Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 5. Yan Lin meets with Jiang Xuening in the palace. He hands over the medicine to her. He claims that he won’t accept the bride if she’s hurt. Jiang Xuening stops Yan Lin. She thanks him for being nice to her. But she feels guilty when he’s nice to her more.

Jiang Xuening tells Yan Lin that she only treats him as her best friend. He swears not to talk nonsense. He reveals Xie Wei asked him if he taught her to deal with the servants. He admitted it because he thought it’s not a bad thing.

Story of Kunning Palace: Episode 5

Jiang Xuening reveals she told a lie to Xie Wei because she knew Yan Lin would help her. But she didn’t expect that Xie Wei visited her. She reveals she came up with the idea. Yan Lin strokes her head and he thinks she has a secret.

She mentions what she told him that she will change. But he reveals he will be nice to her no matter how she changes. He asks her to let him be the first person who knows her secret. She agrees to it. The ladies gather in the room.

Yao Xi cries after Bao Ying mentioned the Justice Department. She thinks Zhang Zhe isn’t match for her. She wanted to break off the engagement after knowing Zhang Zhe offended Xingwu Guards. But her father didn’t agree to it. You Yue persuades Yao Xi to spread the rumor that Zhang Zhe’s fiancee passed away because of him.

Jiang Xuening breaks into the room. She asks You Yue for a talk. You Yue follows Jiang Xuening out of the house. Jiang Xuening presses You Yue’s head into the water. She thinks nobody dares to marry her because she’s so evil. Jiang Xuening is in her room.

It flashes back. Jiang Xuening meets with Zhang Zhe in the garden. She asks him for a talk. But he rejects it and he tries to leave. She grabs his hand and she asks him if he wishes to see her death. She asks him to continue to be nice to her.

He points out that Zhou Yinzhi and his followers are related to the future of the nation. She asks him to help her this time. She promises to give the crimes of Zhou Yinzhi to him later. She begs him that she will be a good person after the case. Zhang Zhe is sent to the prison after Zhou Yinzhi reported him.

We return to the present. Jiang Xuening wonders why Zhang Zhe is so silly. Zhou Yinzhi visits Xue Yuan. Xue Yuan praises Zhou Yinzhi for being close to Yan Lin. But Zhou Yinzhi failed to get the handwriting and the seal of Yan Mu. Xue Yuan doesn’t want to hear the excuse.

Jiang Xuening asks You Fangyin to buy the silk from Xu Wenxi. You Fangyin finds Xu Wenxi at the store when Boss Wang refuses to accept Xu Wenxi’s silk. You Fangyin buys the silk from Xu Wenxi. She leaves the raw silk in his warehouse. He worries that she will lose money. But she trusts her boss.

Lady Su asks the girls to make incense. Jiang Xuening gets the first place. Xie Wei visits the teacher Wang Jiu with the test papers. He asks him to take a look at the papers. But Wang Jiu tells Xie Wei not to be serious because the students are just some girls.

Lady Su tells the girls that they will be kicked out of the palace if they cannot pass the culture test. Fang Miao doesn’t know what to do. She reveals she felt asleep when she tried to read the book. She asks Jiang Xuening about the book Xie Wei likes because she heard Jiang Xuening’s father is a good friend of Xie Wei.

Jiang Xuening realizes that she won’t be a study partner if the girls answer it better than her. She gives some tips to Fang Miao. Fang Miao tries to borrow the book Jiang Xuening mentioned from Bao Ying. But Bao Ying doesn’t take the body. You Yue doesn’t believe that Jiang Xuening has a talent. She plans to see how Jiang Xuening lost her face.

Yao Xi follows Jiang Xuening. She stops her. Jiang Xuening comforts Yao Xi that she won’t bad mouth her. Yao Xi asks Jiang Xuening about her and Zhang Zhe’s relationship. Jiang Xuening reveals Zhang Zhe is a gentleman. She thinks there’s no such a good thing that she doesn’t get hurt when she breaks off the engagement.

Yao Xi yells at Jiang Xuening. She thinks she wouldn’t do better than her when she encounters such a thing. Jiang Xuening persuades Yao Xi to go to study. She leaves. Wang Jiu meets with Xue Shu. He hands over the test paper to her. He persuades her to read the book. She’s surprised that Xie Wei actually likes the book.

Xie Wei walks into the classroom with the teachers. He announces that the test begins. He lets his follower to open the window. Jiang Xuening gets angry. She thinks Xie Wei worried that she will cheat. She decides to give him a full mark.

Xie Wei reads all of the girls’ test papers after the test. She keeps Jiang Xuening because her scores are good. She gets angry because she doesn’t want to stay in the palace. She asks him to explain the test papers. But other girls are against it.

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Bao Ying is happy to leave the classroom with the girls. She thinks Xie Wei’s voice was sweet. Jiang Xuening thinks Bao Ying didn’t see the scary moments of Xie Wei. Xie Shu mentions what her father told her that Xie Wei is outstanding.

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Fang Miao thanks Jiang Xuening for helping her. Yao Xi thinks Xie Wei is a good person. Jiang Xuening realizes that it makes her look like she knows Xie Wei more than others since she doesn’t think Xie Wei is a good person. She goes to see Xie Wei. She asks Fang Miao to come to save her if she doesn’t come back.

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