crown ceremony. She tears up.

Jiang Xuening returns home. Tan Er hugs her. She reveals she worried about her. She reveals the master and the madam wanted to see her. Jiang Xuening walks into Jiang Boyou’s room when he’s playing chess with Jiang Xuehui. Jiang Boyou mentions Jiang Xuening met with Elder Prince. He thinks she knew the case of accompanying studying in the palace. He persuades her to let her older sister do the job. She’s not against it because she doesn’t want to join the palace. She leaves. He thinks she grew up. Madam Meng is surprised.

Jian Shu reports to Xie Wei that the killer is actually a rebel. He’s surprised that the killer didn’t know the identity of Xie Wei. Xie Wei realizes that Pingnan Prince suspected him. He lets Dao Qin ask Jinling about the assassination.

Xue Yuan asks the bodyguards to take away the follower. Because the follower didn’t find the rebelling evidence of Yan family. Xue Yuan decides to make an evidence. He asks his counselor to arrange someone to be close to Yan Mu for the handwriting and the seal.

The general takes his troops to visit the camp of Yan family. He tries to search for the evidence. Yan Lin takes his soldiers to fight with the general. The Xingwu Guard Zhou Yinzhi helps Yan Lin defeat the general. Yan Lin asks Zhou Yinzhi to join him. But Zhou Yinzhi rejects it. Yan Lin lets him visit him.

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Jiang Xuening is in her room. She wonders who she can use. She remembers Zhou Yinzhi. She realizes that the tragedy was related to Zhou Yinzhi because he got promoted. She visits Zhou Yinzhi. But he’s not at home. She lets his concubine inform him that his horse is going to die. Zhou Yinzhi returns home. He sees Jiang Xuening. She knows Xue Yuan gave him a task to hurt Yan family. She reminds him that he will be killed one day.

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